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[Developer Blog] Rubicon 1.1: Sisters of EVE Reinforcements and UI fine-tuning

Discussion in 'EVE News' started by EVE News, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Apr 12, 2011
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    Game of Drones, the team that brought you the new Certificate system, the Interbus Ship Identification System (ISIS), the Multiple Character training and the Sisters of EVE ships, has been busy polishing… nay, spit shining its features from Rubicon just in time for Rubicon 1.1 on January 28th.

    Sisters of EVE ships are getting reinforcements
    As was announced at EVE Down Under last November, the Sisters of EVE ships released in Rubicon are receiving support in Rubicon 1.1 with a brand new battleship lovingly named the Nestor. While themed around exploration and flexibility like its smaller siblings, it does not receive a bonus to cloaking but bonuses to remote repair amount and range to make it a very powerful sub-cap logistic ship.
    (Click to enlarge)

    Amarr Battleship Bonus:
    • 4% Armor resistances per level

    Gallente Battleship Bonus:
    • 10% drone damage and hitpoints per level

    Role bonuses:
    • 50% bonus to remote armor repairer amount
    • 100% bonus to remote armor repairer range
    • 50% bonus to large energy turret optimal range
    • 50% increased strength for scan probes
    • +10 virus strength for relic and data analyzers

    • Slot layout: 7H, 6M, 6L; 5 turrets, 0 launchers
    • Fittings: 11250 PWG, 680 CPU
    • Defense (shields / armor / hull): 8900 / 9950 / 9900
    • Capacitor (amount / recharge rate / cap/s) : 6200 / 1044 / 5.9
    • Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 92 / .18 / 56000000 / 13.97
    • Drones (bandwidth / bay): 125 / 500
    • Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 75km / 85 / 7
    • Sensor strength: 24 Magnetometric
    • Signature radius: 465
    • Cargo Capacity: 700

    The Nestor can be acquired in the same way that the Stratios and Astero are, via Sisters of EVE LP stores. Here are the LP offer specifics:
    • 1,000,000 LP
    • 100,000,000 ISK

    Discount Nestor (From the Sanctuary):
    • 800,000 LP
    • 80,000,000 ISK

    Nestor Blueprint:
    • 600,000 LP
    • 150,000,000 ISK

    Discount Nestor Blueprint (From the Sanctuary):
    • 400,000 LP
    • 100,000,000 ISK

    Taught is how you train!
    Both the Certificates and the Ship Masteries now show you the approximate training time required for a certain level. This will help better inform you as you plan your skill training and give you an even better overview of where you stand. Additionally you can now hide completed skills in both locations to further underline what you want to train.

    “Show info” now shows info
    Within the ISIS is a wonderful Information tooltip that shows you the relevant stats of a ship, a format and a layout that is now being extended to the ‘normal’ Show info window. Furthermore, the “Description” tab of the Show Info window is now split in two, where the lore text remains in the Description tab and the specific ship capabilities are now present in a new tab called “Traits”. This will allow you to quickly and easily get a feel for what the ship can do. The information presented in the Traits window is now listed for ships in the market.

    (Click to enlarge)

    Multiple Character Training
    Using your PLEX for skill training, whether it is to extend your account or activate additional Training Queues has never been easier. Simply double click the PLEX (or right click, “Activate PLEX”) and spend your PLEX in a new and cozy interface.

    We hope you enjoy these Rubicon 1.1 changes from the bridge of your new Nestor.
    That is all for now!
    - CCP Xhagen

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