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Dragons at sea! (pics)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Grond, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. Grond

    Grond Guest

    I was sailing this evenin' -- the sea air seems to calm my nerves as I practice stealthing -- when I came upon a dragon standing alone in a boat! "This is passing strange," thought I, for dragons are not known for their seafaring ways.
    Proceeding just a little farther, I encountered another dragon. "'Tis an invasion!" though I. "The beasties must be tired of being hunted in Destard, and so they extend their dominion to the seas!"
    Fortunately, this turned out not to be the case, as these two were the only draconic sailors in evidence. Nearby, however, stood a musician, standing still as if in a stupor. "Hail!" said I. He responded nary a word.
    Both dragons appeard to have their attention fixed on him -- luckily for me, for I have no resistance to speak of to their horrific destructive magicks. "Aha," thought I, "these beasties have taken such a dislike to this poor fellow, that they've braved the seas in spite of their fiery nature, and pursued him even though he sought to escape into the ocean!"

    The poor bard was still unresponsive, so I pondered upon what I might do to save him from the horrible fate which these creatures doubtless intended. I checked the gangplanks of one of the dragons' ships, and both planks were locked. I myself am a lover, and not a fighter, so I would need help if I were to save the poor minstrel from the nefarious beasts. While I pondered, one of the dragons finally noticed me and began attacking me with his fearsome magick. I quickly cast a Recall spell, the most potent magick which I could reliably perform, and retreated to my Keep.

    "The bank in West Britain will have some heroes," I told myself. "There I will be able to find stout warriors or brave wizards who will slay the dragons and save the minstrel." I cast Recall again, and appeared near the bank. A dozen or two people stood nearby, clad in fine garments which bespoke their wealth and no doubt their valor in battle.

    "Dragons at sea!" said I. "Dragons have taken to boarding ships and invading the sea! A poor bard is ensorcelled by their wiles. Who will come and help me save him?" To my astonishment, none responded. Wealthy merchants continued to hawk their wares, uttering incantations more arcane than those of the most learned mages. "Gate to BOD vendor!" "+25 stat scroll on eBay, last 5 mins!" Bewildered by this cant, I walked toward the western edge of the bank, where some people were killing each other in a spirit of fun. Here, I thought, I would find some bold warriors.

    "I need dragon slayers! I seek brave souls to slay two dragons who threaten a poor, unresponsive bard upon the sea!"

    One lone figure approached, a Glorious Lady named Porphyria. Though I had never seen her before, I somehow knew her by reputation.
    "What do you need?" asked she.

    "I need someone to slay dragons out at sea. They threaten a poor bard who doth not respond when I hail."


    "At sea," said I.

    "Are you sure they're dragons?"

    "Aye, they cast spells as dragons do, and they appear as dragons do."

    "Can you gate?"

    "Aye," I said. "I can recall to my boat, and then use a scroll to cast a gate back here."

    I did so, and she joined me on my boat, and surveyed the situation.
    "I have some magic at my disposal, but my ability to meditate doth leave something to be desired," I confessed.

    "No problem," said she. "My meditation's 105. This shouldn't take long. I just came from hunting dragons a couple of minutes ago."

    Verily, she made quick work of slaying the first dragon with a volley of spells. I inched the boat forward so she could loot her kill, as dragons often carry considerable treasure and she certainly deserved it for her service in aiding the minstrel. From beside the corpse of the first dragon, we could espy the second, waiting on its own boat. (Why it did not flee, after such a fearsome display of magick, I do not know; clearly it was capable of sailing the ship, else how would it have gotten here in pursuit of the minstrel?)

    "Another one?" exclaimed Lady Porphyria.

    "Aye," I said, and maneuvered the boat closer to her next foe. Again, she began chanting words of arcane power to do battle across the water.

    Huzzah! She slew the second creature as quickly as the first. Unfortunately, I could not maneuver my boat into a position from which we could reach the dragon's booty... But wait! The far gangplank was unlocked, enabling us to board the deceased beast's vessel!

    After the Lady had taken her bounty, I thanked her and bade her farewell.
    I thought it best to move the dragon's ship away from the area, particularly concerned lest the dragon be merely faking death and revive to once more trouble the minstrel.
    To my surprise, the dragon's corpse stayed afloat on the sea e'en after its ship was gone!
    I prodded the corpse, and it did not move, though the fearsome Lady mage was long gone. I surmised it to be truly dead, doubtless its corpse would sink beneath the waves ere long. I sailed my boat over to check on the hapless minstrel, to see whether he'd recovered from the dragons' ensorcelment and to assure myself that he was in good health.

    Alas, he was gone!
    What manner of devilment was this? Had the dragons somehow disposed of him while battle was enjoined? Had he snapped awake from his ensorcelment, and fled in terror from the power of both the dragons and the Lady mage? Or had I perhaps been mistaken, and he had purposefully led the dragons to this watery place, and he snuck away when he perceived us meddling in his possibly-nefarious plans?

    Alas, I may never know the truth. All I do know is that two viscious creatures which did not belong upon the sea were no longer there to waylay hapless travellers such as myself. The high seas were safe once more!
  2. Tadriendra

    Tadriendra Guest



    A tale well told. Our thanks to you for saving all of us from this invasion from sea.
  3. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest


    That's SO Disengenuous it had me rolling!

    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Love, Pluffy still giggling
  4. BobMcForge

    BobMcForge Guest

    Oh, that was just Reachwind and a friend. I believe they are RPing pirate dragons.

    Bob ^^ McBob
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Nice! well told friend!
  6. dima2k

    dima2k Guest

  7. Elrond

    Elrond Guest

    Haha! Brilliant! I loved it! Excellent good.
  8. *grins*

    What a wondrous tale!

    I am glad that you emerged unscathed from such a frightening experience, so as to share your cautionary tale with the rest of us. Bravo!
  9. Towenaar

    Towenaar Guest

    *claps* well done. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  10. Brialla

    Brialla Guest

    Excellent, well done!!
  11. brokensaber

    brokensaber Guest

    Dang your good! Now write me a book to read! :]

    That was a great tale
  12. You think dragons are the oddest thing at sea?


    Think again!
  13. Nug the Ork

    Nug the Ork Guest