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[Selling] Dragonstorm Marketplace - Rares, Event Items and More (|10-13-2010|)

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by Assia Penryn, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Assia Penryn

    Assia Penryn The Sleeping Dragon
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 20, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Our vendors have a constantly rotating stock of items and stock will change throughout the week as customers purchase items. We regularly carry not only high-end items like rares, artifacts, event items, peerless, replicas and more, but also some great clearance items.

    We also have a freebie vendor with some special surprises for our customers as well as dyes for use with our complete set of public dye tubs, including a 1st year leather dye tub.

    Map to our location:

    These are only some of the current deals on our vendors as of 10-13-2010

    On "Creeping Vines 50k" [Temporary Vendor]
    On this vendor you'll find ... yep, you guessed it! All 4 kinds of creeping vines for 50k each while stock lasts.

    On High-End Rares I

    Boulder - 3.5m
    Holiday Spiced Cider - 9.5m
    Ice White Mesanna's Cream Pie - 200k
    Moss Green Mesanna's Cream Pie - 1m
    Void Mesanna's Cream Pie - 2.5m
    Green Lady Bug - 4.95m
    A Pitcher of Ice Cold Crystal Water - 9.5m
    Red Torch - 1.5m (Do not light or it will lose hue)
    Large Pieces of Blackrock - 425k
    Red Strength Potion - 1.85m
    Clothing Bless Deed - 625k
    120 Tailoring Powerscroll - 125k
    120 Blacksmithing Powerscroll - 250k
    Daemon Blood (Large blood tile) - 750k
    Recipe - Pendant of the Magi - 850k
    Magincia Quest Rubble - Starting at 50k
    ... and more

    On High-End Rares II

    Hooded Robe of Umbra - 175k
    Colored Battle Chicken Eggs - 250k
    Vile Tentacles - 1.5m
    Ornithologist's Map - 195k
    "A torch whose flame... " fireworks staff - 750k
    2010 Fireworks Celebration staff - 750k
    Candelabra of Souls - 450k
    Albino Squirrel 85k
    Tree Growing Event Kimono - 450k
    ... and more

    On High-End Rares III

    Easter Baskets (X-Sharded Colors and Fully Charged) - 900k
    Hitching Rope 225k
    Egg Case Web - 3.5m
    Harrow - 750k
    Carved Wooden Screen - 350k
    Small Stone Spike - 150k
    Copper Veteran Dress - 150k
    Veteran Reward Statues - Starting at 30k
    Furniture/Special/Black Dye Tubs - 95k ea
    Leather Dye Tub 175k
    ... and more

    On High-End Rares IV

    Skull Pole - 10m
    A Mummified Corpse - 2.5m
    Skull 850k
    Pink Tombstone of the Damned - 650k
    Demon Skull - 250k
    Tragic Remains of the Travesty - Starting at 95k
    Dreadhorn Mushrooms - 10-15k
    Grizzled Skull Collection - 95k
    ... and more

    On High-End Rares V

    120 Archery Powerscroll - 4.5m
    120 Parry Powerscroll - 1.25m
    Mark of Travesty Chiv/Resist - 2.5m
    Ring of the Vile - 1.25m
    Midnight Bracers - 1.25m
    Leggings of Bane - 850k
    Voice of the Fallen King - 750k
    Bracelet of Health - 850k
    Scrapper's Comp - 150k
    Alchemy Alacrity Scroll - 95k
    Eval Alacrity Scroll - 95k
    ... and more

    On High-End Rares VI

    Swamp tile - 850k
    Sherry the Mouse Statue - 600k
    Empty Nest 350k
    White Xmas Statue - 225k
    Cornucopia - 25k
    Colored Fishing Nets - 25k
    Mongbat Dartboard - 350k
    Dragon Brazier - 350k
    A tunic of exceptional quality - 350k
    A sewing kit of exceptional quality - 450k
    ... and more

    So swing by and check us out. We hope you'll find something you are looking for at a great price and that you'll stop by again soon. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and feel free to leave us a message on our bulletin board and let us know how we can better serve you!

    Assia Penryn,
    Manager of Dragonstorm Marketplace