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Devs.. Let's talk turkey!

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Dolphoenix, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Dolphoenix

    Dolphoenix Guest

    OK So I'm minding my own business, when the nearest town crier starts shouting something about bad mambo jamba turkeys and able bodies need to go to the zoo! OK so I get there and I see this scholarly type looking fellow gesturing wildly and handing out brushes to people. I go see what the fuss is and he starts talking about these huge man eating turkeys on acid trips from eating some tainted halloween "grass". He says save the cheerleader save the world!.. er wait.. he says kill the mutant turkeys, and stomp on their eggs, but to leave normal eggs alone...

    So here's my big thing.. I don't recall seeing normal turkeys before.. but now I know there will be some around since I've safeguarded several 'normal' eggs...

    To boil it all down.. after this event is over can we please see normal turkeys in the game? You know big juicy butterball turkeys. that maybe fight back like their big brothers.. just.. no where near as powerful.. maybe a challenge for my bowcrafter to fight.. give a few feathers and some meat..? pretty please.. little continuity here...?
  2. You mean to add to the nuthatches, crows, swallows, chickens, eagles, starlings and sparrows that are all over the place and that everyone ignores anyway? Not only that, but turkeys are an American bird and didn't appear in the medieval times... though we are talking about a world where dragons fly and liches live in inverted skyscrapers called dungeons...

    Don't see how its gonna enrich the game by much, frankly. I'd file it under "do it if it doesn't take away any time at all from the issues that are important"
  3. Dolphoenix

    Dolphoenix Guest

    Wow you're a grumpy person aren't you?

    Ok first of all UO isn't Earth. It ISN'T medieval times.

    And I don't know if you noticed but i specifically mentioned continuity. THAT sir, IS an enrichment.

    Anything that increases immersion IS enrichment. the "nuthatches, crows, swallows, chickens, eagles, starlings and sparrows that are all over the place and that everyone ignores".. I'm personally GLAD they're there. It's nice to occasionally hear one of them, or see a bird flying by. It adds richness to the game.

    Why don't you go grab a beer or something and relax? Or as my dearly departed grandmother would say : Go pull that corn cob out of your A$$, and quit being so serious!

    Or .. also... I guess.. as the Joker would say.. Why so serious?
  4. I'm not saying the idea has no merit. I'm just saying there are better things that need addressing.

    And a beer sounds good, but I'm still at work. Not grumpy, just jaded. There's still things that are still on the "to be fixed" list for the past 10 years.
  5. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Because the North American continent didn't exist before 1492 . :p
  6. Dolphoenix

    Dolphoenix Guest

    And there always will be. :)

    The day this game is polished and 100% complete is the day everyone gets bored and quits.

    I'm just sayin.. they already have the turkey graphic. and they got this story line going too. Just knock it down to normal size, tack on chicken AI.

    Think of all the women it will bring into the game!

    Chicks dig turkey!*

    *This statement has not been independently verified for accuracy. Use this information to acquire a female at your own risk. May cause cancer.
  7. Lord Frodo

    Lord Frodo Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You mean it just popped out of the blue. Think Native Americans would disagree.
    Chris found it, he did not make it.
  8. It was not known to Europeans, which is the civilization almost exclusively depicted in medieval fantasy settings.
  9. Dolphoenix

    Dolphoenix Guest

    Don't let the orcs hear you say that.
  10. Malador

    Malador Guest

    Oh please the spainards ate turkey in the 1400's and even they didnt think the bird up.
  11. But granted we're talking about a world that steampunk cyborgs somehow exist in...

    If they did do the turkeys as everyday monsters a fun thing might be to have a 1 in 1000 chance a wishbone appears on em as loot, which will act like the lucky fountain or give you a 50% shot at luck boost when you break it... ("pick a left or right side" gump hehe)
  12. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Hm, typically Uhallers are better at detecting sarcasm than this... (granted it is more amusing when people don't get it)
  13. Martyna Zmuir

    Martyna Zmuir Crazed Zealot

    Apr 27, 2007
    Likes Received:
    And turkeys sprung fully-formed from Christopher Columbus' forehead!