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Dragons of a different color attack while Algenon is missing!!

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Queen Mum, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Queen Mum

    Queen Mum Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
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    *Posted with permission from the author Shadow Riter

    Amonos had asked the guard to help him check out information he had on a group of dragons. His intelligence group told him they were altered, somehow Genetically Tinkered. So we put on our guard uniforms and marched with him West of Britannia.


    Everything seemed normal when we arrived at the race track but just a bit farther west someone yelled. It was Hera. She had found a book, a journal of sorts. In it was written get Daniel he is the only one who can help. Hera scooped up the book planning to bring it to Ravens attention as soon as possible. That was when we were besieged.


    Dragons swooped out of the skies in huge numbers. They were bright and beautiful but also very surely. Someone had tamed them then commanded them to attack us. But Whom?




    We were too busy at first to notice the Mythic Dragon Herder hiding in a small corral near the guard towers.


    He called a blue dragon but the dragon was not blue.


    He yelled for a yellow Dragon but that one was lavender.


    Each dragon responded and followed the herder’s commands to claw, bite, breath fire or ice.



    We fought them for hours. Finally, a bit bedraggled and all bandaged up we watched the last dragon fall to our weapons and magic. Cuttles was shocked and more than indignant that anyone would abuse such magnificent animals.

    Queen Mum was handing Moxxi a cookie when Blueberry Muffin, Katrina, Rei and Snowflake ran up with books of their own.

    “We must tell Daniel. All these books are signed Al. "Tell Daniel they took my ink", "Only Daniel can help me", "Keep my secrets"



    Mum looked up and agreed. “We can give him these books on Thursday”.

    I was excited for Thursday. We had been looking for Algenon for a while but had not found him. We did see a scholarly old Alchemy master but he was a teacher and most people agreed Algenon would not take apprentices.


    Thursday finally came and I sat in the front row. Daniel was bound to want to know everything. Everyone was talking excitedly.


    “I need to see and learn more. Can any of you lead me to this place where these books were found?” inquired Daniel

    Thus our quest began. Hatshepsut led the way. First we went to the Britannia farms where the dragon battle had taken place.


    Moxxi also led us to some of the book locations.


    Daniel inspected buildings and rooms and all the places where we had discovered the journal books.

    Daniel Ravens noticed something different. “This little corral, I have never seen it before. I do not remember it”


    Queen Mum nodded “aye it is new”

    Looking Puzzled Daniel asked “what happened here?”

    Charly Dont Surf replied “ I’m not sure”

    Then people got excited and all spoke at once

    Cuttles: mutated dragons

    Moxxi: tinker altered dragons!

    Daniel Ravens: Dragons?

    Cuttles: yes

    Moxxi: they were pretty

    Moxxi: but we had to kill them :(

    Cuttles: I heard the herder call for a blue one but was yellow!

    Daniel Ravens: that messenger said about tinkered

    Daniel Ravens: the dragon was blue but spoke to you

    Daniel Ravens: saying he was yellow?

    Hatshepsut: YES

    Moxxi: no no it was Lavender but looked like a crimson.

    Cuttles was overflowing with excitement of a white dancing dragon

    Moxxi :HE was colored blue

    Cuttles: funky dragons they were pretty though

    Moxxi: they were nice but they were "different": had to die

    Daniel Ravens: oh they were nice but different. You killed them because they were different?

    Rei: NO!

    Moxxi: they weren’t natural

    Daniel Ravens: ahhh I see now.

    Having sorted out the Dragons Daniel went on to the books.”I think Al is Algenon.”

    Moxxi: we thought so too

    Rei: yeah it is: has to be

    Cuttles:He must be in major trouble

    Finally Daniel informed us that he believed Algenon was now looking for us. He wanted to be found but he was still in hiding. He suggested that we go back to N’ujelm and speak with some of the Alchemy students we had seen there.

    When we found the first Student she was sitting to dinner in a nice building north of the palace


    “Where is Algenon?” Soul Annex demanded coming right to the point.

    The Alchemy Prodigy looked up “I see you are back. Hello.” She nodded and I felt chastised for our abruptness. “ Algenon is a myth. I have told you that before.” She looked dreamy. “ The thought of an alchemist as great as Algenon inspires me. Master says Algenon would be far greater than He is. Hard to believe that is why I do not believe in Algenon.” She smiled and sighed “but it is a nice dream.”

    It struck Kaliko that perhaps this master was Algenon or the Master might know more than what was being said. “Where is your Master Teacher? We would love to speak with him?”

    The Prodigy replied “Oh I do not know where he is. Maybe Sarah does. She is another Prodigy. Try the dock area near the bank. She still has not mastered the water breathe potion.

    Thus we wandered to the dock where Sarah was standing.

    Meanie Monster pointed and shouted “Is that Sarah ?”

    The girl at the dock looked up. “Oh no I am Emily. Sarah left to get inspiration elsewhere.


    “Where?” asked Rei and Ansatsu in unison.

    She ignored them

    “I am trying to make invisible ink. Do you know how?” she was hoping we could help her.

    “Tell us about the ink.” Requested Soal

    “Yes the master had many vials stolen. He likes to keep his potions private you see.

    Well naturally he would not want anyone seeing his recipes!”

    “but you are making his ink aren’t you? Isn’t that part of teaching?” Jules asked rhetorically

    “Oh he shares some with us but he guards most of them. He thinks someone might steel them. Oh many people could profit from his secrets

    Daniel ventured a chance at finding out about Algenon. As soon as he said the name the Alchemy Prodigy hahahaed and held her sides. You believe in children’s tales, of the great Algenon. Teaching Master tells us the stories. He would be a wonder. You should talk to Sarah. I think she is in a forest somewhere.

    Blueberry muffin was frustrated. Sosaria had a lot of forests. “Somewhere! Can you be more specific?

    The one called Emily replied “South of Covetous there is a grave yard, south of that there is a tranquil pool. Water is great. I get many good insights when I meditate near water.”

    Daniel Ravens: Does anyone know where this covetous cemetery is?

    Charly Dont Surf did not but Estella Vinson was sure there was one South of Covetous and Blueberry thought it was east of cove.

    Meanie Monster concurred “ya there is a cemetery that is east of cove heading down the water to vesper.”

    I was confused but the others seemed to know where to go. When a gate was opened I walked through.


    Daniel Ravens was barking orders to help keep everyone together. “ Ok every one Sleuths - South we go!”

    We wandered a while and finally found a quiet pool with a serene looking woman sitting beside it. She stood up as we approached.

    “Hello “smile Sarah “I think I have done it. I must tell Master teacher.”

    “Is Master teacher nearby?” Sundina was hopeful.

    Sarah thought for a couple moments. “erm No! He has been nervous of late. Well he was robbed after all.

    “Who do you think would rob him?” asked Ixtab?

    Sarah shrugged, Alchemy Something about someone wanting his pet enhancing potions.

    Great potion! It makes the animal stronger. He pretended that the ink was the potion. Hope the animals are well. He says the ink is nontoxic but it is not water after all!


    Rasesar Wej asked kindly, “We need to see your teacher. Where can we find him?”

    “Master teacher makes Water breath potions and stays in a grotto. It is an underwater cavern. I have never seen it. He does not like people much. He takes a water breath potion and stays under the sea. I do not know how or where. . Why do you care?”

    Daniel explained that we thought her teacher might be Algenon and that he might be in serious trouble.

    “Wouldn't that be funny! Master be a legend! Still, if he is in trouble, I will help you find him. I will be here next time you come. Maybe I can find him for you.

    Cuttles begged “Sarah please help us!”

    Daniel Ravens pointed out that this is Urgent.

    Sarah snapped back “I realize it is Urgent. If he is in trouble I will help you. Otherwise I wouldn't!” Then she turned away.

    I heard Daniel mumble quietly under his breath “I do care” Then he turned to us and gathered us around to lead us back to the Guard Hall.

    He started to speak.


    We have found out little about Algenon’s where about, but I think Sarah here will help us.

    I think Al is hiding but not from me. He has always been a recluse.. Sarah says in a grotto under the water She won't say more until she checks with Algenon. I can tell she is very loyal. She does not trust us

    queen elf sandy spoke up and said, "Al needs help. We will find him then see what must be done."

    Daniel Ravens continued “You have done well to find those books and bring them to my attention. Would have liked to see the ink,though, to get an idea of what it is or does. It must be important if Algenon mentioned it”

    Rei and Moxxi agreed aye

    Queen Elf Sandy suddenly got an Idea. “Maybe he is in Bucs Den! It is Oh No It is underground not really under water.”


    Daniel agreed to send some of his eyes and ears out and asked us all to keep a close watch for other clues.

    ~Shadow Riter