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Doom tips for Tamers?

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Anyone hitting Doom with you pets?

    What pets are best?

    What tactics work?

    What gear are you wearing (luck vs. resist)?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I sure as heck tried with my tamer but STILL haven't gotten anything.
    I get looting rights but maybe I'm not in the top 16 damager range?
    I don't know. I know out of the pets that I've brought my doggie dies the least often.
    I also doubt I'll be bringing her back. We'll see.
  3. Gilla

    Gilla Guest

    I have used my Mage/SW/Tamer in Doom before the new pub. I have gotten Arti's.

    I have not taken him back down there since the change becuse of the mad chaos that goes on down there. People running in a dragging all the DF's up and getting everything and everyone killed. It's just simply to hard to keep your pet/pets alive long enough to do serious damage on the DF's. Until the newness wears off and there's a calmer crowd down there, then I would consider taking him back down.

    If I were to play a Tamer in Doom these days I would only do the rooms. I, on my archer have gotten more Arti's from the room bosses then off the DF's themselfs. I would probably run the rooms and then backtrack and loot all the corpses left behind. There is good loot that drops off the Bosses and so many people do not bother to loot them for they want the arti drops.

    I wear resist suit with mana regain. Simply to stay alive and cast GH's on my pets. Spamming spells between heals.

    His skills are as follows:

    Tame 100 (110 with a bracelet)
    Lore 110
    Vet 90
    Magery 110
    Eval 100
    SW 106 (taking as high as I can get it)
    Med 100

    I mainly use a Dog because he self heals himself some and that gives me more time/mana to spam Magery and SW on the mobs. Mare/Bake and a Beetle combo works well if your going to stay in the rooms. Lots of damage with your pets and yourself. You'll get arti's. Just don't run in and attack. Wait for the mobs to split up and pick one.. rinse...repeat..
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    As for what pets to use for the rooms a doggie would most likely work best as it does 50/50 cold/energy damage and most of the bosses are weakest in thoes two areas. As for the DF I would say a Hiryu with realy high wrestling for max damage output as the DF has equal resists across the board. But as stated the chaos as it is right now realy makes it hard to keep pets alive. So I guess my overall suggestion is take the baddest doggie you can find. Or give in and take an archer.
  5. Trukx

    Trukx Guest

    Dont quote me but I think another part of where tamers arent doing as well down there is the short duration it takes to take one down. Before you were almost always going to be in the top because the pet actually tanked and it took a while so you had decent damage over time; only now there is no time.....im seeing DF's die in under 2 minutes as archers, in droves, with 200+ damage a shot let fly. Really hard for a pup hitting at maybe 40 damage per bite every couple of seconds to keep up.

    I know on my disco-mage (which i use for doom now instead of tamer), in wraith form, i can cast flamestrike forever doing 210+ per shot to DF. (115 eval, 50+ SDI and Demon Book)......ive done really well. w/ 2/6 casting and the leeching from SS in wraith its insane and i know some archers are outdamaging me. My tamer simply couldnt compete.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Anyone hitting Doom with you pets?

    What pets are best?

    What tactics work?

    What gear are you wearing (luck vs. resist)?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    My tamer isnt doing too well down there, I actually stopped using her in doom for now. Right now there are way too many archers doing so much damage down there you wont be in the top 16 unless you have an archer/tamer :/