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Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Pluffina, Mar 14, 2001.

  1. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    Okay here is the new PATCH, whatever.


    I FINALLY GMed inscrip TODAY, just FOUR SECONDS ago, and my very first batch of Pluffina runebooks yay oh yay, and let me tell you, if they had NOT put back makers mark have you ANY IDEA how HARD it would have sucked to get to 99.9 yesterday knowing the patch was coming and that the DAY you GMed was the FIRST no maker's mark day? SO! I am glad that is fixed. and all. BUT oh BUT!

    I just went to the LYCEUM, a place where I spend a goodly amount of time as you can imagine -- and all the NPC's I knew and loved have GONE! GONE! GONE!

    Even my two faves, Dennis and Olin, my nice long haired hippie scroll having boyos are All gone forever, especially Dennis. AND now, having to deal with some NPC I do not even know -- UGH! FRIEDA, UGH! -- in Dennis and Olin's room, I notice that FRIEDA is alone. The Lyc ALWAYS had 2 scribes in each room, and then they upped it to THREE --- and NOW -- ONE PER ROOM??? and a couple more STUCK ON THE ROOFTOPS???

    Sigh -- so much for gathering blanks quickly and easily. And EACH SCRIBE in the radically reduced Lyc tribe of scribes has NINE instead of ten to start. BLAH!

    Okay it is SILLY to have a "favorite NPC" and to mourn the loss of Dennis -- BUT I DO, and it is NOT silly to mourn the loss of the ONE place you could reliably get blanks. Here come scrolls for 10GP each on player vendors, wait and see it'll happen. Expect scroll prices to SKYROCKET, and that SUCKS.

    Want to pay 70GP per recall scroll? NO YOU DO NOT. UGH I hope that gets FIXED. Jesum it is the LYCEUM, put the SCRIBES back for the love of god. I wonder what dread thing has happened at Encyclopedia and the Empath Abbey???


    Pluffy, weeping for her deleted Dennis

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  2. Acually one of the fixes is to just keep buying! I have noticed that the more demand on a vendor establishment the more supplies they carry. When i buy regs i usually start with 100k in my home get the packy mule and 12k and off i go. I hit all the shops on trammel not just the ones on moonglow hehe. :) bye the end of the night the ones that only had 10 scrolls and 20 of each reg are usually selling 50 scrolls and 50 to 80 of each reg the last couple of trips i don't even go to the places most do. Just to frustrating with all the plp there! Was just wondering if anyone esle has noticed this same effect?
  3. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    Of course -- there is even a term for it -- Seeding the vens. BUT.

    I have been to the lyceum FOUR TIMES after seeding the first time.

    All vens started with 9 each, instead of ten. After the first seed, about 3 went to 18, the rest went to 10. Next visit, the 18 ones were at 22, the ones who had gone to 10 WENT TO 12!!!! ARRRGGGHHH. So the effectiveness of SEEDING is GREATLY REDUCED.


    aka Pluffy

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  4. @%%^$^# dreck there goes my superbowl night reg buying run lol
  5. Vidi

    Vidi Guest

    HEY comgrats on GMing inscription!!!! A very difficult task. Im at about 92 myself but am slowly gaining here and there.

    Hope to join you as a GM scribe in about a year or so.

    The paths of glory lead but to the grave-Thomas Gray

    TrammelBorn-First Gen
  6. Yea really my gm smith minner is at 86 inscription and stuck there haven't gained in 2 PH anytips? and congrats :)
  7. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest

    Aw thanks, yes GMing inscrip was HELLISH. ZERO - .1 gain per power hour for the last several points. GACK. Every now and aagain I would suddenly have a power hour where I gained .2 or .3 or .4 and I would be SO HAPPY. Then the next day....ZERO.

    Krys, want some advice? Try GMing cartography. It will make you feel better. You never gain AT ALL in cartography, so scribing suddenly looks a lot easier.. :)

    Hee hee Seriously, all I did was endlessly make level 8 scrolls. After a long time (say 15 - 20 minutes of a PH) with no gain, I would make 2 or 3 level 7's in a row, and SOMETIMES that would make a gain pop. So try that. Also, if I had two or three power hours in a row where I gained NOTHING (and it happened) the next day I would spend power hour FISHING or ANYTHING far away from scrolls, and I often got .2 - .4 the next.

    MEANWHILE every scribe EVERY ONE is gone from YEW, half the blue-robed scroll-having mage NPCs are gone from around moonglow. Ugh. AND TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY, some MEAN person named Arcane was just shockingly RUDE to me in Encyclopedia. I mean RUDE.

    I have BARELY been able to play AT ALL for the last 3 days because of the hideous painful unending LAG, I have a new deco project I am FROTHINGLY excited about and I can't MOVE enough to get started on it, and I am almost out of mandrake. Since my kid got me up SUPER EARLY this morning anyway, 2 hours before server down. I decided to try to go to the DECIMATED REMAINS of encyclopedia and get some. Of course my lag is SO awful it taKes me 10 minutes to get over there, but I finally do, and of course none of the five NPC's left have SQUATTY in the way of mandrake.

    PS -- If you don't mind the murder count and the one way ticket to Felucca, please kill NANA and DOUGIE at encyclopedia. NPCs should not be named DOUGIE. Nana is a STUPID name for an NPC, and DOUGIE is so NOT medieval he might as well be named Puff Daddy. But I digress. Well DOUGIE (and here my mind insists on adding "Howser, MD") is off in the woods, so I PAINSTAKINGLY chase him back to the spot where he will actually SELL me something. My Lag is so BAD he keeps TELEPORTING past me and SQUIRTING around me (Apparently little DOUGIE needs to visit the woods) but on the offchance he has mandrake, I keep CHASING HIM. Ten minutes of this. I FINALLY get him in place,get his menu open and OH DEAR LORD HE HAS MANDRAKE!

    Just then this lag free pooper (The aforementioned Arcane) comes galumphing up, rips ALL the regs out of him while I am STILL ever so slowly in the Molasses of DEEP BAD LAG trying to buy them, and trots off. I say something appropriately bitter and shrewish like "Wow, are you rude? Why YES! You ARE!" And then HE says "THE BAD S WORD or get off the pot, as they say."


    Lag has been so bad I have not been able to play with the new DEC tool, or get my fish trophy made, or FISH, or ANYTHING.


    I will be here having a little pity party for myself, complete with bitter-pill teacakes, if you need me.


    Visit Plush by Pluffy, a UO Decorator's Website
  8. Yes, Try Carto...
    I have a T-Hunter I am building. Want to talk about a dull, mouse clicking fun time. Weeee, I was happy when I found out that you can mark over town maps that the NPC's sell. That way I can fill my bag to the top with maps. I think she sits at the Mapmakers shop more than she is at the house.
    Worst thing about Carto.. Maps do not stack and you really cannot do a macro for it. Click Carto.. Choose Style map.. Choose blank map.
    wait for it. start over. Soon as your done try selling the now made maps back hopeing that the NPC will buy them back. .. ok enough ranting.

    Ohh, anyone needing a T-hunter that can do up to lvl 3 maps let me know.
    All I ask is you Rez me when/if I get killed. Maybe a couple Gems too.

    Luthian Dargoth
    LoreMaster BloodHand Knights
  9. So basically yer saying the super cool 1000 per slot spawns of regs in Moonglow are DEAD!!! , now reg shopping is gonna become a chore.


    Im Glorious, own a castle, and the ladies are STILL unimpressed.....is it because Im only an inch tall?
  10. yup, basically.

    Luthian Dargoth: LoreMaster BloodHand Knights
    Hekizia Dargoth: GrandMaster Craftsman
    Clotho De Maria: Seeker of Treasure
  11. Damn this just sucks for the person that refuses like me to pay the ridculious prices that player charge for regs

    And Vidi one word to solve all your lag DSL!!!!

    *ducks as Vidi tosses something at KRY's head*