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[Blacksmithing] Do you fill "ALL" your bods

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by broketail, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. broketail

    broketail Guest

    I've been hard at work for the last couple weeks filling a thousand or so BOD's. I've kinda gone the iron BOD's I've had. I've filled a lot of easier color BOD's too, the POF and Bronze RH ones, etc... I've also accumulated about a dozen +10ASH, and dozens of Dull Runics.

    I still have dozens of Val/Ver/Aggy/Gold bods (heaters, kite shields, helmets, chain tunics, etc..) I could fill, but really don't see a need for more +10ASH or Dull/Shadow runics.

    Do the experienced players fill EVERY bod they get? Are the low end hammers worth the mining time?

    Thanks for your thoughts...
  2. i dont fill every bod, but every filled one can to be used, to claim a new bod.
    all 10 SBods i fill to turn them in, all others like PoF bods and such, i do too and sell the PoF.
  3. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Typically, a person will start doing all BODs, then eventually settle down and fill only the ones that they want the rewards for, as the metal cost gets too high.

    I typically toss every DC/Shadow/Copper runic BOD on the ground (except for the ones that have the 10% chance of a colored anvil). I only fill +10 & +15 ASH BODs if they are from a small.

    As for the Iron BODs I get, I'm trying to train up my BOD runners to 120 skill, to gt better BODs, and I currently only keep the ones that those characters can gain on, to turn in for new BODs - while passing on the rest to a friend who's a bit more hard-core about turning in every iron BOD they get for new BODs. After all, I've got an established collection of colored BODs, and he doesn't so his collection needs the jump-start.
  4. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    I never thought about dumping bods as each is a val bod given enough time. I only have 1 120 smith but all my chars have .1 smith/tailor so every time i bank i grab a pair. Luna bank makes this very easy. I have such a bad loss rate just tossing the Lbods that dont have a good rewards that i typicality end up buying bods from players. Thats also not to mention the bods that go in the save book(bods that go into a Lbod for 30/60 ash gold-val hammer or 20 scroll).

    On the tailor side of things I do however dump all the colored bone and exp plain bone. But the normal plain bone are easily filled by hunting skeletons!
  5. Ziane

    Ziane Guest

    I don't fill all my BODs but I don't dump them either. Still holding out for the day when BOD rewards are revamped.

    Yea ok, humour me LOL :D

  6. Theo_GL

    Theo_GL Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 2, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Ok, here is my smith bod process - note that tailor is different:

    1 - Sort all bods into : Plate Colored, Chain Colored, Ring Colored, Non-combine colored, Iron EX, Iron Normal
    2 - For all non-combine - throw out any that are copper normal, shadow normal, dc normal. Its not worth the ingots and the rewards are junk. Chuck em. Toss em at the forge and someone else will pick them up.
    3 - For iron bods - take out any Iron EX 20's that use alot of ingots - heater shields, armor, axes etc. Toss or sell them.
    4 - Fill the rest of the iron EX bods and use to turn in to get more bods.
    5 - Fill and turn in all the normal bods by buying the items from the smith. Yes, you can buy 10 metal shields from the NPC smith and use to fill the bod. Gold is easy to get - ingots not as easy. Save your iron ingots for EX bods and fill normals buy buying them. When you you buy from an NPC, about 10-15 min later they will 2x as many. Do the 20 bods first since that is an even number - then later you can fill say 2 15's and 10 out of 40 daggers etc.
    6 - For the armor bods - I toss the ones that aren't good individually and give junk rewards combined. For example - copper 20 normal plate bods alone would give prospector tool. Copper 20 normal plate large gives +10 hammer. No way is that worth like 2,000 copper ingots to fill a 20 normal large. Toss em!
    7 - Fill all non-combine EX DC bods and Shadow 10-15. They all can give powder. The 20 DC EX and Shadow 10-15 give a high chance - and the 10-15 DC EX give smaller chance but still worth the ingots. Same goes true for Gold normal and Aggy 10-15 normal.
    8 - Depending on the large rewards - also fill DC EX, Shadow 10-15 EX and Gold Normal and Aggy NM 10-15 armor bods. The exceptions is cases where the large gives a better reward - Example Chain Dull 10/15 EX is only 3 smalls and gives bronze hammer. I'd rather have bronze hammer (350k value) vs a 20% chance at 3 vials of powder.

    Keep cycling the iron bods to get more colored and armor bods.

    Hope that helps! thats just one Bod addicts method.

    Now if you excuse me, I have 20k+ bods calling my name :D
  7. I have reached the limit of storage in my house so I am doing some bods just to make space and tossing some to make space.
  8. Flora Green

    Flora Green Guest

    I dump all bone tailor bods and most iron bods. Smith bods are of no interest to me, but I keep all colored ones for some reason.
  9. Black Sun

    Black Sun Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Mar 19, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Normally, I wouldn't bother filling the lower end bods, and focus only on the ones I wanted the rewards for, but lately because I have an overstock of iron ore (I accidentally bought 60k iron ingots, not realizing that my other acct had 120k left in the bank from the last smith I did), so I've been filling every small iron bod I have (down to about 400 left) and turning them in just to reset the timer so I can get a chance at better colored one.
  10. Fink

    Fink Guest

    For smith I fill the normal quality iron bods with shop-bought junk (silly, I know) to get more bods offered. Any exceptional iron bods I leave in the shop for someone else.

    I fill any bods that give me powder etc. I don't think I get much by way of other bods such as large orders, but any keepers I do get generally rot in a book.

    I have two smith/tailors and I generally log both for bods. If I've had a slow vendor day I'll have a bod binge filling all the junk ones.

    For tailor bods I just pocket them and have a binge at some point, first sorting by reward type in case I have some that'll be needed for larges.
  11. Nyses

    Nyses Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 10, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Currently, I do only Smith BOD's, and I do fill them all, for the new one upon turn in. I am collecting up my Tailor BODs, but will most likely toss the Bone ones, as it is a pain to gather the bones.

    To keep up on Ore, I usually strip mine with a beetle and a packy, in Fel, and I use a Garg pick and a prospectors tool when I need to stock up on a particular color. Like many have stated, I too run low on DC and Shadow, but seem to have too much of the high end ore.

    I tend to go in streaks, I fill and turn in BODs for a week, then I mine for a couple weeks to build up ore.

    I am selective on the smalls I collect to fill LBODs for the rewards. I keep about half the small and LBods that give Bronze runics, since you can also get them from smalls. And, I tun in almost all the DC and Shadow smalls that can give Powder, as it is a great seller on vendor. I keep most of the higher small colored BOD's that are part of Larges, but not all.
  12. Maplestone

    Maplestone Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    *wanders in*

    Those poor NPCs have given me an order and I don't want to bad reputation of not fulfilling my orders :)

    (that said, I only spend an hour here and there blacksmithing and I do give up on large BODs when I have too many of a type and do have a slowly growing backlog of colored BODs waiting for me to find enough ingots)
  13. Calla Lily

    Calla Lily Guest

    I don't fill colored helmet (other than plate) or shield BoDs. As I'm in a crafting guild, I save those for new smiths to play with. Iron armor BoDs and low-end colored BoDs get placed on my vendor. I fill and turn in weapon deeds for new BoDs. Tailoring deed that I don't want are also placed on my vendor. I only keep those if I'll get a horned kit or higher.
  14. Twiz

    Twiz Guest

    I used to go and only fill bods as I got the pieces for a good reward. I stored my bods in the same way the Smithy/Tailoring gump had categories. (IE Uppers, Lowers, Misc, hats, Swords, Bashing, etc)

    Of late I have gone and changed my sorting method to One book per reward. So I have a book for powder, spined runic, bless deeds, the different ashes and runic hammers, etc.

    So in Smithing I make every small bod that meets my criteria (Normal, Aggy 15 or lower AND Exc, DC15 or lower) so I do not end up getting any DC or Shadow runics. I do tend to get a lot of powder though (Just have to deal with the guilt on that.)

    As I turn in more small worthless bods I get more pieces for the better bods, as someone said in this thread, every bod can at some point turn into the mythical EXC Val Plate 20.

    As for Tailoring, that's easier. Which rewards don't you want? I have more than enough spined runics, tapestries and stretched hides. So I use those as cannon fodder to get better bods.

    Imagine my surprise when after turning in 400 bods I noticed I had become a lord.. Go Figure..

    Legendary (In His Own Mind) Crafter
    Sonoma Shard