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[Developer Blog] Must... Cleanup... Market.. : Retribution Market Improvements

Discussion in 'EVE News' started by EVE News, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Apr 12, 2011
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    Just to be clear and up front: This is about changes to the market window organization, not how it is used or any features I am adding to it. I just happen to have a certain desire to clean the market up a bit. With that said... SO MANY MARKET CHANGES! Where to start....
    Blueprints Section:

    Lots and lots of changes here. I am not going to go over all of them in detail, but rather tell you my goal with them and hopefully that is all I need to explain for them to make sense. My primary objective was to make this area of the market match the rest of the market. Therefore if you know how to find a specific module in the Ship Equipment section of the market you should know where to find it under Blueprints. This goes for everything. One major example of this is there used to be a category called Subsystems in blueprints that had nothing to do with Tech 3 subsystems. It was awesome.
    In most cases this meant changing the Blueprints section to be a mirror of the rest of the market. However, in some smaller cases I adjusted other areas of the market to match the blueprints area.
    The bulk of the changes here are contained within Blueprints/Ship Equipment, but you will also notice that Blueprints/Manufacturing & Research along with Blueprints/Starbase & Sovereignty Structures received some love.
    Ship Modifications/Subsystems:

    How often do you go to the market to buy a subsystem and think: "Well, I am looking for defensive subsystems on all tech 3 ships"? Logic would dictate that it is more common to say: "I have a Legion and I want subsystems for that." Everyone we talked to seemed to agree with the latter; the most common course of action is looking for subsystems relating to a specific Tech 3 ship. So we have updated the market to go from Ship Modifications/Subsystems/Subsystem Type/Race to Ship Modifications/Subsystems/Race/Subsystem Type.
    We also got some nice new fancy icons for each race to use on the market. Not sure where else to use them yet, but they sure are pretty.
    Ship Equipment:

    Oh man, so many changes. I am not going to go into great detail on most of these as they should be pretty obvious and straight forward, but here is a list that I think covers all the changes:
    • Drone Upgrades have been moved to Ship Equipment/Drone Upgrades as they are a ship module, not a drone.
    • Fleet Assistance Modules has been broken down into sub categories for easier browsing.
    • We have continued the march of putting all the things on the market. This includes things like Outpost Construction Platforms which can be found under Manufacturing & Research/Components/Outpost Construction Platforms.
    • Ship Equipment/Deployable Containers/Cargo Containers has been broken down into sub categories for easier browsing.
    • Ship Equipment/Hull & Armor/Resistance Plating has been broken down into sub categories, one for each damage type.
    • Layered Platings have been moved to their own group Ship Equipment/Hull & Armor/Layered Plating as they do not affect resistances.
    • Ship Equipment/Hull & Armor/Armor Plates has been broken down into sub categories for each size.
    • Ship Equipment/Hull & Armor/Energized Plating has been broken down into sub categories for damage type.
    • Ship Equipment/Hull & Armor/Armor Hardeners has been broken down into sub categories for each damage type. While at first glance this category didn't seem to need it, as soon as you opened the Deadspace or Officer sub category, it got way too big.
    • Ship Equipment/Shield/Shield Hardeners has been broken down into sub categories for damage type.
    • Ship Equipment/Shield/Shield Resistance Amplifiers has been broken down into sub categories.
    Starbase & Sovereignty Structures:

    Just a couple of small tweaks here:
    • All weapon batteries have been moved under Starbase Structures/Weapon Batteries. This used to be called Turret Batteries and did not include things such as Electronic Warfare, Energy Neuts, or Missile Batteries.
    • Faction versions of all POS modules and towers are now on the market and have the same fancy filtering that you see with Ship Equipment.
    Nothing ground breaking here, just a lot of cleanup and making better. Hopefully you guys enjoy this as much as I will when it hits TQ.
    CCP FoxFour

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