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do i need vet?

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by YuriGaDaisukiDa, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. im working on making a hybrid tamer, so i can fight along side my pet, and not die as much as normal tamers. obviously there must be sacrifices.

    so things i need
    magery or chivaly, (for getting around)
    meditation or focus

    swordsmanship is useless without tactics, or it might as well be wrestling
    and magery is almost pointless without evaluating int.

    plus i need mana

    so im looking at


    i had to sac parry which i was unhappy about, but it is either that or magery, and i am not sure if i wana do chivalry instead, magery has so many benifits for a tamer.

    if i took chivalry i would be able to swich out evaluating in for vet. and i woudlnt need spell channel stuff or mage armor

    since im not a main tamer, im not going to have greater dragons main tanking doom bosses or anything, but i will use high end pets.

    so can greater heal substitute for vet? or do i need to change something up?

    i was tossing around the idea of using mage weapons and getting rid of swordsmanship, or possibly going pally instead, but mainly i wana be able to fight with my pet
  2. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    First, a comment:

    Normal tamers don't die.

    Second, if you have a second account which you can put a character with vet and lore on, then you can get away with not having vet quite nicely. Otherwise you'll be begging people for pet-resses quite often.

    My non-vet tamer has taming, lore, mage, EI, necro, SS, med and hunts exclusively with a pair of bake kitsune (taming = lore = 90). The damage output from this character is beyond incredible, but the death of a pet means that I have to find a guildmate or a stranger to res it. With that in mind, I usually use the character only in group hunts where other tamers come along.

    But with just greater heals, my pets don't often die.
  3. pgib

    pgib Guest

    I have a tamer - melee fighter. It's fun because most of the time I just run into the battle with my pet on my side and everything ends in a mess of corpses and money.

    I have 120 vet and 120 lore but I don't think vet is required for this kind of character because normally the fight is over way before my hiryu goes below 50% life.

    You will need an effective way to heal yourself, especially against spellcasters
  4. Kellgory

    Kellgory Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You could look at dropping the mage, med, and EI, and replace it with 65-80 chiv. You can still heal the pet using close wounds, plus you increase your damage output with concencrate weap and enemy of one. Couple templates you could use, or try out on the test shard. If you have the Brit bird talisman with +5 to taming and lore, that would bump you up to 105, and you should be able to control most pets except for fire steed and greater dragon. I shouldn't be that difficult to find jewerly that could bump you up to 110,115, or 120.

    Taming 100
    Lore 100
    Chiv 80
    Weap 120
    Tact 100
    Anat 100
    Heal 100

    Multiple ways to heal and rez people. Not much for defence.


    remove Anat and Healing, and replace with GM Necro and Parry or SS. Use Vamp to leech life or wraith form for mana. Parry for defense or SS for another way to heal plus wither, corpse skin, and the other necro spells for more offensive punch. Downside is the karma issue with necro and chiv.

    Or if you have the right jewerly and items you could have 120 parry and 120 bushido instead of Anat and Healing. Might have to drop chiv down to around 65, and you will fail sometimes at EOO. You could use a one handed weap with good life and mana leeches, chug pots, use confidence, and chiv for healing yourself. Should be pretty good and defence and offense.
  5. Thanks.

    I take it you cant pet rez with magery? (i forgot a lot of stuff, im a returning player from 5 years ago)

    I think ill go with this

    Taming 100
    lore 100
    vet 100
    chiv 70-80? (is this worth getting gm?)
    swords 120 (have 110, and it works well, is it worth getting the +10 for pvp?)
    tactics 100
    focus 80? (how much might i need idk?)
    xtra 40-60 depending on skill combos, i have a 720 cap

    for extra skill im thinking something for just a bonus, maybe parry or anat, or more mana regen if needed
  6. Kellgory

    Kellgory Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You can't rez a pet with magery. If you have spellweaving, and cast gift of life on your pet you can rez it, or if you cast it on yourself and you die it will give you the option to self rez. Only problem is you have to take the rez at the spot where you died. The other way to rez a pet now is if your in factions and have the new bandies, you can rez a pet with them (I haven't personally tried it). Those are the only 2 ways I know of rezzing a pet without vet.

    If your planning on PVPing, then take swords to 120. You can get by with 110 if your just planning on PVM. For now there isn't any reason to go to GM on chiv unless your planning on doing the 4/6 holy light and close wounds. There was a recent note that they were looking into chiv so that it wasn't a 80 point all you really need skill.

    A lot of the PVP tamers I run across that use swords also have Parry/Bushido on their template for the defense. Plus you can use the riding swipe to dismount. You could also look into making the char an archer with ninjitsu if your looking into PVPing.

    Again, best bet is to make a char on test shard and try out several templates. Your probably won't find a single template that is great at both PVP and PVM, but if you have a couple soulstones you could probably switch a couple skills around to match what your planning on doing.
  7. Hinotori

    Hinotori Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    If you're in factions, you can rez your Faction Warhorse with banaids without vet, not other pets.

    I'll tell you right now, I do not rez pets for tamers who do not have vet. If vet is to worthless for them to take, it's to worthless for me to waste my skill rezing their pet. I know several others who feel the same. You can blame a proliferation of people who think everyone else HAS to rez their pets. I've had them get nasty at me because I was vetting my own pet so it wouldn't die and wouldn't come away an rez their pet.

    I do rez fighter and crafter pets, just not in combat.
  8. Kellgory

    Kellgory Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Do you rez guildmate pets? I can see not rezzing a tamers pet if your sitting at Luna and some stranger comes running up with a greater dragon spamming "pet rez". I look at guildmates that don't have vet the same way I look at guildmates that are dexxers but have no way of rezzing or crosshealing, and that is we are all on the same team. I see mages casting greater heal (they could choosen to bomb away on the peerless or boss if they wanted) and other tamers crosshealing pets all the time. Eventhough I do have vet on all my tamers (so far), I haven't once heard anyone in my guild(s) tell another tamer that they wouldn't rez or heal their pet because they choose not to have vet on their template.

    I would also say it depends on how many people are in your guild and what shard you play. I've been on some shards where it was almost impossible to find a tamer to rez a blue beetle for my crafter.
  9. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Well this is what i did.

    120 fencing
    100 tactics
    105 taming 15 taming/12 necro bracelet
    110 lore swap 10/10 vet/lore ring (stabling)
    110 vet swap 10/10 vet/lore ring
    68 chivalrey set of 15 chive jewelry(ressing)
    47 necro midnight bracers bloodwood 15ring 12 brac (99)
    40 focus
    20 magery crystalline ring 15 spell book 20/15 jewelry combo+5 talisman(75 invisi off scroll)

    125/10/125 str/int/dex ELF 132/40/140 suited non lrc non med armor 70/70/70/65/75 vamp

    The main thing I have to do right is standing under my pet. It works the same as being invisible. I only use my magery for walking into a known nasty paragon room. Like the bally in the blood dungen in ishtar. Ill set up the mage items pre cast the scroll walk in cast and all kill. Its also used to gate fresh tames and mark runes. Not to mention wind. But if you stand under your pet it always takes the argo.

    I carry vamp scrolls for when i swap items around and its easy to keep up the karma for the chiv. With a proper Mana leech slayer, I could even drop the focus and go with spell weaving for imoltate weapon(sux) or bushido to 50(drop a stable slot and the focus) for perfection bonus(also iffy)

    I wont say your 1st time out on this set up will be easy. I took me months to get used to standing in the right place and not casting invisi on the fly. But, once I did get used to it (and now I am a master of the tactics i use) this char is my main tamer.

    The only other thing to note is the heavy insurance cost upon death i incur. I think its 6-8 items I carry insured over my suit and weapon. That gets expensive in a hurry.

    With the proper Items its easy to keep vet and be effective. I stand right next to my pet vet and swing slayers!. It works great. I use vamp form for healing and close wounds for when Im on the run.

    I drop the magery focus and chive and soulstone on my 120 bushido and head to the gate when i have the "itch". I get flamed and hate when i do this as its such a gimp char so i keep it to a minimum.