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Didn't you use to be able to make your pet into a statue and then back?

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by imported_EnigmaMaitreya, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. I seem to remember back in the bad old days when there was a stable space crisis, that one could turn ones pets into statues and carry them around then turn them back into pets.

    I seem to remember that all limitations of the stable still applied.

    Is this gone now? OR Never was?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Think your confusing with Etheral Mounts - they are vet rewards that can be turned back into statue in your pack when you dont want to ride them anymore
  3. I accept that as a possibility ..... BUT

    I have very clear memories of my Dragons and White Wyrms and Nightmares being in my bag.

    BUT it does seem to be clear that ability (IF it ever existed) is no longer in the game.
  4. Trukx

    Trukx Guest

    Been playing since Beta, cant say I ever recall this as a function. I did miss 18 months due to deployments, and its possible that it was introduced and taken out in that span. But its nothing I have ever experienced.
  5. *Shrug*

    I can find a reference to a Pet Statue BUT it is on a free server. I have never played on one of those.

    What I can remember is there was a lack of stable space and DD accepted a solution of being able to store your pet as a Statuette and summon them back to life. Eventually they resolved what ever the issue was with the stable space but decided to leave the Statuette in place. That is the way it was when I left (not long after the expansion that introduced Illshinar(sp)) or perhaps more accurately about 8 months after they created Trammel.

    So far the most interesting changes are

    1) The LRC suits
    2) The Luna Bank setting next to the Luna Mage shop
    3) The Giant Bettle (to be followed soon by the Fire Bettle)
  6. Never was ...

    sorry ... but ... no ... Never was as you describe ...[​IMG]
  7. Hum, well as I said I have very clear memories of the Pet Statues .... SO I have kept pushing on this trying to find the correct Google search that will ....

    I have a tenuous link to a Hitching Post giving a Pet Statue and some dialog from Krum and a few others about the Hitching Post but not stating (as in assuming the function was known) being implemented ... conditionally.

    The problem I am having is the anchor information that continues to link the Pet Statues is founded in the Free UO servers and as I have said I have never played on them.

    When I read the Hitching Post one though, I had a flash of Minoc Stables and double clicking the Hitching posts just outside the building ..... BUT it did not connect all the way to creating the pet statue so I will need to go there tonight and see what gives.
  8. Prudentis

    Prudentis Guest

    I thing you might want to consider quitting whatever drug you are abusing [​IMG]

    pets - check
    pet statues - check
    etheral mounts - check

    all of the above combined - drug infused dream [​IMG]
  9. Fuzzy Spyder

    Fuzzy Spyder Guest

    There was an issue with the stables; it had a limited number of slots to hold peoples' pets. So if some jerk went out and tamed 100 pigs and cows and stabled them, there would be no room. Meaning you could pull your pet out of say Trinsic stables, then come back an hour later unable to stable it at That stable, so you would have to go to a different town. This was fixed by limiting the number of pets you can put into the stables based off of your taming and lore. And that meant that you could no longer run around with 4 or 5 dragons at a time either. As I have been playing for the past 9 years, there were never any pet statues that you could carry around in your pack. Especially since back then, things weren't blessed often, and no insurance, so if you were killed, you'd probably lose those tamed pets you had as statues in your pack. (Remember when runebooks first came out, they weren't blessed.) And that would probably make people really mad, to lose their army of dragons or the rare nightmare (spawn was blocked back then too, so they were rare, until they spawned in terra keep.)
  10. Yes those were the Issues and were considered Harassment / griefing (The loading up the stable).

    Yes Runebooks were not blessed originally (but were before I left).

    Yes you died you stood the chance to lose your pet army, IF you were carry them around in your backpack.

    The one thread I did find (on a free shard) states it mostly as I remember that if someone ever did click the statue, the pet would be restored to you. As I said, I have never played a Free shard.

    I can remember Fire (A Red Dragon), Ice (A Pure White Wyrm), Night ( A Nightmare) and the Vet Reward (A Desert Ostard) all setting in a pack (plus the tameds I considered disposable) in my house.

    I can remember going to a desired spot, mark a temporary rune, recall home, get the pet of choice and recall back, make pet alive. When done, make pet a statue, recall home, put it back in the bag. I can also remember turning the pet into a statue when the fight was a lost cause, hiding and restart the engagement. Which probably was an unintended consequence.

    Most of this isnt trying to dismiss what people are saying, it is trying to reconcile the UO I am playing today vs the One I left (Why on earth did they remove the ability to transfer pets to lower level tamers?).