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*drum roll* Auction List for 2/28 @ 7 est

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by PRAH, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. PRAH

    PRAH Guest

    Item (with minimum bid)
    3 Black Bats (no reserve)
    Blessed Armour, fancy t shirts (no reserve)
    2 Scrolls of Alacrity Hiding and Stealing (50k)
    1 Ancient SOS (2m)
    8 Crafting Scrolls of Alacrity (150k)
    Ice White Cloak (500k)
    2 Scrolls of Alacrity Mining and Lumberjack (50k)
    Ask and Answer Ball (900k)
    Crystal and Shadow deeds (1mil)
    Rare Seeds 20 fire and 12 black (75k)
    Ranger Armour Old School (300k)
    Blessed Venom Sac (100k)
    Ask and Answer Ball (900k)
    Blessed Totem of the Void (1m)
    4 Cursed Arties and High End Spellbook (500k)
    ** Armour of Fortune,Hat and Staff of Magi, Orni
    Harry Kit (10 mil)
    200 Luck Jewel Set *max* (100k)
    Primer on Arms Talisman (500k)
    Super Slayer Spellbook Set *6* (1.5mil)
    46! Powder of Fortify (900k)
    2 Soulstone Frag Tokens (1.5mil)