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Demios won't raid wowz because he doesn't want to pvm?????

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by OnlyDaFacts, May 4, 2009.

  1. OnlyDaFacts

    OnlyDaFacts Guest

    Well that kind of sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. I understand that wowz is better at using them then you, even the old fpd members were better than you at using them. I think what you need to do Demios is make a new char really impress slip with that new char and join wowz and learn from slip. Then you can take what you learned back to Foa. You are still gonna have to teach Foa about teamwork because I can tell you on 1 hand the times I seen foa throw a crossheal. Maybe if you keep fighting in luna and designate someone as a crosshealer at fights instead of being about the kill you might actually win a fight. The only reason wowz is successful is beacuse everyone has a job to do as long as everyone does their job they win, if someone doesn't do their job eventually they get kicked and join foa, x,
    or swat. teamwork will win fights. yesterday in despise when you raided with 3 greater dragons and more people than wowz had you all still died now it was a good fight, but still not one time did i see an foa throw a crossheal, where slip was healing all his people during their push. Imagine that the gm throwing crossheals to keep his people alive. Only other suggestion i can offer you is to be like wowz and send 2 necro mage tamers to do their oaks while slimer trying to put them in stat and finish the oaks and wisp can put them in stat also. Now you are probably asking what that has to do with pvp, it actually has a lot because it works crosshealing, teamwork, and builds trust. I know the people I fight along side have my heals and they know i have theirs , now there are times we cant heal fast enough and we die, but they know we were getting it. Wowz has trust they know each person gonna do their part if not slip gonna be yelling didnt I tell you to do this so why did you do that. Trust me he does it a lot, but he only does it to stress the point that 2 people with good team work can own 4 or 5 that have none. Well Just wanted to say that you can't scream pets are foul when foa prolly has more tamers than wowz, now in dungeons wowz uses greaters that is true, but you would think the guy on foot has a disadvantage cause he cant mount up.
  2. OnlyDaFacts

    OnlyDaFacts Guest

    One more thing sorry. Demios mages win fights in despise not dexers you really should think about that and try playing one, it isn't as easy as it looks.
  3. Lord_Deimos

    Lord_Deimos Guest



    I work Sunday-Thursday 3-11pm EST

    If you want us to raid then icq me...If I dont answer I am either
    A: At work
    B: Not on my computer

    Of course...I THINK this was directed towards me....Hard to tell when you cant even spell the name correctly.

    Hell I never even said anything about dragons! lol
  4. OnlyDaFacts

    OnlyDaFacts Guest

    My appologies I just heard someone from foa had told slip they wouldn't raid cause they didn't want to pvm sorry if it wasn't you.
  5. Lord_Deimos

    Lord_Deimos Guest

    Someone from FoA said it...So you immediately call ME out saying it was me.

    ...Well....Thats smart....