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Discussion: Attractions

Discussion in 'Project: Gorgon Discussion Hall' started by Auriel, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Auriel

    Auriel Project: Gorgon Game Mod

    Mar 9, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I have organized, somewhat, last Saturday's Town Hall and will bring subjects here for further discussion. As the players Saturday learned, the devs want to know our thoughts and wishes. So please feel free to contribute!


    Admin LOCAL I'd like to hear what features are #1 requirements for you guys, things that make you say "well I would recommend playing in alpha, except it doesn't have X

    nimor LOCAL im missing some randomness in the game

    Auriel LOCAL players playing, mods around, helpers

    Gremror LOCAL The game is daunting without people taking you under their wing

    Aviticus LOCAL Yea that's most important. That's what I've been talking the last few weeks. DOing lots of polish.

    Admin LOCAL I actually have a really elaborate auto-generated HTML report system, full of numbers and stats for all skills and abilities. But I havent found a way to import it into a wiki yet

    Auriel LOCAL when a new player logs on to emptiness, he may not explore very long

    Admin LOCAL thats a good point. yeah an empty world is very hard to jumpstart

    Gremror LOCAL Advertise the game on reddit and places like that to get players right now

    Auriel LOCAL thats why I wanted ideas for player activities.

    Aviticus LOCAL Anyone have any ideas that you think will draw in more players?

    Dreadz LOCAL one thing that would help is a tool that mods had to know when a new account was made that way they could port to the newby cave and see if they need any questions answered

    nimor LOCAL roaming npcs heros can keep u thinking the world is full of players and make it fun

    Auriel LOCAL and we will need better mod coverage that I can do to gag quickly and remove offensive names

    AviticusLOCALI have a question, what keeps all you faithfuls coming back?

    nimor LOCAL like an old player sign up and is given a newbe to teach

    Dreadz LOCAL the admin the admin

    Gremror LOCAL I'm not sure I'd have stuck around if

    seas hadn't helped me by answering every question.. I had a lot

    Dreadz LOCAL I've never played a game that the admins actually listened the to players

    Aviticus LOCAL I have my writer working on the KS pitch, and I want to put all the details upfront.

    nimor LOCAL im caming back because of the sommunity and the faver system mostly

    Auriel LOCAL I played AC, still playing UO. I liked WURM. I like having an influence on a game.

    the reasons go on. I am a failed artist so I like to see others' work.


    Auriel LOCAL I played with 3D and landscaping. So its neat to see how all this develops

    nimor LOCAL mm if u look around the old ppl arent caming back mostly

    Auriel LOCAL some will check back in time to time.some will check back in time to time.

    Dreadz LOCAL I'm an old player...lol

    CardielLOCALwhat drew me into MMOs in the first place was the challenge of exploring uncharted areas. Not skipping over the lore

    Gremror LOCAL Well, get used to my username, I'm not going anywhere :D

    nimor LOCAL the ppl that were end game when i joind arnt around anymore

    Auriel LOCAL dreadz and me and luka I think are the only ones atm

    Dreadz LOCAL I also left for a long time

    Auriel LOCAL so did I

    nimor LOCAL hope make u come back :)

    Auriel LOCAL is there a way we can reach out to old players for kickstart?

    Gremror LOCAL You have their emails - message them?

    Admin LOCAL yeah I fear a lot of people get in and grind really hardcore, and the content can't keep people more than a few months if you're playing 20+ hours a week, even if you do everything. hopefully more content will alleviate that some

    Auriel LOCAL well RL time constrants

    Auriel LOCAL would it be invasion of privacy to send old players an email?

    nimor LOCAL i think we need contect that will let the high lvl players support and give fame from the newplayers

    Dreadz LOCAL is there a compass in game where we can see the location we are

    Aviticus LOCAL I think the visually initially turned people off because a lot of my guildies wouldn't play it because of that, but a few jomp on occassionally.

    Aviticus LOCAL Now I mean.

    Gremror LOCAL Why not send a message to ALL users? Inviting them back? List things that have been added recently, and big things to come

    Auriel LOCAL I have some friends who wouldn't last year

    Aviticus LOCAL That's on my list of things to do Grem.

    nimor LOCAL i dont think the graphic is why ppl are tunrd off

    Dreadz LOCAL Auriel it would have to come from the admins email as an advertisement

    Aviticus LOCAL I meant the earlier graphics Nimor.

    nimor LOCAL how much erlier?

    Admin LOCAL when the kickstarter starts, yeah I can email everybody. and also email the people from the first kickstarter

    Auriel LOCAL year and a half ago early

    nimor LOCAL hoooo

    Aviticus LOCAL Towards the end of last year, and early this year we were just joining Eric on the world design aspect of the game.

    Auriel LOCAL thats what I was wondering. I know a lot of them liked the game and spent hours in it. I bet they got lured to other kickstarts or new games, but would come check it out agains

    nimor LOCAL the game is great but it feel more like a solo rpg then community here

    Gremror LOCAL The raids have helped change that nimor, I think

    Auriel LOCAL what would change that for you

    Admin LOCAL the only trouble is I don't validate email addresses right now, so it could be pretty abusable if I email everybody. But I'll figure something out, maybe just email people who played more than a few hours in the past

    Aviticus LOCAL Yea I believe that people be happy to jump in now. My friends that wouldn't join because not jump in and play.

    Aviticus LOCAL Eric I was thinking about just using the KS post system.

    Admin LOCAL yeah we can do that for the old KS players, true. so the only ones that need manual emails are people that signed up after that and then wandered away

    nimor LOCAL well how much are u thinking of gathering?

    Auriel LOCAL has anyone thought about grouping in the way that other games do...as far as complimentary roles?

    Admin LOCAL I think the KS target is going to be $100k, which after taxes is like $70k. but we havent finalized that yet

    Aurie lLOCAL the groups I led were pretty haphazard

    nimor LOCAL u got housing ready for KS?

    Auriel LOCAL or how many people it takes to do a particular dungeon

    Admin LOCAL yeah, I want to get more roles going. I mean the current game has a blind stab at what those would look like, with Rage management, healing, crowd control. But I need lots more groups of suckers... err testers to make the systems work
  2. Vee

    Vee Visitor

    Jan 2, 2014
    Likes Received:
    This is a response to the first question. It isn't really a feature but the inability to smoothly and simply comtrol my characters movement is my biggest dislike. Twice I have logged off and stopped playing for a while because of it.

    I want to use right click for large movements and arrow keys for fine control. I also have the view “camera” zoomed out to max and above. The arrow keys work well but right click doesn't as listed below :

    A) In Serbule town there appear to be several surfaces on which houses etc sit. Several do not allow right click movement onto the surface though it appears that movement off the surface is allowed.

    B) If I am stopped as in A) moving forward using arrow keys will take me to a point where I can right click on the place I want to reach. If I don't move far enough I turn and go back to the boundary. I think that this is because the target is calculated from the view “camera” position and if this is outside the surface it leads to a movement to the boundary.

    C) If a selectable object such as NPC or portal is behing me, depending on view angle, they may be selected instead which I think is similar to the comment in B. Also if near a building, that is not selectable, it appears that an overhang or something is interfering with target selection as I turn and run to the building.

    D) Most openings, such as doorways, do not allow movement into the building but allow right click movement out and one or two doorways now prevent movement out with arrow keys.

    E) For long movements particularly I go in a zigzag path turning around trees, posts etc even when the straight line path is not obstructed. As well as taking longer this sometimes leads to combat that I would rather avoid.

    F) Movement following right click uses different surface geometry and solid properties. There are places where if I move using arrow keys ar stop my character is on the displayed surface but if I use right click I am running below ground level or underground. Right click movement also takes me through rock outcrops that stop me when I use arrow keys.

    G) Inside some buildings if I turn the viewpoint ends up outside showing the exterier wall while in others it zooms in to match the wall position.

    H) I have Auto-move to attack and interact selected. Fairly often after killing a monster I select the next one but find when I click the skill I want to use my character turns to run back to the dead monster and occasionally somewhere else that I have not investigated. Occasionally after being killed the monster that killed me stays selected so that I try and run to the monster that killed me instead of attacking the one I wanted to.

    I) Sort of related is the difficulty to select a new target in combat. In the crypt there are several places where you don't know what mix of monsters or how many you are going to fight till after combat has started. When 5 or 6 spiders are in front of me I can't select a different one because the select boxes overlap. The stuns that keep me inactive for most of the fight would be reduced if I could change to the weaker spiders that I can often kill with 1 or 2 attacks. Something like golem conditionals might be more interesting than attacking till the target is dead and then letting the software select the next target.