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EA&E: Bovine Madness Event Report :)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Alcestis, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Alcestis

    Alcestis Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 29, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Last Wednesday, the 4th of June, the Europa Auction & Events team hosted another one of their Bovine Madness events. It was the first Bovine Madness since I took control of the guild again and since I didn’t know anything at all about this event (and still don’t really!) I left my experienced cowharassing guildies Amorph Mus, Geoffrey Blake & Escaflowne in charge of the evening. Not having to take part in any of the organising, I of course had some time to make notes in order to come up with this report!

    So at about 9pm CET, right after the auction, everybody gathered in the basement and the games could commence.

    The first game for the evening was a cowtipping competition. In groups of 4 people, the participants would enter the arena and tried to tip their cows as often as possible during the period of 1 minute. The results varied a lot! Some people didn’t even manage to tip their cow once, where as others could easily tip it 4 to 5 times. We played three rounds and thus had three winners for this first game: Thiefy, Alore and Me de Noob. They all scored 1 point.


    The second game was the popular milk stool race. This time 3 people at a time were invited into the ring to take place on a stool. By moving one stool in front of the other they had to try to reach a jug of milk, then drink it as quick as they could, and work their way back to the starting line. We again played 3 rounds, so again three people were able to score points! This time it were Patrick, Kes Lain and again… Me de Noob.


    If you would like to see our participants in action, go take a look at the video Geoffrey Blake made !

    The third and last game of the evening was the ‘barnyard rumble’. People were invited to the Jhelom farms where they could then tame one of the following animals: sheep, pig, chicken, cow, goat or rabbit. Other animals or trained animals were not allowed to fight. When we arrived in Jhelom we noticed lots and lots of dead cows! Seems some tailor had been there not that long ago… But despite the lack of fearsome cows, everybody ended up finding an animal to their likings and we returned to the auction house.


    Twelve animals were signed up for the fighting – including my own AlcestisPig! My piggie fought a cow quite bravely and nearly even killed it. I was impressed I must admit. But anyway… After a few fights we were left with three finalists: Thiefy, Alora and Me de Noob – all three of them people who had also gathered points in the previous rounds! So it became pretty exciting now.


    To decide who would face who in the threeway final, the participants decided they would roll the dice. Whoever rolled the highest number would face the winner of the first duel. The first match was Thiefy vs Alora. Their animals put up a great fight but in the end it was Thiefy who claimed the victory! And he was clearly on a roll… as only a few minutes after the ferocious fight agains Alora, he managed to kill of Me de Noob as well!


    With all three games finished, it was then time to add up the points…
    3rd place: Alora
    2nd place: Noob
    1st place: Thiefy

    We hope everybody who was present enjoyed the event and that even more participants may show up during our next Bovine Madness!

    Last but not least: don’t forget our new event, the Grand Sosarian Horse Race which will be hosted for the first time ever on Wednesday the 18th of June, again right after the auction!