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EA just ripped out UO's end game content

Discussion in 'UHall' started by concernedplayer, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Imagine a UO that has no gold or items. Everyone has the same outfit. No insurance, outfit is blessed. No crafting, no economy. You can kill whatever you want in the game ... you don't get anything for killing it except the thrill of soloing or working together as a team.

    This provides maybe 2 weeks of powergaming content. In 2 weeks you can say to yourself "I've killed every peerless, every doom boss mob, etc.". Maybe its 2 months of content, but the time will come when you've done all there is to do and anything else is just repeating.

    What keeps people around in a game that has given you all the content you can participate in? For many players, thats obtaining things. Sure they participate in guilds, but guilds are a club where you can show off your things and who you can group with so you can fight bigger and badder monsters to get better things.

    Ever since AoS, UO has made it a primary goal to obtain things. It seems to me now that EA has implemented a cap on the things you can obtain, get too many and you are banned. Either that, or you participate in the economy legitimately and look at the stuff you've gotten ... compare that to someone riding by wearing a duped Shroud of Tal'keesh, backpack full of checks for only doing 1/1000th of the work you had to do ... all you can do is roleplay that you are a successful end-game player.

    When the definition of the end-game of an online rpg is to obtain things, and you can be banned for obtaining too many things, it seems to me that EA has just ripped the end-game out of UO.

    Really, why continue to play? Eventually you will get too much, and too much will get you banned. I don't believe EA knows what a dupe is, they're only guessing ... putting 2 and 2 together, but if they really knew they would just delete them all. A 11 year vet with banks full of stuff might have the same amount of stuff that a 1 day old duper account has. To EA they both look the same, to the PLAYERS their stuff both looks the same. If EA can't tell a dupe how can players tell?

    I've been addicted to UO for the longest time, trying to obtain more and more. But right now, I can't get more and more without fear of getting banned. I can just sit and wait for them to take care of the dupers, but what they're doing now is like a confession ... "We give up, we can't ban the dupers, we don't know how ... so we're going to ban anyone that has too much and say we got a duper".

    Until EA comes out and says "You can buy something in Luna you think is lower priced and resell it for a profit, that is a legitimate form of gameplay.", I think they don't have an endgame anymore. EA gets a "D" for dealing with dupers this time around.
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    May 12, 2008
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    Please address your concerns in one of the exsisting threads, thanks.
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