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Dor, here's Kaizans Journals.. Have fun scribing :)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Kaizan, Nov 29, 2002.

  1. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    Th'Lost Dairies [2 parts]

    ** [Part 1] Th'Obelisk of Revelations **

    T'was in my late childhood, adventuring alone in search for knowledge and wisdom tha'I came upon a large Black stone with intricate carvings and 5 arcane symbols. I was a mere Acolyte then, capable of casting merely th'spells o'the first an'second circles of magick, thus th'glyphs an'symbols made nae sense t'me. Th'grass surrounding the obelisk was oddly charred an'cold to th'touch. I felt a powerfull aura in th'area as I examined th'Black Obelisk. Elders and Bards spoke of a strange magical rock in many of their tales, an'it had occured t'me tha'this large stone, as high as a troll, must be made by black rock. Who made it though? What was its purpose? Was it used for Good or Evil? So many questions flashed through my head when I noticed the pink hue in the distance where the sun was setting. I built a small fire for the evening to keep away the wolves and bears of the wilderness, as the last glints of sunlight vanished in the horizon and cloacked the regions in darkness. The full moon peeked, ever so shyly, through gaps in the clouds, bathing the Obelisk in a soft silvery glow - which seemed to dance in unison with the flames of the camp fire.

    I was awakened from my dreamless sleep by a loud clap of thunder. It began to drizzle dousing the warm embers of the dying camp fire. I began to build a small make-shift tent when the large obelisk started to vibrate softly. The 5 Arcane symbols began to glow a faint red, and I could clearly hear a low humming sound coming from the tall black rock as it vibrated. Taken aback, I stumbled and remained frozen by fear as I watched the ground beneath my feet tremble. I clasped my head with my cold wet fingers in fear trying desperately to banish th'icy sensation in my heart.

    Seconds later, as soon as it all began, everything ceased. The Rain stopped, the clouds parted revealing the thousands of bright stars, the Obelisk stopped vibrating and the symbols ceased glowing. I stood confused and lost in my thoughts for long moments as I stared at the stone. It was then that I was given the revelation. A soft voice spoke in my head, it was soothing yet powerfull and charismatic, "None are innocent. There are only those weak enough t'believe they are, and those strong enough t'revel in th'knowledge tha' they are not. Dinnay turn yer dark thoughts t'repenting prayers, accept tha'which ye are and dinnay try t'be what ye shalt nay b'come. Dinnae let yer wicked soul be blinded by th'foul promises o'the light. Thou shall feed on human tears and nae on human salvation." There was a moments pause as I felt myself being torn apart from th'inside, a jolt of agonising pain charred my soul and scorched my heart. I lay strewn on the wet scorched grass as the voice spoke a second time, "Take tha' which I hath given ye. When th'time comes I shall call for thee and thou shalt return 'ere with th'folk who hath chosen to follow the path o'the wicked and I shalt guide ye all t'the glory tha'thy followers o'darkness deserve."

    T'was in th'mourn tha'I came t'realise what had just occure. At first I thought it all a dream, but i knew better when I saw the empty hole in th'burnt grass where the Obelisk stood. Packing my belongings, I contemplated th'revelation as I continued my travels.

    Kaizan of Dark Intentions
  2. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    ** [Part 2] Secrets Unveiled ... **

    From that faithfull night in the plains north of Minoc, I journey'd 'cross the countryside and saught the key to th'secret knowledge that hath been given t'me. Far across th'outstretched lands o'Sosaria I have search, during which time I hath kept t'myself, called nae shelter my home, and dwelt in various cities n'villages. I some'imes found peace in th'woods n'caves amongst th'creatures tha'lurked jes'beyond th'reach o'light from my campfire. T'was a long n'vigurous journey indeed. I oft exposed myself as a travelling Scribe t'scholars and great wizards so tha'I may be taken in and allowed t'read th'Ancients tomes of Sorcery, Necromancy n'the occasional Book o'Geography n'the races o'Sosaria captured my curiosity th'most. I have learned of spells tha'cause men illness, steal a man's inner strength, and even th'spells t'raise th'Dead n'slay the'living. In my early attempts o'summonings of creatures from beyong th'planes we mortal men live upon. Henceforth, with my skill t'dabble in the Ancient ways o'magic, I hath travelled across the realm o'Sosaria in search for greater knowledge o'the Dark Arts. I was thus able t'arm myself against th'Creatures and malevolant spirits of undead who lie in wait in th'boundaries of th'Ethereal plane. Many a time I hath witness a foolish sorcerer dabble with magic he hath yet t'master, only t'be consumed in a death of a most uncommon nature.

    Through time, I hath learned th'names n'powers of many o'the creature - be it human, or inhuman. Most importantly though, I hath learned th'Rites of Summoning. Th'intricate and delicate words o'magic, the wards and spells o'protections, and unique places on Sosaria where such daemons and foul fiends can be brought through the Gates of Passage to th'mortal realm. T'was in those later days, when I hath learned all that I can about th'Rite of Summon tha'I hath continued my journeys.

    On a ceremony at the foot of the rocky mountain on the Isle of Fire, worshipping with fire and sword, water and magic, and with odd ingredients such as dried flowers an'dead wood taken from a slain Reaper, I hath once again been given a vision. A voice spoke t'me and shared its knowledge on th'ways to open the Gates of Passage. Knowledge o'the delicate procedure t'handle the black rock, which provide th'Summoner th'protection needed fer such a dangerous Rite, where also bestowed t'me.

    Albeit.. now after so very long, I feel th'pull at my soul and th'life being slowly sapped out o'me. It hath occured t'me tha'I hath failed somewhere along th'line o'my journeys be it with the Ceremony or Rite, with the search fer th'black rock or th'sacrifices i hath made to aquire my wisdom. For now, it appear tha'some unknown force lies in wait, thirsting and drooling for my awaited departure. Th'time is near, I can feel it. Alas, what Evil lurks at my heels may have by body, but they shant take my soul. On the eve of the morrow, I shalt perform my final Ceremony and transfer my knowledge n'soul t'the Young Kaizan. In time, when his power matches that o'my own he shalt continue in my footsteps and complete the Rite of Summoning..

    Within th'pages o'this journal thou shalt find th'Rite of Summoning t'open the Gate of Passage and release th'Ancient One from his eternal slumber...

    Kaizan of Dark Intentions
  3. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    What dangerous roads I hath travelled in my life, the blood tha'my hands hath smeered on the lands, and yet, there is little remorse and no pity for what actions I hath taken.
    I tilt my head back and stare silently at the dancing stars above in awe - how many, I wonder, are so absorbed in their beliefs o'the virtues tha'they shun the weakness their beliefs hath given them. Th'words from that memorable night still linger in the back of my head as I write this daily journal in my books - 'None are innocent. There are only those weak enough t'believe they are, and those strong enough t'revel in th'knowledge tha' they are not. Dinnay turn yer dark thoughts t'repenting prayers, accept tha'which ye are and dinnay try t'be what ye shalt nay b'come. Dinnae let yer wicked soul be blinded by th'foul promises o'the light. Thou shall feed on human tears and nae on human salvation.' ..

    How can one woman sit idle and claim t'fight for virtue when there is so much hatred trapped within her that she must make haste to burry the wrongs she perceives, even if those wrongs were no more than an honest defense against their own beliefs in Darkness. I can only pray that her death brings her retribution and a new insight for her crimes. I watched her fall in the museum to the magic of mine own and that of my closest friend, Ariakan. Our Vengeance for her insolence was fed justifully with the thud of her corpse as it hit lifelessly on the oaken floor. The cowardly Bruenor made quick haste, t'escape Ariakan and I, as the Lady fell before his eyes. I saw no hint of sadness in his eyes though, no spark of remorse for a fallen loved one, it makes me wonder if saving his skin was more important t'him than defending th'Lady..

    As we uncover th'secrets of our beliefs, so too should we unravel the mysteries of those we disbelieve and shun. She was a fool t'underestimate what cruelty I was capable of.. Pregnant or not, I shall not be choosy of those who test me. Tis a pity tha'her child shall not see the light o'the day and learn from her mothers mistakes, her mothers delusions of the virtues, her mothers acts against a force even the virtues have no control over - The will to live and learn without being weakened by the Virtues of mankind.
    So many like her I have come accross in m'days - such barbaric methods of unjustly impending ones beliefs onto others, and baptising those whom dinnae follower th'virtues as scum and vile fiends of Evil. Bah! I know now that i must continue the struggle, with magic and sword, wit and cunning, and by remaining true to my cause and my believes for they are the only harmony to my heart - whats left of it...

    And it was there, amidst the eerie glow of th'tainted Shrine of Spirituality, in the company of trusted friends tha th'Knights of Virtue hath made their unwanted presence known, bathing th'air in their foul stench of virtue. Accusing me of a great wrong.. Ha! If these infidels only knew.. Damien Vryce, th'leader of this group of rabble dared accuse me in my face of a dishonorable crime. An uncalled for murder of his precious Birmingham.. How foolish. He dares tell others that his Knights are honorable, virtuous and 'Good', and yet he calls upon them to strike me down. What honor is there in striking an unarmed man, and outnumbering him 5 blades to none. Honor.. Humph, I've seen Orcs with more Honor than his Knights. Needless t'say Damien Vryce shall look upon this day and hope to forget it for th'sake of his companions, for I swear it tha'the glint o'the stars shall reflect their gaze upon his blood, the soil we honest folk call home shall taste his tears, and I shall feed on his sorrow...

    Kaizan of Dark Intentions
  4. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    T'was late last evening whence my return from my travels tha I found myself within the confinements of m'dark chambers. Th'thick foilage o'the jungle did little t'sooth my weary bones as I quietly made my way t'my humble abode. Th'midnight sky above was lined with uncountable amounts of stars this evening, dancing and flickering joyfully in unison with the silvery hue of the full moon. My clothes and bare skin bore evidence of my stay at the near the Vampires, a visit I now wish I had nay made. Plagued by th'unseen powers o'the gods I was held back and frozen in my footing willst I tried t'get my barings in perspective. Alas, I had barely managed to make haste and flee the overpowering numbers.

    I became lost within myself as I sat transfixed in a hypnotized gaze at th'swirling shadows in th'room. Great is my fear of the evenings most mysterious events in my chambers, but I must put it to writing noneth'less for all t'know what power th'darkness may offer t'those willing t'accept their true mortal nature...

    Last eve I have seen much tha was nay ment fo'any mortal eye t'see as I ventured in the dark depths of th'Lost City. Tis nae the blood an'the killing tha haunt my dreams, but something greater, an omnipotent presence tha lurks in the utter silence of this City; Hidden and chained for an eternity with nay a soul t'relish its dark powers. A discomforting stillness came o'er me as I looked onto th'City for th'first time. T'was jes a dream I thought t'myself while creeping ever so slowly further within th'unseen walls of th'city. A fear I knew nae existed came over me. Th'fear tha my presence may awaken some unknown Evil or th'forgotten craftsmen tha built this hidden City.

    Nae soul has ventured these timeless halls, no winds have whispered their songs of praise and nae mortal eye has looked upon th'beauty of th'ageless city. Aye, great was my fear o'this place, but t'was my sleep-like curiosity tha drove me forward, deeper into the unknown. I took little notice t'the candlebra in my hands, but its light shun upon th'towering pillars of intricately carved marble. They were lined from top to base with odd scriptures which I can nae decipher without study. I dinnae know why, but I continued without paying heed t'them. My feet trod forward, as if control by a mighter force than my will. T'was there in th'distance, hidden among the Shadows tha I noticed a small temple. Th'grove of grass and bushes lined 6 statues, caressing them in their timeless greenery. Warriors clad in Plate mail suits stood motionless facing each other and greeting any guest of the temple with their unmoving gaze.

    A wide staircase, beyond the protective statues of forgotten warriors, led updward to th'temple. For what seemed like an eternity I pressed onward up the staircase, th'temple unmoving in the distance despite my march forward. How long hath I travelled? The thought came to me, but I dinnae have an answer. Driven by some unseen fascination for the unknown I continued onward toward the temple. Alas, like one awakening from an endless sleep I came before two large Iron doors; their color that of a mortal man's blood. Engraved upon th'doors was a sign which I can nae make out. Seemed as if Time dinnae offer its shielding gift to th'temple.

    An unbareable oddor escaped the temple as I placed a cold hand on the icy iron door and swung it open with ease. Humid winds trapped within the temple raced through the door engulfing me, choking me and forcing me to drop my only source of light. Diggin deep within myself I found th'courage to journey within the temple, if only t'make sense to this sureal dream. Th'denizens which dwelt within th'city lined the walls in a spectacular display of mural craftmenship. Portrayals of battles with some unseen Evil where depicted with unmatched artistic skills on the walls and pillars.

    Then, among the Darkness I beheld a figure sitting motionless atop a blood red throne. To each side of th'figure dark figures formed and moved along side the throne. Like the moaning of the dying, the room filled with their song of torment. Th'names of forgotten loved ones and family stung my soul like a venomous bite from a dreaded Dragon as the sickening creatures sang. Their cries pounded my brain, shouting righteous taunts and untread lies.

    'Who are you?', I heard myself cryout aloud t'the figure who remained unmoving on the throne, the sickening darklings hovering just above in a teasing display of mockery.

    Then, amidst the silence of my chambers I awoke, my clothes drenched in sweat and beheld the strange book before me.. In awe I stared at the strange insignia which was carved on its cover. The same insignia I saw inscribed on the blood iron doors..

    'Relinquish on th'wisdom I give unto thee... My son..." an eerie voice echoed in the room as I clad th'book in my trembling hands.
    'Father .. ? '

    Kaizan of Dark Intentions
  5. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    'Father.. ?' The words ringed a second time in the back of my head while gently runing my fingers across th'book's cover. A howl in the distant depths of the cluttered jungle made it evident to me tha th'night was still young. Walking o'er to th'sealed window of my chamber I gazed at the midnight sky above.

    'Is this still a dream?' I whispered to myself softly, fogging the window momentarily with my warm breath. With the book held protectively near my breast I once again became engulfed in th'moment and felt myself falling endlessly into some unknown pit of darkness..

    The tormenting screams of th'forgotten souls pierced my soul like a dagger with every foot tha' I tumbled downward. Thoughts of hellish creatures awaiting for me at the bottom raced through my mind. Their gnawing teeth and sharp claws raking and snaping at my skin flooded my mind and made my body shiver in discomfort. Th'journey down the pit was short-lived though, for before I knew it I found myself standing in the center of a dark and gloomy chamber.

    The scent of rotting flesh and decay filled my lungs, albeit I saw no hint of blood or corpses on the cobblestone floor. Taking a quick glance around me, the words tae a spell lingered on m'lips should th'need arise t'defend myself from some unseen foe. Behind me, jes a stone throw away, I noticed a dying light. It seem tae me like it held some great power in this shadowy entourage. Silhouettes of short sickening creatures paced angrily just beyond the aura of light growling and cursing at it. Alas, as my eyes adjusted I sighed in despair at the source of light; T'was my Candlebra tha I had dropped near the blood red iron doors. I'm at the temple, I said to myself turning toward the darkness once again hoping to get another glimpse of the figure on the throne.

    'Who are you?' The words once again escaped my lips willst the shadows parted reveiling the Throne and its occupant to me. Taunting voices whispered in the winds like children playing in the fields on a bright sunny afternoon. From within the hollow void of darkness, a ghostly voice resonated above the cackles and laughter of ageless darkling creatures.

    'Batlin..' the shriveled voice echoed within the dark temple. Th'figures charisma and power was obvious t'me.

    'Ye, whom I hath sought for what now seems like an eternity, I hath chosen t'lead thy people as I hath done in th'past. The Fellowship shall be reborn from its timeless sleep and once again bring faith to th'lost and offer salvation t'those whom hath been chained and enslaved by the words of virtue. In Death, shall th'people find salvation from their virtuous sins, should they choose t'deny their nature. ', Batlin spoke from within th'shadows of his tattered hood. A serene peace befell upon me as he spoke and told me th'Tale of his times on Sosaria. Engulfed in his weaving tales of Britanian history I could not help but wonder why he hath nay surfaced from this forsaken place and lead th'people himself.

    'Yer wise t'question my motives Kaizan,' th'voice once again rang in my ears, 'with th'deah of my physical body, I hath lost the mortal link required to once again stroll beneath th'stars, preach to th'people of man's true nature.' There was a momentarily pause, and I could swear I heard him sigh in darkness. There was utter silence, no fiendish creature lurked within the shadows, no winds carried the cries of tormented souls, and strange as it seemed, I felt no beating in my chest.

    'Why me?' I spoke to th'robed figure as I approached t'get a better glimpse of him. He wore a torn and decaying midnight blue robe, two flesh eaten hands protruded from each of th'sleeves extremities. His eyes where an endless void of darkness, yet his face bore wisdom and knowledge despite the lack of mortal flesh.
    'Yer my great Grandson Kaizan, I am the true King of Darkness..' he answered my question but there was no movement on his lips. The words seemed to form in my head.

    Before I could even react to th'answer I awoke once again in my Chambers, the candles on the table hath died out plunging the room in darkness. Albeit it th'moons soft silvery glow pierced the darkness and welcomed itself into my humble abode.

    Kaizan of Dark Intentions
  6. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    Often, when I wonder th'lands o'Sosaria in solitude, I can't help but wonder if th'road I hath chosen t'follow and th'actions I hath chosen t'undertake shall haunt my dreams an'scar my reality. Th'lives of Sosarians I have plagued with sorrow and those I hath helped bring life too are jest small comforts in my life. Looking up t'the stars, I can't help but wonder if what I hath accomplished can be portrayed with a mere flicker in the sky within a vast labyrinth of different destinies...
    Endless nights I hath spent in meditation, searching deep within myself for a purpose. And yet now, as I sit at my moon lit desk, near th'sealed window of my study room, I hath found what I hath sought for. The Book, bound in dark grey leather bindings, tha magically appeared on my desk following my dream-like voyage to The Forgotten City, hath given me th'knowledge an'wisdom t'pursue my dreams an'bring hope to th'land. Nae longer shall I sit idle whilst th'sins of men and women of th'Virtues continue t'plague our society. Nae longer shall I walk amonst th'shadow and ignore th'blood those of the virtue spill on our land in th'name of their beliefs. Th'time hath come for th'people o'Sosaria to release these men from there enslaving chains of virtues. In their death, shall they be clensed and offered salvation for their Sins of Virtue. Damien Vryce, The Lord of Sins, and his Brotherhood of Virtue shall heal th'land with their sinfull blood. Their tears shall water the soil, with their grieves and sorrows, and give birth to a new belief...
    ... The Fellowship.

    People of Sosaria, I offer ye freedom from the clutches of the Lord of Sins, dinnae let yerselves be deceived by his Virtues. With th'guidance of The Fellowship we, the people, shall forge a new world with th'cleansing of those whom are too weak t'see beyond the untruth and dishonesty of th'virtues.

    Hence, from this day forth, any man, woman or child, who commits treason to th'people and preaches of th'virtues shall be punished by death. Friends or Foes, no person will be an exception. I shall nay turn my back on th'needy whom are slowly being pulled by a dark and demonic rope by th'so called virtues. I shall nay hesitate t'strike a friend who preaches of th'virtues, for when he is released of th'shackles which bind him to the Sins of Mankind, he shalt thank me and be enlightened of his misguided ways.

    Kaizan of Dark Intentions
  7. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    The Final Chapters
    Immortality [ Part 1 ]

    The Blood. There was so much of it when I came to my senses. That unwelcome hue of the dark liquid soaked the leather of my boots, bidding me welcome to take my place, lay myself to rest and enter that eternal sleep that no man can wake from as he journeys to the bowels of his own damnation. I could only stare at it though through wincing eyes and wonder if my journey to heaven (or hell) would be welcomed by those who no longer walk among the mortal men and women. Ariakan, my dearest of friend and mentor had long past on his torch and gave up the fight for his beliefs in freedom, a freedom those who pledge their lives to the Towers have vowed to war against because of their misguided ways. His name is seldom spoken now, his memory cherished only by the few who dare search their heart and discover what true nature was destined for them. All that he had accomplished now forgotten and dismissed, save the ache in my heart for the asbent soul beside me when I choose to venture, alone..
    There are others as well who's names, once feared and respected, are no more than bedtime storied to the children of a new generation. Those who managed to survive that silent predator we call Time, but the people barely speak of them anymore. Choosing rather to forget the legacy of these men and women, and in doing so, taking away any hope for immortalising their time on Krynn... It shames me to see the coat of ignorance befallen upon the people nowadays.

    I have watched from the shadows to the growing forces of virtue, taking claim to the land, unchallenged for their amoral ideals. With the waning forces of darkness, who could of stopped them though.. Surely not I, alone. But should I put aside my morals and beliefs and give in to defeat?
    And most importantly of all, will my name become no more than a tale of forgotten heroes? I can't help but sigh at the thought.

    Kaizan of Dark Intentions
  8. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust [ Part 2 ]

    How often has man sought the seeds of life, for peace, for freedom... for respect? Is it not every man's dream to venture forth into the afterlife and leave behind him a prelude for tales to come, so that he may be remembered through poem and song, through tale and prayer.. Are those not what heroes are made of?

    Alas, the rope bound around my heart continues to tug, draining what life I have managed to hold on to and bidding me to join the lost souls of forgotten friends.

    Although the light of virtue shall see the growing mantle of opposition challenge its existance again, it saddens me to say that I may or may not be present to take part in its struggle, to stand among those who fight for our children against the tyranny of those who pledge fealthy to the virtues. It pains me to think that I shall not stand high above the battlefield and continue the struggle like so many of our forefather have done and bring justice to the land. A land where the songs of heroes will some day carry the legacy of those who shed their blood fighting for a cause that outweighed their existance.

    Take claim of your heart and continue the fight, if not for yourself then for the generation to come. So that they may walk the soil of your forefarthers freely without waning to the forces of tyranny that have improsonned themself in their falsehoods. Listen to the whispers of the wind of the long forgotten, heed their call to battle and join the unsung heroes in the fight...

    Time has come... And wether the legacy of the fallen is remembered or not is yet unknown, but fate would be the judge of that.. For, even when a man's soul has traveled beyond the boundaries of mortality, fate has a way of keeping a man's soul in proper place among the living... and the dead...

    Forever yours,
    Kaizan of Dark Intentions
    -Sonoma Shard
  9. *carefully copies them down*

    Thanks! :)

    It will probably be about 4 weeks before I can actually transcribe anything, but at least I have a copy now. *smiles*
  10. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    You might want to correct a few mistakes in the the 7th book.. From modifying the background to fit a character i was gona play (the same Kaizan of UO) in a RPG based on Dragonlance, I renamed some things.. heh.. Forgot to put them back to what they used to be.. Ah well.. Just rename "Krynn" to Sosaria.. And thats that..

    Nacky - Player of Kaizan/Azeroth
  11. Yay another Dragonlancer!!
  12. Kaizan

    Kaizan Guest

    I much prefer Forgotten Realms to Dragonlance.. FR's History is rich and full of twisting plots and coniving villains.. DL is more of a romance, knight in shining armor coming to the rescue, type, and not as flexible as FR..
    Anyhow.. FR ownz. k thx /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif