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Difred Dumphry at New Magincia and Minoc

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Sonoma EM Feed, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Sonoma EM Feed

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    Jan 26, 2011
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    I’ve been stuck at the in-laws for awhile now, so when the calling of the guard went out a few days ago my father-in-law promptly volunteered me. Love that man. My brother-in-law decided to come along, ‘just for fun’. I have no idea why considers battling things that want to rip your throat out ‘fun’, but well, that’s my brother-in-law for you. I’ll happily follow along behind tossing a heal on him every now and then and of course, looting. He tends to forget to do that. Fortunately I’m there.
    At the meeting before our deaths, we learn that Lord Clarence Roberts was imprisoned at New Magincia. Since young Lord Roberts was well loved by the citizens, the nobles there expected trouble from the raiders so asked for the guard to come handle the situation. Captain Bob agreed so here we all were ready to go help the nobles keep Lord Roberts in prison. I was not happy. But I remembered the man I met in the bar a few days earlier saying that the raiders would take care of their families and their friends. So maybe…
    Captain Bob cast the gate and ‘maybe’ happened. The raiders had brought in hounds. Hounds from the abyss! Or someplace really really really bad! These hounds were nasty! Let’s put it this way, we died. *glares at Captain Bob* But eventually the battle turns and it’s the hounds who are dying.
    While battling a hound, guess who runs up? Jenny!! Clarence’s wife! She yells, ‘Raiders! My beloved Clarence is free! Head to the main battle in Minoc!’ Then runs off. Okaaayyy… I’m thrilled that young Lord Roberts is free, but if this isn’t the main battle, I really really don’t want to go to Minoc. *shutters at the thought of more hounds*
    Fortunately Captain Bob missed Jenny’s speech so we went off to see if Lord Clarence Roberts was still in his cell. But on the way, we came across a moongate. Some idiot said, ‘let’s see where it goes,’ then hopped in which triggered the lemming effect, everyone stopped thinking and hopped into the gate. Including myself. *sigh* Well we all know where this gate went, Minoc. And we all know what we found on the other side. That’s right, death robes. Dang hounds.
    While we are clearing the area of hounds and raiders, Jenny runs up and yells, ‘Raiders! We have the ingots! Leave as you are able!’ They didn’t leave. And neither did the hounds. Apparently their idea of ‘fun’ is the same as my brother-in-law’s. *grumbles*
    After we kill off the hounds and most the raiders we found one hound named ‘Spike’. He was not a happy puppy. It took all of us to kill it.
    [​IMG]Once Spike was down for good, we were done, thank the virtues! The in-laws’ place was suddenly looking real good. But with Clarence Roberts gone, it might be safe for my wife and I to return to New Magincia. *grins* That would be nice.
    This is Dilfred Dumphry wishing everyone safe travels.

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