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Does anatomy impact evasion duration?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Guest, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am working on a template, and had hoped to exclude anatomy to include other skills, but I am unclear what impact anatomy has upon the duration of evasion. I know that the difference between having 40% and 50% evasion is impacted by your anatomy and tactics, but I noticed on test center that duration my evasion lasted was very short for my skills. Does lacking anatomy make evasion short and/or useless, or does it just lower the parry chance?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    With 120 bushido across the board:

    - 8 second duration on evasion with 100+ anatomy AND 100+ tactics

    - 7 second duration with 0 (20) anatomy and 0 (20) tactics

    There is only a minuscule 1 second difference in duration.
  3. What kind of template are you using?

    Anatomy is helpful for evasion, healing, and damage output. So if you have healing, you need anat. If you don't have healing, you will want to consider the evasion timer + the damage increase.
  4. Lord Kotan

    Lord Kotan Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I have 10 anatomy, and I do fine (had the extra room), but this is a PvM template. (and the reason for the 10 is because extra room and the 10% DI)
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is roughly what I was toying with on a notepad last night. It would need to be tweaked and twisted a little bit, but this is the basic idea:

    120 Swordsmanship
    110 Tactics (+12 - w/ Arms of Tactical Excellence)
    110 Parrying (+10 - w/ Ancient Samurai Do; or Rune Beetle Carapace for Mana)
    100 Bushido (+15-20? w/ Jewels)
    100 Resisting Spells (+10 - w/ Aegis of Grace; plus the benefit of DCI)
    80 Chivalry
    100 Battle Focus (This character currently has meditation, but I really want to be able to use heavy armor such as the Jackals Collar).

    100 Strength
    70 Dexterity (+20; Jackals Collar and Arms of Tactical Excellence; potentially more with the Ring of the Vile)
    85 Intellegence (+8; Stormgrips)

    I have never actually done a whole lot of PvP yet (except for the occasional duel, as I have been stuck on dial-up until recently), but its something I would like to dabble with on this character.

    I would probably be running with a few different weapons that I would switch between, such as the Ornate Axe (for Disarm), and the Soul Seeker. I would also have the Sword of Justice and a few other slayers for PvM situations (probably will carry one or two dismounting weapons as well). I would also make sure to have high-end FC/FCR (eventually getting the Ornament of the Magician when I can afford it).

    The idea is basically to have a character who can sqweeze Bushido, Chivalry, and Resisting Spells onto the template, and be able to do some high end spawn and PvP. The high mana and resisting spells are so that I (hopefully) never run into a situation where I am completely sapped for mana and can't heal - but even in those situations, I am going to be running around with Greater Heal/Cure potions (one of the reasons I probably will use the Soul Seeker or some other one hander alot), minor Spellweaving abilities (Jack of All Trades; some fizzles anticipated), and minor Magery (Jack of All Trades). Overall, kind of a warrior that can hit hard and has very high mana.

    This character used to be a Tank Mage (Swords/Tactics/Chiv/Mage), but I decided I wanted to try something new that wouldn't be so dependant on Energy Vortexes on high-end spawn, and could go toe-to-toe. Plus, I am developing another mage-type so it is just easier to swap that skill over to him and build this character something like the above.

    So how does that sound?
  6. I currently PVE, so I'll give you a brief overview of my template to try and help you.

    120 Bush
    120 Parry
    120 Fencing
    110 Anat
    110 Tact
    100 Healing
    040 Resisting spells (prolly going to necro or chiv after I find a new brace).

    150 dex / 131 str / 24 int (70 mana)
    Arties worn: jackal/rbc/bane/crim/primer/qoI/maceglasses

    Armor notes:
    I'd be using different legs, but I really need the POI resist. My brace/legs have really locked me into my suit if I want to keep all 70s+
    I also get max DI, 6mr, 46mi (im elf), my stam regen is crap, but refresh pots are our friend [​IMG]

    I don't expect you to emulate my template, as it's actually a boring one if you're into casting lots of spells. But I wanted to throw it out there to help illustrate that you don't need focus, and you definitely don't need med.

    If you want chiv, you'll have to make sacrifices in what mods you choose for armor. Do you want FC/FCR? Do you want high MR/LMC? DCI/HCI/DMI?

    It is due to my armor that I don't use chiv, and instead use healing/anat. If I want to add chiv, I'd have to wait til I get an Orny.


    PVP weapons you'll want to shop for...
    For swords, you'll want to look at (all fast weps):
    Cleaver - Poison and Bleed
    Katana - dbl strike and armor ignore
    Bokuto - nerve strike and feint
    Butcher knife - disarm and poison

    Look to see if they have the following mods:
    Hit (Fireball-Arrow-Lightning-Harm)
    Hit Damage Increase
    Hit Lower Attack/Defense
    Swing Speed Increase
    Hit Stamina/Mana Leech are good, but not necessary

    I'm sleepy, more later.