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[Magery] doom

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by krilov, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. krilov

    krilov Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 11, 2010
    Likes Received:
    i was just thinking of a bit strange way of recycling my old necro/scribe/mage....4 doom mainly as well as for fun.
    I came up with something like that; btw, 720 points template.
    This mage will use magery and slayer books for dealing dmg. (well that's the base idea..)

    The skills: (real)

    Magery 69.9
    0_o (i guess that's your face right now)

    4th cirle 100% (Arch Cure, Great heal, recall...)
    6th circle (e-bolts,explosions,invis, reaveal -1+mag/20 ) @ 92.0 skill, 100%
    7th circle (flamestrike, mass dispell..) @ 106 skill, 100%
    8th circle (summons)
    ---About summons [found somewhere]
    1 Summoned Demon has melee + spells and can inflict poison with their melee.
    2 Earth Eles good for physical damage and if the target can dispel, these resist it more often than other summons.
    2 Energy Vortex's good for energy damage plus they have higher Wrestling than the other summons, so hit more frequently.
    1 Fire Elementals fire melee damage + spells.
    2 Air Elementals these keep away from the target and give you more spell dumping fire power than any of the other combinations, they're easily dispelled though, and best on something thats already being tanked or that is melee only.

    Eva int 115/120 (it depends on skill points left)
    My dmg's source- should be 120

    Necro 20
    SS 30/40
    Just enough points for being able to cast when needed/ when i want a wraith form for recovering few mana
    Guess i need 20 real points in necro for manteining the form (being elf) - i will use jewels/armor or tali or all of them for pumping its value; so that i cast it succesfully enough at the 1st try..

    Anat 20
    Heal 80
    Here's the crazy and funny part.
    Not being human i need that 20 points on anat to be real.
    Regardless of ma dex (plus or minus, but i'm sure i can reach a quite decent value there), the meaning is: healing while being bleeded/paralled/poisoned. It's not really a matter of being fast ( i got other main and faster healing sources) But that's a try of being able to counter a gap, i can not do by the other healing methods + getting some other good bonuses, like...being able to heal without mana usage(a few hp, and maybe not so few..) being able to rez without wasting mana, being able to heal other players at a reasonable speed.
    Being able to use ENANCHED BAND. for pumping that healing power!

    I though i could use it 4example, for countering DF reflect dmg (in spite of wasting mini time by casting mini healings), starting a cure while being paralled+(maybe) under poison too

    spellweavin 30

    Since summons are getting dispelled soon or later ( let's say more soon than later) i thoug i could just prefere 4xfurys than mager's 2x summons.Mainly used for diversion.

    Chiva 120
    Not sure about 120, maybe 110/115 would be still ok. I'm going to use it for removing curses, dispelling evil and fast healings.

    Medit 120
    Since i cast a lot it sounds wise to have it.

    ----605---- that's the total amount of points used till now

    I got 110/115 free points left
    Here's my doubt. How to use them?!
    All of them in Resist spell ?! sounds logic even if i'm not that sure; i mean, running with 4/6 i should heal myself pretty fast, as well as curing me. (even if in 2/6) I guess i'll need to keep my eyes opened just in case of a blood oath and curing my self. Getting para for quite long might be the worst thing but i guess i can deal with it.Moreover, bandages may parry my ass occasionally there.Without counting on a para casted after poison/strangle..the dot dmg should unpara me and i should be able to luckly escape.

    So maybe i can invest them in Focus (for an extra mana pool) + and some more on SW (trying to reach enough points to cast pixies?! [ sounds cool too but i guess they will be killed/dispelled in no time ]

    Some points on Resist (for reducing the paral time ) and the rest somewhereelse?!

    Iscription?! i can get my time, trying to craft gg slayers + a 10% sdi bonus, that will cover (barely) the lack of sdi i'll have on ma equip. Guess i'll go after lrc,lmc, mr mainly.

    Or even a crazy
    115music +90disco (then using 2x jewels +15 for discording at the beginning)+ 30medit?! [giving up healing/anat]
    115music +90disco+ sw 115+40medit?! [giving up healing/anat]
    The thing is i would like to see that healer mage sooo bad XD

    Disco would sound cool, but i'm not sure about it at all since i bet i'll end acting as an archer: dmg spell, walk a few paces, dmg spell, walk a few paces, staying out of melee range.With the risk of going to far, losing the disco.
    What 's your suggestion?!

    The main idea is running in something like 4/6 especially when i need "defence" [the anat/eva should give me some def bonus too]: 4xample, dispelling a revenant or repel a mob from me, and ofc a fking fast obsul vulni if in danger.

    Mounting 70 real magery ensure me fireball 100% cast that's the spell almost always used.So i do not really need more magery for casting it.
    When i want to cast an higher circle-spell (higher than 4th) i plan to swap my equip on fly, mounting jewels and or slayers with magery bonus on them, in order to reach around 100 magery.
    More than enough for casting ebolts (96 magery needed there for 100% cast) as well as gg heals/greater heals, supported by bandages.

    Do u think it will work decently enough?! If it's all wrong, could you suggest me a gg mage/eva template for doom?!

    Sorry for the neverending post
    #1 krilov, Dec 3, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2012