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Double merits, notes, and ...........

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Little Sadie, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    Just another vent here...hehe.. Are there still toons out there that think you need an invasion for each and every cog in the factories, mints, etc? I did yet another bullion with all high toons. When an invasion went over they refused to kill another cog til the next invasion started. We told him to follow us and no problem. We went to the next set where he started stinking us and telling us to Lets Catch the next one. You only need the invasion at the very end right before you dance. You do not need them for every single cog in there. We tried to explain it as best we could have in speedchat but nothing worked. When he saw we weren't waiting for him he did join in every battle so he got all the bux. He just yelled at us the whole time. LOL! So please! You don't need an invasion til the end!!
  2. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    LOL, 2 years later.. Crazy toons. Maybe you're noticing more cuz the invasions are few and far between.
  3. Some toons never learn.

    Like melted crayons they are!!!!!
  4. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Well - I never knew it till someone from Stratics told me. Where does it say in the Player's Guide?
  5. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    I have no idea where it is in the players guide. I learned it early from keeping track when done. I am just surprised that those that are 115 laff have no clue. Even if they haven't read about it by then they have had to figure it out at the end when they get their bux, notes, and so on. I rarely run into anyone outside of those working sell about double merits. I did run into one toon in law that still thought we had to get every cog during invasions for it to double. I really hate being stinked because someone doesn't know what they are doing and we are just trying to help. In the end, the toon did say Huh? when he saw he got all his bux even without invasions throughout.
  6. SSniffleslam

    SSniffleslam Guest

    Wow! I haven't had that one happen in a long time, but it is annoying. I'm not sure how I figured it out - bolt of lightning - I just knew one day! :dunce: