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Dromund Kaas

Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by Anaireo, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Anaireo

    Anaireo Guest

    Planet: Dromund Kaas
    Affiliation: Sith Empire
    System: Dromund system
    Climate: Variable, Wet
    Days per year: 312
    Hours per day: 24
    Suns: 1

    Nestled within the Stygian Caldera deep in Sith Space, the jungle-world of Dromund Kaas is the heart of the Sith Empire. A dark foreboding world with an atmosphere ravaged by the power of the dark side, the surface was one of festering swamps and strangulating jungles.

    Dromund Kaas had once been a colony world to the ancient Sith Empire generations before the Great Hyperspace War, though an unknown event would see the colony disappear leaving it a mysterious world whose location would fall into legend. With the crushing defeat of Naga Sadow’s Empire at the hands of the Republic during the Great Hyperspace War and the announcement by Supreme Chancellor Pultimo of a full invasion of Sith Space, Sith across the galaxy would start to commit acts of ritualistic suicide in attempt to escape republic repercussions but not all Sith would take such a drastic attempts at escape.

    Fleeing into space, an armada of Sith vessels started their long arduous journey in hopes that they would find a new home in which to rebuild their crumbled Empire. After 20 years of fruitless searching they would re-discover the lost planet of Dromund Kaas, immediately setting about rebuilding their once glorious Empire. Within a century Kaas City was founded deep within the jungles, a massive citadel was built becoming the seat of power for the new fledgling Sith Empire. With the Emperor and the Dark Council now located on this ancient world the Sith would start plotting the downfall of the Republic.

    Conducting horrific and twisted Dark Side rituals in a bid to obtain more power, the Emperor transformed the ionosphere of Dromund Kaas into a deadly electrical storm. But even with the presence of the Emperor and the Dark Council, Dromund Kaas would become more a home to the Empires military might rather than that of Korriban which would serve the purpose of training young hopeful Force sensitive Sith. Dromund Kaas became the political center of the Sith Empire, with power hungry and ambitious Moffs constantly trying to gain the upper hand over one another.

    With the heart of the Empire now settled and it’s military forces rallied, the Sith were once more ready to attack an unwary Republic.