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Do we have an Ideas Den?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Ni-, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Ni-

    Ni- Guest

    I haven't been able to find one.

    Idea 1)

    Dress Form / Manikin

    Creation – Similar requirements to the current Dress Form (Carpentry with some Tailoring?, maybe even some Smithing?).

    Art – the piece will either look like an existing Dress Form or featureless NPC(on a base?). With, possibly a male and a female version, since KR has 2 different paper doll poses. May also need race variation to account for Gargoyle figures?

    Placement – Most likely would need to be a deed. When placing, a direction choice would allow the user to choose the direction the manikin would face(N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW). Dying could work as it does now, dying the item before the initial placement. Re-deeding would not be allowed as long items are present. Either items placed onto the manikin take up storage, in the current house, or placing a manikin takes up a predefined amount of storage(the total amount of item slots?).

    Dressing – Adding items to the manikin could work similarly to how dressing vendors work. Security could be set like a container. A beneficial option could be implemented to allow a PC to switch out their current worn items for those of the manikin. This would allow users (RPers in particular) a convenient option to wearing their war suit all the time. A time limit in between switches could be implemented(for if this item could be exploited from excessive switching?). If each item added to the manikin counts towards current storage for the house then switching items out will need to check if there is enough storage available as each item is added to the manikin.

    Information – The total of all item properties present could be shown. Either, similar to how item properties show on test center upon mouse over or a ‘Lore’ sheet similar to Animal Lore information sheet. KR has most of the item properties already built into the character sheet, I believe. The item property ‘Mage Armor’ could appear if there are no items that would block meditation with a similar display for Spell Channeling.

    - Crafters showing off their skill/wears.
    - A convenient change of pace for those that don’t wish to be garbed for war 23/7.
    - Total information available for suit builders.
    - A convenience for users with multiple characters that use the same suit.
    - A new crafting item for ?Carpenters?
    - House Decoration.

    Idea 2)

    Base Item – Reagent Satchel (NEW){designed to be similar to a quiver}
    Item Equip Slot – Cloak/Quiver{designed to replace quivers on mages}
    Base Properties – Weight Reduction 50%{similar to a quiver}
    - Can only carry Reagents of one kind (normal OR necro){quivers can only have arrows OR bolts}
    - Can only carry a max number of Reagents{similar to a quivers’ max}
    - - Either/Or…
    - - - A maximum for each, e.g. 100 each*
    - - -A maximum total, e.g. 800 total*
    - Can be insured. If insured, contents are insured also.{similar to a quiver}
    - Spell Damage Increase{Similar to an archers’ quiver}
    - - SDI should only count if reagents are actually used from the container

    Artifact/Gift Item –
    Base Item – Reagent Satchel
    Additional Properties
    - Lower Reagent Cost{Similar to Lower Ammo cost}
    - - 10% maybe?
    - - This could act for any reagent used from the satchel. Meaning that Alchemists and Scribes could also benefit from equipping this satchel.
    - Another Item Property{to entice mages away from wearing QoI}
    - - Either/Or…
    - - - DCI 5%{same as QoI}
    - - - FC 1 – this would make sense since a mage would know exactly where their reagents are.
    - - - FCR 1
    - - - MR 1

    Idea 3)

    Off Hand items for mages. To steer mages away from needing to have shields equipped to take advantage of an item property slot. The Paper doll art, as is, isn’t very conducive to some of these ideas because of the closed fist. Most would probably crafted, if craftable at all, by a Tinker with a good deal of Magery. These would be have the Spell Channeling/Mage Armor item properties inherent. The base properties for regular shields are a mere +1 resist, so these items may not need any other base properties. The door could, then, be left wide open for magic-loot/artifact-style item properties.

    Mystical Orb, Crystal Ball(hand-held):
    - Paper doll
    - - Sit in front of the fist,
    - - - For the Orb, maybe redraw fingers/thumb like the char is presenting the orb to the viewer.
    - - - For the Crystal ball, maybe redraw fingers/thumb to either side of where the base meets the sphere.
    - - Set the image off to the side, below the talisman item location.
    - Use current Crystal Ball art?

    Holy/Magical Symbol:
    - Paper doll
    - - Art could be something like the non-equipped art of the ankh pendent hanging from the off hand. Kind of like rosary beads might be held.

    Mages’ Staff/Wand(visually held in the off hand and no melee attack abilities)
    - Art could be that of the current switch

    Yes these have been suggested before, but at least it's not a ban thread...

    ...unless of course this gets banned...
  2. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Player Vendors do pretty much what you're asking in terms of equipping/displaying a suit. As for total info on a suit, don in it UO:KR and check your paperdoll/stats gump. For multiple chars wearing the suit, drag it off the vendor and hit either your KR or UO:Assist dress macro.

    Otherwise it's an interesting idea.

    As for the reg bag, I'd like to see something like a Sporran in terms of equipment look and slot usage.. would be in the ninja belt slot but only need it equipped if you want the LRC bonus.