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Dev´s something to swallow ;)

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Der Rock, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Der Rock

    Der Rock Guest

    why is it IMPOSSIBLE to realy improve the EC client?
    i posted it at the release of KR,the scope of UOAssist is absolut essential,also to be
    competitive to the damn scripter "heavy ou" cheater prog is essential.

    for example:
    i can do a nice collect full lobster trap macro in EC
    but it is impossible to make a macro for placing lobster trabs
    THIS in turn. is easy to do in CC UOAssist


    why is it impossible to RECORD a macro in the EC,as well as in UOAssist ?
    press recording/stop recording then set the delay ;)

    to do macros in the EC is often a pain :(
    f.e.: a simple feed the goat with shoe macro....IMPOSSIBLE
    a simple teleport/fishing different places macro ...IMPOSSIBLE

    it is a huge different to tease the mouse button 1000 times or 10 times :(

    fishmonger quests, oh my god.....
    the first 100 quests you have fun..BUT after days of questing... :(
    why is it impossible to fill the crates with a macro ?
    target crate-use fish chest- autofill DONE !
    (personal question to the dev who programmed the fish quests:have you done 500 quests yourself,and stil have fun to play ? :) )
    (even with pincos ui improvements,it is still painfull to do fish quests)

    and WHY the game begins to judder if a macro runs and i try to move ?

    and what about tiny misscolored almost invisible items??????
    you are aware,your playerbase get older and older ???? (damn me2 :) )
    why are some items so tiny small?
    why cant you make the items like.f.e. the same size as a eth.ridgeb.statuette ?
    use the full grid space,that would HELP alot to reduce frustration.

    i read you are on the way of EC improvement...

    BUT LISTEN !!!!!!!!!!

    the most beautifull designed dragon is USELESS if the HANDLING of the game is disastrous!

    i think, yourselves dont belief of a long future of UO. because here are 2 references
    1. the OVERSIZED britain ship,can you imagine how the sea looks with 100k more player ?
    2. the current overflow uo with useless items,alone high seas and pub.71 has how many NEW items? (most are useless or unneeded?)

    ASSURED me from the opposite ;)

    make the EC client READY to play ;)
  2. Mervyn

    Mervyn Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 25, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Dare to criticise the EC? in before the lock :lick:
  3. Der Rock

    Der Rock Guest

    would be nice to hear from the devs if the EC rework include some boost to EC ui and macro systeme.

  4. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jan 5, 2001
    Likes Received:
    EC is far from perfect, but it will do more than you realise it will. I know you have Pinco's. Instead of saying 'EC won't do this', ask 'is there a way that EC will do this?' You may be surprised at what is possible.
  5. gunneroforgin

    gunneroforgin Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I was wondering if I can set up a macro to completly play this game so all I have to do is watch.

    Really people, how hard is it to just drag the needed fish to a box.
  6. Der Rock

    Der Rock Guest

    hm petra... ill test your details.. :thumbup:
    (goat as container...jesus never thought about that oddity :) )
  7. Der Rock

    Der Rock Guest

    have you done 500+ fishmonger quests ?

    uo hase still enough mouse clicks ;) so every comfortable alternative helps ;)
  8. Der Rock

    Der Rock Guest

    fishmonger quests, oh my god.....
    the first 100 quests you have fun..BUT after days of questing...
    why is it impossible to fill the crates with a macro ?

    failed....because you cant open a fishmonger crate :sad2:

    goat also does not work :(

    mea culpa :bowdown:
    goat works great with organizer ;)
  9. Zyon Rockler

    Zyon Rockler Guest

    I think one thing that might be interesting is, when you think about certain things that would not be possible without a set macro.

    For example: When we learn to do something we take several experiences and turn them into skill. So, if you look at the skill as being a macro, it needs to perform several things.

    What is wrong with just watching, as long a people are paying to be entertained? Why can't they just watch?

    An example would be: Dancing.

    Say you created 10 different types of dances, such as square dancing, ballroom dancing, break dancing.

    Now, what you would need, is a pattern for the movement to stop people from going into one another or through walls and a way to connect everyone into the same dance.

    So, this is like the series of Learned Skill, the steps that you take as you dance and the way that you move. So, as the people are dancing and the music is playing, you would be watching and you would be entertained watching yourself dance with someone else.

    This is a macro, you click dancing, you get a drop down menu, you click ballroom dancing, then you click on the person you wish to dance with, with a target, then they accept and dancing begins and the music begins and people around can join in the dance.

    So, to break it down and make it more complicated, you could actually take each individual move, set how long to do the move and then what move to do next. So, you could create your own dance macro and when you ask someone to join you, they would dance with you doing the dance that you have created. This could be done with music that is selected by you or created by you.