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Dread Horses

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Heart, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Heart

    Heart Guest

    I read, that players were practically giving these horses away, well, from what I have seen at the brit bank, that is far from fact. I don't have 2 million to spend on one.

    I have tried taming one, with what little time I have to play. ( baby sees to that).....and well, another tamer killed my chances. In other areas, all I can find are controllers without horses.......

    I play on atlantic and I am looking to buy one or get help in taming one.....saddly, due to hackers, I don't use ICQ......

    Any offers, advice is sincerely appreciated,

    thank you, Heart.
  2. I've given away 5 of them so far on Pacific. The first one I tamed turned out to be more than decent, so any others I get the opportunity to tame I promptly take to the Luna bank and give away to the first person that says they want it.
  3. Heart, shoot me a PM and let me know when you will be around (eastern time here). I will give you one of mine.