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Doom 101 version 2 (let's not flame each other please)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Not sure about everyone else but in Doom I rez who ever I can. I think of Doom as being one big team effort and if we all work as a team things go smoothly and we can do a lot more circuts in the same time that it take to only do a few with people looking out for only themselves. The only people I don't offer assistance to is a certain guild who's name can not be mentioned here on Stratics due to the GM of that guild not having access to post here. But everyone else I help. As far as folks dragging all the DFs at one time what it is is that some are under the assumption that they get extra points if they are the first person to hit the paticular monster either a DF or one of the room bosses. That is not how it works. Points go to the top damagers and the person that is on the top of that paticular list gets bonus points. Also bonus points are given to those that fight through all the rooms and also through all the DFs. I kind of dislike running from room to room and fighting the bosses only to see folks sitting there where the DFs spawn waiting for everyone else to finish the rooms just so the waiters can fight the DFs. Maybe I am a bit naive but I have proposed this kind of thing before about working together... If everyone works together then everyone has fun and we all come out winners. Same can be done with champ spawns. Not everything in game has to be about greed or about being better than the next person. If everyone worked together with champ spawns everyone would have all the scrolls they need and not lose any insurance gold. I see people that raid champ spawns as greedy little children that don't want to share with anyone else. Don't know about everyone else but I grew up a long time ago and left all those childish tactics behind.
  2. TrustMeInc

    TrustMeInc Guest


    If everyone worked together with champ spawns everyone would have all the scrolls they need and not lose any insurance gold. I see people that raid champ spawns as greedy little children that don't want to share with anyone else. Don't know about everyone else but I grew up a long time ago and left all those childish tactics behind.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    If this was the case no one would play UO. Think of it like PAC man First Level very easy. What if every level was the same as first? You would get bored.

    I remember many PAS member saying "I cant remember ever having this much fun" this is when we popped a Harry and it got raided. You may have been there or not.

    Raiding spawns is the only true fun on the game. I mean who really has fun doing peerless. After you have done like 20 do you say "Oh yea awesome lets do another" I think not.

    As far as loosing gold. If your that concerned about 4-6k per death wear a virtue suit used blessed weapon wont cost you anything. You will have fun.

    As far as whomever deleted my post I thought I had some valid points and should not have got deleted it needed to be addressed.

    BTW I see more people with dispel weapons now thank god.

    Childish? isn't playing a game childish?
  3. have not played this game that long but i can see some points you make and can see some points tmi makes as well.

    i think champ spawns are fine the way they are. if noone raided a champ spawn it would be the same as doing a peerless. any guild with some teamwork can easily take out barracoon for instance even with the increased hit points. so when u do a spawn count on being raided and prepare accordingly, i.e. field the bridges and have people up in the star room. fending off a raiding guild and walking away with the scrolls gives me at least a huge sense of accomplishment.

    i would much rather fight pvp at a champ spawn than at brit gate where it seems everyone more willing to run server lines, gank and cry guards than actually have to employ some chivalry and fight based upon zr skills.

    onto doom. i see your point about people just waiting on the df. but it should mean nothing to you as it is there loss in points by not defending all rooms. as to people pulling down all the df's at once, this is done on purpose to grief a bit i feel and not as much as they care about being the 1st to honor it. i think this is a bit fruitless as this new system is here to stay and as such after the initial newness of the event dies down, guilds will be able to hunt there till there hearts content and eventually all will get the arties they need.

    so for you rezzing people whether in guild or not i tell you it is appreciated by most people. as such keep playing your game as you can't controll in doom what others are doing.
  4. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    res'n someone in doom is fine and easy, and i think most people do it.
    but there is a negative to doing it right in the middle of the battle.

    points are awarded for each doom champ you kill.
    and you get more points if you are in the top killer %.

    and with how fast we are ripping up doom latelly someone would be seriouslly slow in the noddle to stop what they are doing and res someone up.
    im sure they can wait the 20 seconds to catch a res when the boss is down.

    i saw some other fella get all mad the other day when this happened.
    and the only reason he was ticked was cause he didnt get credit and points for the kill.
    but yet he expects others to forgo their points to get him back up.

    if i die i wouldnt even try to get a res, not even from a guildmate until the current boss was down.

    i do that as a curtisy on my part.
    but, when greed fuels the game and the economy its too be expected.

    it is interesting to see how much doom artys have dropped in price this last week.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Have you all noticed that gold skulls are now 300k! ack!

    As for resing folks, I normally just wait till after the big boss has dropped or moved away [if more them one near us] If I am healing my pet they have to wait as he is more important at the moment then they are. If I am on the pal archer I been using during the invasion, I can heal with aids and still shoot. But it kind of hard to vet my pet and also res someone since I am casting GH on the pet due to the area attack spells used by the Lich Lords and DFs.
  6. Alistor

    Alistor Guest

    P.S. I doubt this thread is gonna stay up very much longer.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If people don't flame each other then this thread will be fine.