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Disaster at the Royal Ball

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Flame (DrR), Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Flame (DrR)

    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
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    The ball from the outset was chaos, as the gentle town folk of Britain had been turned into hatreds because Crimson Dragon that was searching town. With the servants within the castle attacking the guests the local Royal Guard had problems containing them and the dance floor look much more like a battle field. Understandably the guests were annoyed at Lord Casca for not preparing for such a thing and for telling those that could have sorted this invasion out to dress in finery unfitting for such a purpose.

    But Lord Casca finally made his appearance and was inconsiderate of the danger he had put his guests in just stating the Guards would deal with it, and with a smile he told everyone to dance and left!

    The Guards tried to make the best of things but it was bedlam with many leaving, but attention was soon drawn to an argument from near the throne. It seemed a young girl had run away to be with her love, and her father had finally caught up with her. It soon became evident though that her father was a man to be feared, as he demanded her return home to the Undead Citadel in Ishena, where he had been doing experiments to become one of the Undead and thus gain eternal life. His plans also included his daughter Hannah joining him. He quickly left dragging Hannah through a gate with him.

    At this point Captain Nathan Hawk instructed everyone to go and rescue Hannah. Sadly some were unable to follow as they were prepared for a Royal Ball and not a rescue mission. Whilst others got lost , not knowing where the Undead Citadel was, but thankfully enough were able to reach the now chained Hanna. She soon informed them that the Undead that inhabited the Citadel would not harm her and to be free again they had to find 5 keys that had been distributed amongst the Blue Demon servants of her father. Whilst some stayed with her many went out and gathered the necessary keys. Once Hanna was free they lead her to Commander Jurrels office in Minco where she thanked everyone for saving her. Then one by one she bestowed a necklace on the 5 who had found the keys. Very tiered from her ordeal she then bid everyone farewell.


    I would like to say sorry I do not have all the details as I had some UO problems and either had to attend using KR or not at all. (My KR was not set up etc and I was unable to do much, also I kept crashing) But I put together the above to give others an idea as far as I saw it.