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Discussion on resources. Times are changing...

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Guest, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There being no crafters guild. How about a loose union? Just a thought.

    On to the jist of this discussion. What is a fair price, in your opinion, for basic commodities? With bags of sending changes and dangers of black rock elementals, Do you folks think that the value of basic commodities has risen?

    Is this being reflected in what a suit of GM armor sells for? Furniture, stone works etc? I am hoping to spark a discussion that will have folks rethink and examine the value of crafted goods.

    Thanks for any thoughtful ideas and input. *nods*
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Currently my prices are the same as they've always been, whilever I have the resources, or can barter for them, they won't change.

    My metal armour vendor may have to be retired, I'm losing money on it, but while the others are making enough to cover the loss I'll try to keep it there.
  3. davebobbit

    davebobbit Guest

    As a new crafter to Siege this topic is of great interest to me, as hopefully I will be in a position to start selling my wares soon... (im 10 days away from GM'ing arms lore and tailoring - yipee!)

    If there was some common concensus on pricing guidelines etc I would find it extremely useful and would be happy to abide by a unionised system in pricing my items.

    Short of that, just a sample price list for each commodity would help me no end!
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I always price my crafted items at 3x the cost of the resources on the open market - regardless of how I actually get them.

    For years I've been running with this assumption (based on Cybernickel's prices):
    leather: 25 gp
    horned: 30-40 gp
    barbed: 50 gp

    But with the bos changes, I'm thinking the price of barbed probably has doubled, but leather is about the same. I never buy spined/horned.

    I haven't got a good idea about the prices of ingots, since I never buy or sell them. But valorite is definitely a lot harder to get now than before the mining changes. I'd guess it's gone up by 3x.

    Similarly, with wood, normal and oak are very cheap with no change in the prices. However, bloodwood, heartwood, and frostwood are much harder to find now and that should mean that their price has gone up by 3x-5x. I'm not sure about yew and ash.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I would rather see crafters raise prices than just give up because it is not worth the time. What else do we have to spend gold on? The ocassional weapon. *shrugs*
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Petra, is the metal armor just not selling? There was a time you were doing well with it, I thought.
  7. i sell gm armour by the piece for 450gp per sound fair?
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    At the moment, no it's not selling. But it's just been this last week, so I'll keep dropping gold on her for a while and see if it picks up again.

    What sells most actually is the dull copper samurai armour.

    That's mage armour with a guaranteed 70% physical resist.

    Gives me a buzz to see warriors riding round in 'proper' dexxer armour, so I'll keep dropping gold on her for a while [​IMG]

    There's a limit to how much I can squeeze on the vendor, but if anyone wants an old fashioned chain/ringmail light archer or chain/plate heavy archer suit I'd be delighted to make it.
  9. unforgivenUO

    unforgivenUO Guest

    ever since they went to the randomized deposit system for resources i went to hoarding them and buying everything that came available at a decent price. I think we have not yet seen the full impact of the changes made and soon the prices on bulk materials will climb significantly. Things will begin to happen that didn't used to
    example people will be forced to recycle much more of the things they come across and use rather than making them with disposal in mind.

    If they change the properties of metal to make it a viable alternative to leather items then blacksmiths are in for quite a treat
  10. prostkr

    prostkr Guest

    Here is a place for us to have some private talk about crafting, as folks sign up we can choose who we want as moderators ect. This is open to any straight up crafting chars in any guild. Id like to see us come together. icq me for private access after you regester. http://craftersofsiege.proboards62.com
  11. I keep wearing leather for my meditation to work.
    I wouldn't mind wearing metal- some of it looks nice. But what are the odds of getting mage armor? At this stage of the game I'm gonna die quite often, and will likely go thru a lot. The leather is just easier to get
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I agree on the leather prices more or less. Heres what I would say:

    Plain: 20-25
    Spined: 30-35
    Horned 40-50
    Barbed 50-65

    I havent mined or chopped much as of late, but I think the rare wood prices are going to be more or less too outrageous for the possible purpose they might serve. By that I mean most wood enhancement is done with the lower woods for the HCI and SSI, so that leaves furniture, and im only going to pay so much for a frost wood chair when I can just use a furny tub for a similar shade.

    But for people who are big into collecting resources, heres a tip:
    If you happen to find a rare wood/ore color, make sure not to chop/dig it all the way. Leave one chop/dig left. So long as the spot is not depleted it wont change its type.

    As for mining always remember that an agapite spot can = valorite with a prospectors tool and a garg pickaxe.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    samurai armour (jingasa, mempo, hiro sode, do, haidate or suneate) is mage armour by default. I usually put a pair of ninja mitts with it to make 6 pieces for a suit, dying the leather to match the metal type.

    I'll drop off a dull copper suit for you to try out [​IMG]. Which would you prefer, Haidate or suneate?


    I tried the theory of not depleting the pocket. For me it doesn't work, they still change.

    My barbed armour prices are worked on 70gp per hide, meaning if I've paid 65gp for it I make a small profit

    Despite making many thousands of arrows and bolts and a few hundred potion kegs since the change I've yet to chop a single bloodwood tree. I wish I had, my char wears the darn stuff.
  14. I am glad you opened up this discussion! With the current guild/alliance situation, it may stand to reason that we have may have greater access to whatever craters are left in SP. Recent changes, however, should be reflected in the raw goods and the products they are made of. For example, my needs are very simple. But since it is raw goods, they are hard to find in vendor shops lately. Anyone can make arrows and bolts. But feathers take awhile to collect. Same with cloth for bandages. I am not usually willing to buy arrows or bandages, but I will buy the resources, preferably in bulk. Cloth, feathers and plain wood would all be good things for a newer character to make money with. I am sure other crafters would be willing to buy in bulk as well. Barbed leather is something almost everyone wears. With the BOS changes, its worth is higher and should be reflected in its price. This is where tamers can make some money, with little risk. And for the moment, there isn't much solo PKing going on to interrupt resource gathering. Rare woods and ingots should raise significantly higher, and be reflected in the price of resources as well as finished product. However, I would urge folks to offer the rescources rather than the finished product. Again, since most of us have access to several crafters through our alliances, it would be more cost effective to buy the materials. I wear bloodwood, but I would go back to barbed armor if I were left to buy bloodwood armor at its current worth. But I would buy bloodwood in bulk. Offering the rarer resources in resource form would be a better idea for shops for the time being.

    Hmm..I just realized that the Voodoo lounge is now a much more luxurious place, furnished with so much bloodwood. Perhaps we should get some homeowners insurance, hehe.