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Doom light post question....

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Madis, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Madis

    Madis Guest

    OK, so my understanding is that it takes 5 folks to get the thief into the room where the lightpost is....right?

    I just got my thief to GM, went for a walk around Doom, of course the only thing I could get to light up showing it was stealable was the lamp post. So, I walked on, and as I'm walking along, there's a guy on a horse running around. That's it, just one guy on a horse. So I finish walking around looking at everything for the first time, and as I walk by the lamp post room again, the lamp is gone. Now, there was only this one guy down there that I saw, yeah I know I could have missed all 4 folks that pulled the switches, hell, for all I know, there is a guy in the room hidden, I don't know for sure, but are we sure that there isn't a way into the room if you are the only person down there? I mean, with all the changed going on..........
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I just took a moment and re-read the info on stratics about this, and it says that if you pull all the levers correctly only one person is transported into the specific area in question. Most likely either the guy running around down there took it, or someone was stealthed there.

    It might not be an item that sell for alot on most shards,but there are certainly people on some shards that are willing to script it just bc it can sell for 100k-300k sometimes, so if they stay there all day they can get a few a day.

    As to another way into the area, its possible theyve missed alot of things throughout the entire game with all the changes that are going on, but to my knowledge it would only appear in kr...I havent tried kr yet, and i havent noticed any weird changes to 2d, so I couldnt say if its possible although im sure it is.
  3. Well also the lamp posts have a chance to spawn in rare lit colors (where the flame resides) such as green or white.

    My best guess is that one person who does this for a living, has multiple accounts or has multiple stealthing friends who have chars that recall in and reside in that area a lot and get the job done fast.

    Using multiple accounts, well its either someone using an exploit to open multiple clients and switch between them quick or someone with a few pcs laying around.

    The second one seems more likely. maybe an organized IDOC/thief guild that stays in the shadows are also an organized doom thief guild who go about checking spawns such as IRS, titans, blade, zyronic etc.

    There is a trick with thieves which could explain why you havent seen anyone. Using chivalry to recall enables you to hide before you recall and stay hidden upon recalling so its stealthy, unseen, quick and easy.
  4. Madis

    Madis Guest

    Very cool folks, thx for the input, guess I'll have to go see what's cooking and see what I can find out. If I get any info, I'll post it here.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm not saying this is the case, however, there are teams who go after the lamp post so much, they often solve the puzzle in just a couple of tries. I've been in on many a lamp post steal where all 5 in the party have hiding ... You may not have seen them in the puzzle room as a lot of them hide while pulling the switches. This doesn't prevent them from getting hit by the falling rocks on an incorrect try at solving the puzzle, but it does prevent attracting the spawn while standing there.
  6. prison bound

    prison bound Guest

    all it requires it 1 thief and 4 others willing to participate. at one time, i was in the syndicate on ATL (500+ members); using IRC, i could find 4 other people to go with me in about a minute. in addition to myself, there were also 3 other thieves that did the same as i. all throughout the day, we would recall to doom to check to see if the post had spawned. if it had, it wasnt hard to find 4 people to help out