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Doom templates

Discussion in 'UHall' started by packrat, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. packrat

    packrat Guest

    What does your doom template look like?
  2. Azureal

    Azureal Guest

    I dont have one :(

    And Ive never been to the Dark Father area :(
  3. Beerman72

    Beerman72 Visitor

    May 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Its mostly square, but partially round. It is long to the right and short to the left. It is over 700 but under 720. It has more than 7 skills but less than 8over GM. It uses lots of mana but requires no LMC. It is good to use from a distance and its attacks never miss. Its damage dealt can be ongoing but met upclose it is shortlived. It is a very lively template but prefers to spend its time being less than lively.
  4. Maximus Neximus

    Maximus Neximus Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 23, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Roughly.... Swords, Bushido, Parry, Chiv, Anatomy, Healing, Necro.... I mainly use an Ornate Axe with HML, HLL, HLD, SSI and DI. Wish it had HSL instead of HLL though. My suit has LMC and MR along with SR and a little HPI.
  5. My Doom Temp:

    120 Eval
    120 Mage
    120 Med
    100 Necro
    120 spirit speak
    70 spellweave
    100 inscribe

    Suit(resists suck but this is not a solo temp)

    Wizards Crystal Reading Glasses
    Pendant of magi
    rune beetle cara
    Stitchers mittens
    Spell woven britches
    Ornament Of magician
    Arcane Shield
    Library Talisman- My Book
    quiver of Infinity
    Scrappers Compendium with +5 int
    ring +8 focus 81 luck 8%SDI 2FCR 20% LRC

    100% LRC
    45% LMC


  6. Vex

    Vex Guest

    1: Can solo Doom on this one.
    120 Music
    115 Disco
    115 Provo
    110 Magery
    100 Eval
    100 Weaving
    85 Med
    Using Orny, HoM, AoF and lots of LMC and MR.

    2: For dealing large amounts of Dmg when others are there
    120 Eval
    120 Magery
    120 Med
    105 Necro
    120 SS
    120 Weaving
    Using Orny, HoM, RBC and lots of LMC and MR. Run in Wraith Form with slayer books.

    3. Another big Dmg Dealer when others are present

    120 Archery
    100 Tact
    100 Anat
    90 Heal
    110 Resist
    120 Bushido
    Rest in Focus

    Using RBC, Mace n Shield, 70's resists, LMC, MR and a 33% mana leech comp bow Demon slayer.
  7. Seismic

    Seismic Guest

    How would a pure bard do in Doom? I've yet to finish the character (soon, very soon) and have never been to Doom (returning player).

    120 Music/Provo/Disco/Peace .. can use firehorns effectively
    120 med/110 magery

    That's 710 skill points, which is my max until month 36 - currently month 29 on the acct.
  8. packrat

    packrat Guest

    Bards do quite well in doom. I haven't tried it myself but I have seen them do very well. They provoke the pawn from the DF back on the DF. They also cast EV on the spawns. They are great back up for dexxers.
  9. Got 3:


    120 Swords/Macing/Fencing
    120 Bushido
    120 Parry
    120 Tactics
    110 Resist
    80 Chiv
    35 Necro

    Resist can always be swapped out for 120 Anatomy for dealing with non-Necro casting creatures outside of Doom.


    120 Magery (100 + 20 on Ring)
    120 Spellweaving
    80 Necro
    120 Spirit Speak
    100 Eval
    100 Med
    100 Inscription

    The extra 20 points for Magery comes from the Crystalline Ring.


    120 Archery
    120 Bushido
    120 Tactics
    90 Anatomy
    100 Healing
    80 Chiv
    90 Resist

    All 3 are very effective in Doom.