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Dilfred Dumphry at Vesper

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Sonoma EM Feed, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Sonoma EM Feed

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    Jan 26, 2011
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    All right! Which one of you rats gave, (yes gave! as in free!) Daniel a bottle of Horsehead brandy? I went to sell him my extra bottle, but when we met he just smirked, pulled out a bottle, waved it under my nose and said, ‘see this? It was free.’ Then put the bottle away. Cruel cruel cruel.
    Daniel went on to say that he would give me that bottle of brandy – in exchange for information about Jenny. This time I smirked. From what I saw of Jenny in Vesper, that fiery young woman is heading down the path toward becoming a major pain in the arsh of every noble she takes a disliking to.
    Before I continue on, for those of you who missed the fun in Vesper last week on the 16th, let me give you a quick recap.
    Jenny (a commoner) married Lord Clarence Roberts (a noble if you couldn’t tell by his name). The two fled to Vesper to live happily ever after. Clarence’s father intervened and that was the end of happily ever after. Clarence was shipped back to New Magincia leaving Jenny in Vesper.
    The nobles in Vesper learned of Jenny being married to a noble and fainted dead away. When they came to, their wits had left them and they went on a rampage. They went after Jenny, but couldn’t find her. Why? Because ‘someone’ had to be hiding her from them. How dare that someone! They burned down Jenny’s house, confiscated goods from all over the city and hired the best swords to guard the goods.
    Needless to say, the citizens of Vesper were raging mad – but Jenny had a plan. Lead one massive raid and take back the goods that were stolen. Her plan was simple and to the point. Problem. There are people in the world like Daniel who wave bottles of heavenly nectar, such as brandy, under the noses of thirsty citizens in exchange for information.

    [​IMG]So on the evening of the raid, the Royal Guard came in to help the nobles and the newly appointed city guard.

    [​IMG]Problem. No one told thenew CityGuard that the Royal Guard was there to help them!!

    [​IMG]So the City Guard attacked the Royal Guard!!

    [​IMG]And the Royal Guard fought back.

    [​IMG]While the two groups of guards fought each other, the raiders snuck in and stole all the goods one crate at a time! Hahahaha!!!
    Jenny came out of hiding and praised the Royal Guard for choosing to help the raiders and thanked them for doing the right thing. She went on to say that by helping the raiders the Royal Guard prevented many Vesper families from starving. Ummm… yeah. *smiles sheepishly*

    That brings me back to the here and now – Daniel offering me brandy in exchange for information on Jenny. *smirks* Jenny 1, nobles 0 *turns and walks away* I can’t wait for round two.

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