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Delve Even Deeper with the Moblin Maze Mongers

Discussion in 'FINAL FANTASY XI General Discussion' started by YoungUn, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. YoungUn

    YoungUn Guest

    Maze Mongers news posted on the Final Fantasy XI site.
    Delve Even Deeper with the Moblin Maze Mongers! (Part 2) (04/06/2009)

    As previously introduced, the Moblin Maze Mongers will be unveiling a wide range of additions and refinements to their line of custom-order mazes in the upcoming version update. What manner of subterranean adventures do Goldagrik and the gang have in store for you this time?

    * New Maze Vouchers Usher in More Mayhem and Subterfuge!

    [​IMG]With business booming and profits rising, the Moblin Maze Mongers are proud to announce the opening of three new departments—Sanitization Team Beta, Sanitization Team Gamma, and the Appropriation Team—each with new mission objectives to offer. The corresponding Maze Vouchers are, respectively:
    • Maze Voucher 02: Slay the waves of enemies that descend upon you.
    • Maze Voucher 03: Slay enemies while navigating a multi-chambered maze.
    • Maze Voucher 06: Use your powers of stealth to recover valuable items.
    * Oodles of New Maze Runes for Your Customizing Pleasure!

    [​IMG]To complement the new vouchers, the collection of Maze Runes will also be significantly expanded. Now MMM customers will, with the proper runes, be able to summon adventuring fellows to their aid in their underground adventures, give themselves the added challenge of fighting off particularly fleet-footed foes, and much, much more!

    * Your Patience Rewarded with Newfound Riches—Introducing "Cave Conservation" (C.C.) Points!

    The environmentally conscious Moblins of MMM are diligent in protecting and preserving the subterranean environment in which they operate their business. As a result, some adventurers occasionally must wait longer than they would like before taking on the challenge of a new maze. To reward customers for their patience, MMM will offer C.C. points: the first point received 32 hours after ordering a maze, and an additional point every 8 hours thereafter, up to a maximum of six total points.
    Ordering a maze with C.C. points accumulated will yield an additional treasure chest, appearing upon completion of the maze and accessible only to the creator of the maze. The rewards within will vary by Maze Voucher, and will increase in quantity and/or value based on the number of points in your possession as described below.
    • Maze Voucher 01-03: The chest will contain additional experience. More C.C. points will yield more XP.
    • Maze Voucher 04: The chest will contain items usable in synthesis. More C.C. points will yield more valuable items.
    • Maze Voucher 06: The chest will contain items. More C.C. points will yield more valuable items.
    • Maze Voucher 07: The chest will contain additional experience, and chances of receiving equipment will also be increased. More C.C. points will yield more experience and a greater likelihood of receiving items.
    * Brand New Equipment Awaits!
    Last but certainly not least, a host of new items will be added to the selection of equipment exclusively available through MMM, so start saving up your Moblin Marbles!


    Adventurers looking to experience the exciting new features described here need only venture forth to the Maze Mongers Shopfront located inside the Chocobo Stables of Lower Jeuno. Goldagrik and his industrious employees eagerly await your patronage!