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[Selling] Double Blessed Cloths & Blessed Old Silver Kryss of Vanq (Lake Sup)

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Stormbringer127, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. I have the following things Im looking to get rid of on Lake Superior. Send me a PM or ICQ at 597722027

    First up I have a old blessed kryss from 10 years ago. It was a Silver Blessed Kryss of Vanq. now its undead slayer. it has Hit harm 4% and 6% hit Chance Increase. ... make me an offer on this.

    "A Skullcap Of Exceptional Quality (blessed)" ... next line is "Exceptional".. next line is "Blessed". I have two of these 25m each

    "A Wizard's Hat (blessed)" .. next line is "Exceptional".. next line is "Blessed" ... 8m

    "A Kilt (blessed)" ... next line "Blessed" ..... 10m

    "A Kilt (blessed)" ... next line "Exceptional" ... next line "Blessed" ... 13m

    "A Body Sash Of Exceptional Quality (blessed)" ... then next line is "Exceptional".. then "Blessed" again on the 3rd line .. 35m

    "Sandals (blessed)" .... next line "Blessed" ... I have 2x Black .. 8m each, 1x redish ... 4m brown, 1 light grey ... 8m