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Devs, an intensity line please.

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Harb, May 2, 2009.

  1. Harb

    Harb Guest

    Preparing for the SA release, I just completed reorganizing years of loot to get ready for imbuing. It was a pain. Our eyes are “keyed” to quickly scan items on a creature’s corpse to seek properties that make sense to each of us. It seems to me that those well known “indicators” are about to change, as we search for 400% items to attain magical relics via imbuing. Two things struck me really hard, first was how painful it is to actually calculate overall % quickly, and second how significantly item values are about to change. A simple solution could alleviate the first problem; add an intensity line to an item’s property list so we can quickly determine if it’s a strong candidate for imbuing. Your focus group may have already noticed and recommended this as it appears release isn’t very far away.

    The second observation is a little more difficult and controversial I suppose. The 400% threshold is potentially incredibly high. Items I cherished tended to fair poorly, and I was surprised by things that did well. My jewelry stinks. None of our 3/1s measured up, nor did the LMC/LRC or skill stuff. What rocked was potions/ night sight/ FC1, you start at 300%, but how many of us keep a pile of those? I really couldn’t get a feel for armor, most of it was enhanced and thus not a candidate or was destroyed trying. Suffice it to say that mage armor/ night sight/ regen stuff gives you a big head start, but again, not the norm for most of us in the past. I had weapons that made the grade, more so than anything else. SC/ no FC/ element damage/ UBWS/ slayer and you’re all set. Weapons do however reinforce the concern of potential difficulty (read that near impossibility). Some properties are more uncommon than others, most notably super slayers. Frankly, I did not have a single super slayer that made even a 350% threshold, much less a 400% one, and that’s in years of play. Hit area was also a void. It would also be very helpful to consider two additional things; weights for certain properties such as super slayers, considering lowering the threshold to 350 or 375, or a combination thereof. While I’m sure you have feedback from both QA and the focus group and they’re bound by NDAs and can’t respond – I’d point out that unless testing on mirrored TCs of their home shards, none of them are actually able to put all this into it’s “historical context,” i.e. all the effort already done over the years!

    Imbuing isn’t actually like a new skill set that can tweaked along the way, it really has to be done right the first time as it’ll cause a clean-up Brittainia campaign like no other. Those who commit early don’t want to waste their stuff on a skill that might be easier later, and those who wait don’t want to miss an opportunity should it be tweaked toward greater difficulty. Anyhow, for your consideration!
  2. Use the KR client with the BBE user interface. There is an option to color code mod intensities, which you can modify yourself from the options menu. It's very easy and quick to scan items and see the intensities by color and not even look at the values unless they highlight blue/dark blue/gold.

    It's very easy to see anything over 300 intensity, and a bit of closer evaluation for 350/400. So there is no reason to add an intensity line to item properties.
  3. Harb

    Harb Guest

    Sorry Old Man, I'm a 2D guy and have no idea what you're referring to. If there's something within the SA client akin to what you're describing, and it's not a complicated feat to turn it on/ off, then thats a reasonable solution assuming there's a clear visual between the 399 and 400 "line." That said, I'm uncertain as to whether or not I'll abandon 2D for SA. We all know most players still prefer 2D to KR, SA remains a wait and see. Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those 2Ders who tried hard to like KR - I'll give SA my best shot as well. But the fact remians, regardless of what client you or I may choose to play, there likely will be die hard 2D folks that won't switch. What about them?
  4. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Here's a cruddy little spreadsheet.

    I was working on it before I discovered UO:KR with the BBE interface, nearly forgot I had it. It's not pretty, but it apparently works for armour. I think. I was going to add weapons but the whole math thing with weapon speed vs leeches, etc.. it just did my head in. I'm no good at math, and I'm worse with spreadsheets, so you'll forgive me if it's a bit hamfisted:


    Basically you enter your item's figures in the shaded cells of column B and it works out the intensities & totals. Most armours work with the first column, unless otherwise listed in the others.

    If your computer can't read an .xls (excel spreadsheet) and you don't want to invest in MS Office, I can recommend openoffice.org (it's free). And yeah, I realise a spreadsheet doesn't exactly feel Ultima, but it's all I had to work with until I saw the KR player mods.
  5. Harb

    Harb Guest

    Thanks Fink :) Thats really not the point however. My concern is at the point of attack (well, immediately afterwards really). Imbuing will naturally spur a huge clean-up campaign, so I tend to think of our loot collection being gone once and for all (either worn or imbued). I suspect it'll be the same for many of us here. Thats actually a good thing for us and the servers! But I gotta tell ya, I was absolutely amazed with how few items actually hit the 400% threshold. At the point of attack, calculating loot "should not" be time consuming and frankly, boring. The consequence of it can be twofold, 1) less satisfaction in game play and 2) hording anew again - pending taking the time to actually calculate whats worthwhile and what isn't. There are some things in the game that naturally are necessarily meticulous, such as building the right gear for all your characters. But where unecessary, as in this case alleviated by a simple change in displayed properties, it seems best avoided from a player satisfaction perspective.

    It really was a bit of surprise to have a response such as Old Man's saying, nope, not needed. I suspect more folks may agree with the original point in the near future as they began organizing, I may be premature with the thread actually. But you kinda have to be if you want to see it coded before release.

    But, thanks again for the sheet! And BTW, what is BBE?
  6. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I've given up on the idea of sorting my stuff. Just going to pick out the stuff I want to keep for possible enhancement. The rest of it will just be melted down and I'll stock up on whatever resources I end up with. I figure if I end up with lots of low-end resources after melting everything useless, I'll use them for training the skill. New uber stuff I loot now that I know about imbuing MAY end up in a special container, but going through all the stuff I've already got just isn't going to happen. I tried it one day and ended up with a splitting headache.