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Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I was born in the middel east of hte highlands.After two years working at a inn
    i decided to go my own way.Ouer kingdom was poor and there was only severral knights working for the king.So i decided to make a long journey.They told me the next kingdom is about 2 monnth away.So i made the decition got my equip together and started the journey.The wind blow trough my hair.I vitited on my way some inns and i trink ale.Deeper and deeper into the land i noticed the color of hte trees changes to a bit more dark.And then i arrived the new kingdom called Dangerspeek.At the smith i repaer my sword.I noticed a buletinboard and there was a bounty for that man who can get free the princess wich was hold of a Dragon in a cave.They wrote she was beautiful.But i didnt care about this buletinbiord.I started a job at the castle as a guard.Two month later i heared the king craying becasue of his doughter wich is still cought by the Dragon.But only knights have the right to search for the kindoms doughter and i was just a simple guard.At the next builetin board they wrote you can kill the Dragon by feeding him with blackperls.So i made the decicion and took two weeks of vacancy and started my journey.Deeper and deeper the clouds get more dark.At an inn i rest a bit and drink ale.I tought by myselfe where to get the black perls.A begger asked me to give him ale for free and i did it.Then a pired pounches the begger and i trouhg the pired out of the inn.The begger gave me small chest and he said its somting valuable inside it.And i said yes yes but didnt opened it.
    On the next day i started my journey further.At the Dragons cave i waited a bit then i got in.The fight begun between the Dragon and me and the i sow the prinsess.But then it hapaned my sword broke and i fell to the ground.The Dragon was over me and i see my end.Wtih no reason i trough the chest of the begger at the Dragons head.The chest drops at the earht and somting dark fell out of the chest.The Dragon smelt wtih his nose at it and eate 2 black perls wich was inside the beggers chest.Then he started to sleep to sleep deep for long time.
    I free the prinses and bought her back to the kingom.The king was happy the hole kingom was happy and hte king said waht do you want now?And i said just to be again in my job a a guard.But the king honor my for all the audiance to a knight and said you can marry my doughter.But i said no thanks im going to leave the kingom for a while to wake up the Dragon because he has teh right to live further as each animal on ouer earht.

    So this is a small story to the dev team as a thank you for hte new Dragon.