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Do tammers tame anymore?

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by sinalong, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. sinalong

    sinalong Guest

    Hi all. The last few weeks I have been looking to buy a few pets. It would seem that tameing is a dieing art. I can only guess because there is not much gold in it any more or maybe because iam on europa. what u all think
  2. EnigmaMaitreya

    EnigmaMaitreya Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:

    I tame for Upgrades and sell the replaced pet.

    I am not on Europa.

    It is getting increasingly more difficult to find an upgrade.
  3. Legacyee

    Legacyee Guest

    My stable is full so unless i see something really good, I don't bother to tame for myself anymore, but I do still tame for the zoo points. :)
  4. Nenime

    Nenime Guest

    Sinalong, shame on you for even questioning Taming in a Tamer forum ;).

    Sorry that you couldn't find good offers on Europa - I must admit that this surprises me. Anyhow, I don't think Taming is a dying art. (Passionate Tamer here *waves*)

    My Tamers are my main characters already but I do love taming for itself. The challenge to tame a worthy foe is thrilling - to me much more than to kill it. Maybe I'm a bit too deep into roleplaying but I effectively bond with my pets. I almost feel guitly when they die in a battle. :sad3:

    Oh yes, the Zoo! We really love it, don't we, Legacyee? :)
  5. Delakar

    Delakar Guest

    I am on Europa, what are you looking for?
  6. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jan 5, 2001
    Likes Received:
    I'm on Europa too, I tame when I'm asked, if the buyer doesn't expect me to spend days looking for the most uber example on the shard :D
  7. sinalong

    sinalong Guest

    Well was never questioning tamers :) . My tamer if my favourite to play and i am as guilty as most in that I do not tame to sell unless I am asked for a pet ( gold just 2 easy elsewhere) But the point I was trying to make was that i would have thought newish tamers/players would have jumped at the chance of earning 5 to 10 mil for a pet. An example would be i was asking for a red cu with half decent stats i am told they sell for 2 mil, I was offering 5 to 10 and yet i got only one reply via bank, forums etc and i was in no rush. But in answer to the question i am still looking for a very good dread mare, red cu and runey, any offers that are worth even half the gold i am offering are welcome. those 3 are the only weak pets i have
  8. Sarphus

    Sarphus Guest

    I still tame when I find something that would improve something I already have. I don't tame often anymore except when new pets are released.
  9. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I've got tamer characters in various stages of completion on quite a few shards now, so at least every other day I work my way down the list of all of them that still need taming gains and go out and tame stuff with them until they get at least one gain. The tamers that I started with 50 taming skill instead of using an advanced character token usually get daily attention of an hour or maybe two until their taming skill hits the low 90s.

    While I'm running around in Destard on the better tamers looking for drakes and dragons to tame, I often lore the greater dragons in hopes of finding one that is better than what I have. If I find one that's worth the trouble, then I'll go ahead and tame it. Occasionally I'll also get the urge to see if I can find a colored greater hiryu with decent resists, stats and skills. Most of my tamers are human, so I rarely tame cu sidhe. Plus I'm just not all that enamored with those little buggers. Something to do with all that barking they do, I guess. :hahaha:

    If my tamer on the shard has the skills for it, I'm happy to tame blue beetles, fire beetles, and swamp dragons for folks. I don't think I've ever charged anyone for them either, especially the fire beetles, because I know how desperate I've been to get them when I've started out on a shard. I have accepted a small amount of gold for them when someone really presses me to take it and it felt rude to turn them down. I also enjoy helping out with peacing the mobs when I see someone else who seems to be having a little too much of a challenge taming a pet.

    So far I haven't gotten into training up pets to turn around and sell them. Have thought about doing it a few times, but I've got so darn many of my own pets to sell I think I'd just end up feeling guilty about neglecting my own. I also don't really care to train pets on shadow elementals, so I tend to take way longer than a lot of other tamers to get my pets up to speed. I Nothing wrong with training them that way if you can handle the boredom. I prefer to hunt stuff, get gold and fill up my house with about a gazillion enhanceable pieces of armor and weapons and jewelry I'll probably never use. ROFL (Gives me something else to do later and once in a blue moon I actually find someone that can use it or is too polite to turn me down when I try to pawn it off on them. Haha.)
  10. sinalong

    sinalong Guest

    well if u have pets 2 sell please look at my post on trade europa if u are on that shard :)
  11. LessaT

    LessaT Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 10, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I thought the whole idea for a tamer was to tame their own pets. I have 2 tamers on 2 shards, each is 3x120 in all taming related skills. I just tamed a pretty purple hiryu that spawned while I was collecting seeds. She had great skills and stats. She just bonded and I have started her training. When she is finished, she will replace the previous one that is in the stable. That one will be donated to the zoo. I do not believe in selling dangerous pets to those people who cannot tame them. It's too easy to make gold in other ways. Also, I didn't spend hours and hours working on taming skills to tame for someone who can't wait or can't be bothered to work on their own skills. I will not be bought!
  12. sinalong

    sinalong Guest

    aye i am also 3 x 120 tammer, but i think u are missing my point. In the old days I made my gold standing out side brit bank selling mares and dragons, that just does not happen anymore
  13. Silverbird

    Silverbird Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 3, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Pets can bind to its owner nowadays. :D
    I remember those old days, when you could make good money with pets at the bank. It was the time of tamers with 80 skill running around with 5 white wyrms. Those had not enough slots to stable all of their wyrms so they needed to buy new ones every time they went to gold farming. Not to mention that they were 'loosing' one of their pets from time to time. (Going wild and/or dying)
  14. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    I play atlantic and LOVE to tame for gold I do it when I have a chance and spend all the time to find great stats/resists/skills or even colors if the price is right. Before whan uotradespot was still hot i did weekly posts about the pets i sold . I once sold a jet mare with max stats and -6 total resists for 5 mill. That was a fun find. My mare is jet and max stats w/-11 resists so Im nit just selling the 2nd best I just love that part of the game. Its just the more i do it the less potential customers I have LOL. Midnight lesser hyruis are one of my favs to sell as well! Usually if a color is specified i dont go to extreams for the lore page to be perfect but i do try!

    I also have a brother that has 2 comps and 2 tamers on 2 accounts(or however he does this) that discord trains any pair pf pets in less then 8 hours. Even cu-->gm healing. If ya want the sevice it still takes the week for the extra bonding cuz he wont be resposible for a dead pet lol. Anyhow We get the job done and Well!
  15. sinalong

    sinalong Guest

    aye I forget what mares, dragons sold for in those days was it 15k and max str ones for 25. Man in those days there was no better way for me to make gold, but then it went down hill as tamers started to undercut each other and I forget what publish, but when you could come in with around 90 skill(throw on jewels) and bob's your uncle you could tame just about anything in the game. Ho hum. I think thats why top end pets are hard to find. In those old days you tamed to sell and would now and then come across a realy nice pet, but now its obsolete....Think I just answered my own post :)