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Discordance formula

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by slavoie, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. slavoie

    slavoie Guest

    Can someone tell me what the formula for discordance is?

    What do you multiply by what and what makes the bonus?

    Found the answer.

    % Success Formula

    · 50 + 2 * (Bard Skill - Bard Difficulty after Modifiers)

    · Look up creature’s base difficulty on list below (e.g., lich lord base difficulty is 106.4).

    · Apply all Bard Difficulty Modifiers as described below (e.g., exceptional instrument and Peacemaking reduce base difficulty by 15 points, so the Bard Difficulty for the lich lord becomes 106.4 – 15 = 91.4).

    · Subtract Bard Difficulty from Bard Skill (e.g., if Peacemaking is 100 then 100 – 91.4 = 8.6).

    · Multiply result of the subtraction by 2 (e.g., 8.6 * 2 = 17.2).

    · Add 50 to the result of the multiplication (e.g., 17.2 + 50 = 67.2).

    · % Success in the above example = 67.2%.

    Bard Difficulty Modifiers

    · Instrument

    · Reduce base difficulty by 5 (10%) when using an exceptional instrument.

    · Reduce base difficulty by 10 points (20%) when using an enchanted instrument of aligned type.

    · Increase base difficulty by 10 points (20%) when using an enchanted instrument of opposite aligned type.

    · Musicianship

    · If Musicianship is above 100, subtract 100 from your Musicianship skill and divide the result by 2. This is your Musicianship bonus.

    · Reduce base difficulty by your Musicianship bonus (e.g., 10 points for Musicianship of 120, 20%).

    · Skill

    · Reduce base difficulty by 5 points (10%) when performing Provocation.

    · Reduce base difficulty by 10 points (20%) when performing Discordance or Targeted Peacemaking.

    Credit goes to this person

    Barding Difficulty List

    By Nadya Modavia of Catskills, Legendary Bard