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Dismal events with encouraging results

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Onyxia, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Onyxia

    Onyxia Guest

    Greetings my friends and foes,

    Last night was a successful night in terms of defending my healers, however, there was a cost associated.

    The hour was early, I had just begun my rounds. I spotted a figure in a light grey robe running - my evening had begun.

    I followed him a few screens down, and the enforcement begins.


    He immediately went on the move to find another healer. Sadly for him, all of my healers are protected.


    He knew what needed to be done. He HAS the solution to get back to life! He just needs to go to a different city.... or so he thought.


    After this, he was quite frustrated. I did offer him the option of purchasing a permit to use the healers. His responses consisted of words that will end up as *'s, so I'll leave that to your imagination. After a few minutes of him hopping around gates trying to lose me...


    I honestly don't understand the logic of his next ressurection location. Maybe he thought he lost me. He was running quite quickly. Faster than most of the ghosts I have seen. Fear not! I did not lose him!


    Apparently, he wasn't kind enough to share his troubles with his guild mates, because not one minute later one of his companions attempted to take advantage of one of my best friends.


    He "knew" that I was just camping that healer, so he went and found an alternate.


    As quickly as he died, I see multiple ghosts running towards me! I had to make a quick decision.


    After this, a noble warrior came to Trinsic, and I'm not sure what for. His name was Relque Slorel. He looked to be a portly man, one who indulged in twinky smoothies. His values and morals were strong, and he quickly dispatched two of the HaXz force. At this point, they were fully ressurected and equipped. Relque single handledly fought these brigands. I had to do my part, so I waited for one of the necromancers to poison strike this kind sage and did what any patriot would do.


    And this, lets say dimwitted to be polite, necromancer felt it a good option to strangle me when I was outside of the guard zone. Apparently he forgot that I could go back into guard zone to assist the handsome and brave Relque.


    And I wish I could say it ended on that happy note. Relque became overwhelmed, so much that I felt it my duty - no another destiny - to assist him. As I fought my way to help disrupt these brigands they turned their sights and dispatched me. My mission was accomplished, as Relque escaped and lived to fight another day.

    Unfortunately I did lose all of my armor, weapons, and clothes. Everything fell to my corpse as the insurance failed to renew.

    These are dark times for the healers. Do not fear this time of despair. This only made me stronger.

    I have a new found resilliance and sense of duty. I go by many names, the others I will not share with you, and I have aquired a bit of wealth. With my new found motivation I was able to put together a far superior suit of armor with maximum resistances and much more stat increase. Should I ever need to fight again I will be a much more difficult kill.

    Sadly, I was not able to replace the bow that I had. The one I have now will work, but doesn't have quite as much "zip".

    I would like to note that contribution of a magical short bow with damage increase, hit chance, swing speed, and hit spell would allow me to provide you with a permit to use my red healers at no additional cost for gold.

    As Zynia noticed in the previous pictures, the suit I am wearing while Killing the thugs of _I_ is my new armor.

    On a side note, I have received MULTIPLE private messages of those wishing to join the ranks of the Wandering Healer Protectors (WhP). Please don't despair at the lack of my responses. I have taken on an apprentice. They have moved here from a new shard and has shown motiviation to join me. I am helping them train and equip. Once we are fully operational with established posts I will be taking on another recruit. WhP will only accept one applicant at a time to protect the identities of the patriots.

    Saving the world in a sexy new thong,

  2. Zynia

    Zynia Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jun 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    *claps* I liked this post much better, and the story!! I will keep a look out for your almight healer guarding bow. :heart:
  3. Onyxia

    Onyxia Guest


    During my adventures tonight I encountered two others that share the values that I embrace so dearly.

    Those two blessed souls will share my guild tag. Our coverage will increase to all hours of the day. Any of my representatives holding the WhP tag are allowed to accept permit payments.

    While I was performing my duties, I encountered three devious players who felt the need to prevent me from performing my duties.

    My hat is off to your ambush - but you will not deter me from doing what I do best.

    All my love,

  4. *tears* Awsome!:D