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Discussion: Player Housing

Discussion in 'Project: Gorgon Discussion Hall' started by Auriel, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Auriel

    Auriel Project: Gorgon Game Mod

    Mar 9, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I have organized, somewhat, last Saturday's Town Hall and will bring subjects here for further discussion. As the players Saturday learned, the devs want to know our thoughts and wishes. So please feel free to contribute!


    nimor LOCAL if i could build things ingame it will keep me for a long time

    Auriel LOCAL thats what I was wondering, if any of that has been thought out for group organizing

    Admin LOCAL yeah we've been talking about selling some very limited housing spots in the kickstarter, like a few houses in Serbule, places like that. the game cant really do a ton of open-world housing because it just isnt set up for it,

    Aviticus LOCAL Yea we've been talking about that, letting players build houses and such.

    Admin LOCAL so most people will need instanced houses (think EQ2 style). but we could hopefully do some outdoors. or at least custom facades that teleport you into your instance

    Dreadz LOCAL <--- wants a deep grave house

    nimor LOCAL this well get u allot of ppl

    Aviticus LOCAL Agreed Nimor, that's what I told Eric.

    Auriel LOCAL its something to save money for...something to work on

    Auriel LOCAL even if its instanced

    nimor LOCAL fame and npcs that talk about u if u do hard quests or realy starnge things will be nice

    Auriel LOCAL carpentry can start to include furniture

    Gremror LOCAL I could just see a giant staue of Nimor above Elitbule castle cos he donated 10k....

    Auriel LOCAL~~that you can sit on....~~

    Aviticus LOCAL Though I hate to say it here, I've seen a ton of games hit their Kickstarter goals based on housing sells alone.

    Admin LOCAL haha working on it!

    Gremror LOCAL Like in Braavos

    Aviticus LOCAL We actually have the tech, and the experience to make it happen though.

    nimor LOCAL well u need to chose what is ur dream of this game

    Aviticus LOCAL So I think we'd do really well with that.

    Dreadz LOCAL there is one right now that has reached almost 5mil

    nimor LOCAL thats Sota

    Admin LOCAL yeah... I dont want to oversell though. I mean if we sell those houses in Serbule and then those early adopters quit, that's a bunch of empty houses in the newbie town forever. which ... sucks. So I want to be cautious

    Admin LOCAL that's a hell of a lot of money heh

    Auriel LOCAL UO does things with housing like you have to have an active account or the house goes away

    Gremror LOCAL NPCs could be included with houses?

    Auriel LOCAL vendors

    Dreadz LOCAL yup and the game isn't

    suppose to be released til later this year

    Admin LOCAL that's true, maybe all you're buying is the

    first year's rent in the Kickstarter, something like that

    nimorLOCALgoust houses ! doungen in side serb :D

    Cardiel LOCAL likely the reason AC went to monthly

    maintenance on their housing
    14 Jun 2014

    Aviticus LOCAL Yea true, I think SotA actually recycles them

    or resells them if you don't stick around long, which is kinda of odd

    for something you paid for.

    nimorLOCALthat why ppl pay

    Dreadz LOCAL Eric

    look up shroud of avatar .. they got some good ideas on price levels

    Auriel LOCAL UO has a limited number of house spaces in the world. They have had ways of making the player maintain it

    Dreadz LOCAL it may help you figure out how to price the housing

    Gremror LOCAL I like the idea that it keeps it around for a year, afterwards you have to pay to maintain it

    Aviticus LOCAL Yea Dreadz, I've been studying that a lot, and taking lots of notes for us to dig through.

    nimor LOCAL Sota solved it by creating random maps that have a city in them

    Gremror LOCAL There could be a city that is the size of most of the map, and is largely urbanised and residential

    Auriel LOCAL didn't AC2 have instanced housing communities? or am I thinking of something else?

    Admin LOCAL well if we got $4 mil we could definitely do something like that haha

    Aviticus LOCAL If I remember right Eric wanted to utilize our existing zones.

    Admin LOCAL randomly generated world is outside of our indie scope

    Aviticus LOCAL Yea it's a lot maintaining instances alone.