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Doom Gauntlet

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Jack Napa, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Jack Napa

    Jack Napa Guest

    I love doom and when I came back to the game recently I was disappointed that it is not terribly active even on Atlantic where I now play. I was trying to think of what would make it better, and some of the major problems from my perspective are these:

    P: The DF is not soloable, at least not for me or without super specialized equipment/template. The DF is always left after a group has done a cycle of doom, which means until another group of at least 3 people come generally doom gauntlet cannot be worked. I know doom is not meant to be soloable, and group play is encouraged. The problem is there is not enough reward for the most part to get a lot of people regularly interested in doom.

    S: If the DF has not been damaged for 3 hours, he should unspawn and the Gauntlet should reset.

    P: Artifacts lose value over time, many are quite worthless.

    S: implement similar system as is present in cleanup Brit, add one or two artifacts once or twice a year.
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  2. Swordsman

    Swordsman Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 7, 2012
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    most of those artifacts have no use, i am not interested to spend time there.
  3. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
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    On Drachenfels we do regular trips to the Gauntlet in Doom. The Events usualy get between 10 and 20 people for it. As long people asking me for them i will keep doing these events.

    The Gauntlet on Drachenfels.
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  4. Obsidian

    Obsidian Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    May 21, 2008
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    I think Doom will be upgraded as more and more dungeons are revamped each publish. There are still some items that are extremely valuable. In my opinion, they are Ornament of the Magician, Spirit of the Totem, Hunter's Headdress, Armor of Fortune, and Hat of the Magi. There may be others, but those are the ones that come to mind. That said, I would very much welcome the new loot system and a means to turn in these current drops for a selection of another item. An example would be to use the Treasures of Tokuno turn-in system of 10 minors for selection of a "major" item. Doom needs to also drop replicas of the Halloween items such as a replica Conjurer's Garb, replica Conjurer's Trinket, and a replica Conjurer's Grimoire. Certainly those could be added to the champ spawn drops, but I think they fit the theme of Doom most appropriately. Either way, I just want to see those items added to the game.

    As for soloing Doom, there are ways to do it. I've seen Mystics do it with Rising Colossus (ask GvP for tips) and Sampires can do it with resisting spells. Connor Graham used to say he could do it all (except the fast and slayer-less Fleshrenderers) with an ABC Archer and that was several years ago. It is most likely possible with a Thrower now. There are probably other characters that can manage it as well, though it is not an easy task. I want to try to solo it with my Protection Stoneform Mystic Dexxer (and yes, he is PvM only). But IMO, I think the Gauntlet is far more fun to run with others than solo. If you have a skull, maybe you should announce your Doom run in General Chat and see if any others join in.

  5. G.v.P

    G.v.P Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 11, 2004
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    The Gauntlet is a nine-year-old system. It's pretty old. I wrote my laundry list last September. At the time I felt some of the older artifacts should be considered for retirement, and the influx of Shame/Wrong loot only reinforces those thoughts.

    The Gauntlet offers an over-time drop, which means if you put in the time you'll always get a reward. That's pretty cool and not really found anywhere else. The Gauntlet is also designed to spawn more critters if there are more people, which makes it solo-friendly and group-friendly. Also, the monsters in The Gauntlet do not regen HP that fast; if you wanted to you could kill a DF simply with a slayer book and the explosion spell, casting the spell then running off screen. If you do it right--running off screen--the DF won't create much spawn, either, because it won't flag. Yes, that does take a long time, haha, but I've done it. I mean, by now, after nine years, I've pretty much done it a dozen or so different ways. Straight mage, bard, mystic, dexxer, archer, chiv tamer, pre-necro vet tamer. The structure is fine, it's just the rewards. I'd still be excited to get an orny or an AOF even if I can get DCI elsewhere.

    Probably the best way to deal with a DF, IMO, is a provo mystic. Even w/o mysticism a bard can easily knock down a DF by provoing rotting corpses onto the DF. You EV until they spawn then keep piling them on. Post-rising colossus, though, it's frustrating to EV rooms. Of course, Impalers, which are 100% energy resistant, become one of the harder tasks for the bard. That's why mysticism is encouraged, as the RC takes on everything with AI and the array of spells--especially bombard--give casters something they never had in 2003--a direct target physical damage. No more casting EQs wildly in a group trying to get "rights" on everything that moves.

    IMO any item/pet that affects PvP/PvM and isn't permanently cursed needs to be obtainable in game, whether it's a conjurer's grim or a dread warhorse. I think a retirement, or cycle-system, would make The Gauntlet really fun--by cycle-system I mean they could have rotating "item seasons," in which items are temporarily removed from the list and replaced by new items.
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  6. CovenantX

    CovenantX Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 9, 2009
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    I as well happen to be a fan of the cycling-system the turn-in dyes are taking, it keeps a reason to build points, though I would like it to be a bit more than dyes. however dyes are better than nothing. and This would be an amazing system for all artifact tables IMO.

    ToT-Arties Ilsh-paragon-Arties - replicas possibly it would sound dull that so many artie tables would use the same system, but if the rewards are different and there's atleast one "useful" item/cool deco [anything] that drops out of say 3-4 different rewards every 2-3 months. it would be interesting, I'd pvm alot more if the arties were worth using.

    But yes I definitely agree that if Any other place should have such a system first. it should be Doom Gauntlet.