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Defense of Sonoma - Round 1 (completed)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I had been given a clue to the hideout of the Colony of the Fallen Lords by he whose name can't be spoken here.
    I set out and found this, just as he said.

    Heading back to the house, I grabbed our trusty ACME Catapult and Ale kit. I decided that I should get some help, but this guy was heartless.

    I ran into some of those Bovine and recruited them for my attack.

    These two joined but most rebuffed me.

    The three of us journeyed from Trinsic to the FL house trying to recruit others along the way.

    Alas, it was just us three. I broke out the catapult kit and some ale. Doh, I still haven't got those Japanese instructions decipherd.

    I left the two MOO volunteers to guard the house. Brave souls that they are! <wipes tear from eye>

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Several phone calls too ACME, INC. and I finally got instructions I could comprehend on assembling the ACME 'Raconteur's Special' Catapult, Model A. As a bonus for my patience, they sent me a free gift to test.

    Sonoma is abundant with 'volunteers' to assist in the defense of glorious Saonoma.
    These fine two individuals volun...okay I bribed 'em.
    Are ya happy now?

    This feller was a little overweight, but I can't be choosy.

    This one was just a runt, but tasty I hear.

    We quickly made our way to their lair of those diabolical invaders. Placing my new assembled catapult, I volunteered LargeShot to test it.

    I may have received assembly instructions, but I should have asked for aiming instructions too. He was supposed to land on the roof. Someone should clean that mess from the wall.
    <photo removed due to graphic images of a dead cow>

    With Smallshot, I was hoping to hit an open door or window. That 'splat' 'splat' sound led me to believe we missed. Still, this new gift is COOL!

    Score: Diabolical Colony of the Fallen Lords 1
    Raconteurs 0

    I shall be back!!

  3. Aia

    Aia Guest

    Loved this! Keep writing sir!
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Loved this! Keep writing sir!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Ya he is a riot, still it worries me to see him all alone, some of the FL may just place him inside that cannon to see if he is grapeshot or lead [​IMG]
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think you should be the new shard reporter
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I just hope someone sticks around to report for us.
  7. This is some good stuff. Next time you go out recruiting, please give me a shout!
  8. Madchild

    Madchild Guest

    Mad you may have to stop by the ROC mining hut (the one with karyns rune collection )i may have some apples from dragon snaks and a pesky reaper he can deal with for me every time i try to chop the tree it gives off lighting but no wood
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am having a difficult time with the 'standing armies' of Sonoma. Most seem more interested in killing me than anything else. Go figure.
    I will not be deterred from my defense of Sonoma!
    I raised a small force to make a lightning guerilla strike during the Gold Caravan. Alas, my force was wiped out in a tragic training accident involving a Corpser.
    I must once again find brave volunteers to stand strong.
    Recruitment and training should commence tomorrow and we will strike at the PAS King of Hill on Saturday. But, sheesh, don't tell FL. It's a secret.

    Major 'Disaster' Maddwg
    Commander, 1st Irregular Battalion, Sonoma Defense Force
  10. And I shall be there at King of the Hill to report on the attack by your worthy force.
  11. Huzzah for Sonoma!

    The sight of such a doughty, plucky crew assembled in our defense fair brings a tear of gratitude to mine eye!

    I thank you and yours, sir, for your brave efforts on our behalf.

    *waves a handkerchief*