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Dreams can be horrible sometimes.

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Polie Bear, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Polie Bear

    Polie Bear Guest

    I was dreaming that I was cleaning out my hard drive, uninstalling games I no longer use. The Sims Online was on there. So I logged in, just expecting it to give me a server error. To my surprise, it gave me a massive update. Since I was there on the final error 23, I thought my game was updated to the final version. I started downloading it, and went to Stratics.

    I saw a ton of updates about a TSO 2, with a lot more features, I think even 3D was an option. I was reading a ton of articles, and although the data had been long deleted from when the game first shut down, the game was slowly reviving. The developers (no idea if it was actually EA/Maxis or if someone bought the game out) had been continuing to work on new features which were already being programmed before the game closed down in August. They finally completed it, and wanted to release it.

    Many people were happy, and started new accounts, celebrating on the Stratics forums. My update finally finished, and I was making my sim. There were some more options for sims, I think cultural/fictional religion stuff, but when really trying to explore some things, the game denied me and told me that certain things were not available in the trial version (guess that's what I had). My dream ended. My dream was teasing me the whole time!

    I never thought that 7 months later, The Sims Online would still affect things like dreams, and I guess I still wish that someone would revive TSO somehow. Anyone else still thinking of TSO, or even dreaming about it?
  2. rieley

    rieley Guest


    And its getting worse instead of better.

    I want my TSO back!