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Dev's Please read.... Making Team Lead Positions

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Flanuva101, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Flanuva101

    Flanuva101 Guest

    I have been with the Mythic family since beta of Dark Age of Camelot. As I am sure as all the devs know, that game has Team Leads in each area. What would the chance be to develop Team Leads in UO? They would be a valuable resource in helping Devs create new content, develop balanced characters as well as bring the community together so everyone in each area knows exactly what is being done to help them through feedback from the Team Leads to the general community.


    Crafter Team Lead ( Maybe 3 needed here...Armor, weapons, everything else)
    Archer Team Lead
    Warrior Team Lead

    and so on..

    If anyone has an issue with their character, they would relay the issue to their team lead for that area. After compiling a list of issues, once every 2 weeks or once every month, the Team Leads would get together with the devs and go over possible enhancements, tweaks or whatever else. The Devs would then let the TL's know if it is a known issue, being worked on or just needs more testing.

    This would bring the community together since everyone wants to be involved in the decision making and would let everyone do just that.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I like the concept, but I fear that even if you enlisted the entire population of stratics, there still wouldn't be enough staff to cover all the different playstyles in UO.
  3. This would bring the community together since everyone wants to be involved in the decision making and would let everyone do just that. [​IMG]

    oh wait ...[​IMG]

    Hows that "different" from what is in place now ?

    Have you reversed your earlier position about "outsiders" commenting on changes for neighboring skills/styles?

    Pet balls need changing. EA/Mythic shouldnt talk to anyone about this other than Tamers and those directly involved. ie. PvPer's.
    You have a right to discuss things that effects you and your gameplay, but if you are a person that does DOOM all the time or crafts all the time, why should you have a say in how houses fall at idocs or what happens in Fel. You shouldnt, because it DOESNT affect you.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Sorry ... but it now begs the question ...
    How much succesful experience have YOU had in designing and arranging "feedback" systems and "process" analysis?
    Re: game design and player/coder interface systems?

    By your own premise ... It would be bad for us to "take your word" that you know exactly "how to fix" UO on a "Systems" level ...

    [​IMG] time for YOUR boni fides ...