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EA Land Store

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by SweetestAngel, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. I would like to give a big thank you to some of the EA Store roomies. Some roomies have been very kind and I really do appreciate that.
    But then..... I was very disappointed today when I asked one of the roomies if a fellow sim could come in and buy some stuff. The roomie was rude to my fellow sim friend and I was a bit upset at the comments made to this sim by that particular roomie. The EA store roomie asked this sim if they had a mystic tree farm. She honestly replied that she did (well she was trying to make 1). The roomie was rude and made comments about wanting to help ppl that didn't have the chance to get anything yet. Well my whole point to this blog is I fell it is so wrong that one particular roomie of the EA store has popped up 2 tree farms in the past week. Now how fair is it that an EA store roomie can let there other sims load up on TWO TREE FARMS but another sim isn't allowed to have one. It is too bad that some sims out there are such jerks. I see why EA Land is going offline. These sims I am talking about, the EA store roomies, are EA Land employees. I hope the sim/avatar/person I am talking about reads this blog. You are a very greedy, selfish person and I only get great pleasure in knowing what comes around goes around. Thanks EA for once again reminding me why I am glad this game is going away. Too many jerks out there in the game and the ones I'm referring to today are EA employees. You really stink EA (not the word I wanted to use but it does start with a S and end in a K)
  2. WTG SweetestAngel. I agree the greed and horting that has become the game has really only now begun to show. EA was very nice to give all the remaining sims a million simoleons. This has enabled many to do all the things they could never have done before. It is just a shame that the fairness seems have been lost by the greedy ones trying to get as much as possible before the end of the game. I liked when things where slower and one actually had to work to get what they wanted in the game. In many ways it was much more fun before all the give me's EA has handed out. Looks like some of those you mentioned are trying to hide by changing the names of there two store lots that are full of trees. Oh well maybe they feel bad as well they should.
  3. labyrinth

    labyrinth Guest

    I was under the impression that Parizad was really the only EA-Land employee, and the roomies were just actual players who Parizad has set up with stuff to help her have the house open when she is unavailable.

    I could be wrong.
  4. There are as always lots of rumors floating around EA-Land. I had no idea Parizad was involved in the EA store but I do know the 2 people Sweetest Angel is referring to are employees. Regardless if these people are employees or not they have no right to use there position as EA store roomies to set up 2 tree farms. Since they have been called on it they changed there stores to service lots and change the names of there lots. Appears to me someone is guilty of foul play. :loser:
  5. brownie

    brownie Guest

    I am familar with the situation that Sweetest Angel has addressed above & I have a couple things to add. #1 I was of the impression based on the EA Blog that the EA store was run by EA employees and also that it was open to the public. Seems to me the only way that the store would have an unlimited supply of Rares & Trees to give away is if it was run by EA. It also seems to me that picking & choosing to whom you sell, is unfair, and if you are worried about everyone being allowed access, try being open for longer than 1 hour per day.

    Also since when is it any store owners business how many items a person already has or what that person intends to do with it. There is 1 exception & that is when other store owners buy items & jack up the price & resell.

    That does bring me to my last point. Regarding Sweetest Angel, she is one of the kindest, most fair person I have met in this game. This person not only purchased items from the EA store but she resold at the same price she paid. She has also sold her crafts at cost. Like many store owners, she will list a high price on some items to prevent other store owners from cleaning her out, but if you IM her, she WILL sell at a very reasonable cost. It is too bad that an EA Store employee decided to accuse her of price jacking while telling her they were only taking people that hadnt come in yet.

    Its rather sad that EA is going to close with on such a sour note, but not really surprising.
  6. Actually, you're very correct. :)
  7. Hi Amoreena :)

    I am very glad you posted to set the record straight. It is aweful the fibs that float around in the game (yes I was told these sims/people were EA-Land employees). My sincerest apologizes to any EA-Land employee I may have offended. The only dealings I have had with an EA-Land employee (that I know for sure was an EA-Land employee) was Parizad. It was in regards to my account and she was quick to respond, pleasant and very nice to deal with.

    I am truly sorry if I offended any EA employee (that was not the purpose of my post) and thank you Amoreena for setting the record straight.
  8. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Personally I think it was pretty nice of Pari to add some roomies (non EA employees) to the lot that can keep the store open during the final days.

    Really folks theres days left, not much to gain at this point from high prices. Is there any point in fighting about things anymore? Lets enjoy our final days and try not to hurt each other.
  9. Buckstar

    Buckstar Guest

    I agree about the greed, and the stupidity of alot of players. 7 days left, let me set up a Mystic tree farm....why? Whats the point? So I can max all my skills b4 the end of the game? :coco:

    I am a big part of the EA Store in test center and I always try to keep it open so people can avoid spending 100k for a mystic tree. To me that is where the greed comes in. People re-selling rares bought at the EA Store for 100k-300k.

    No Wonder why this game is shutting down, the greed, the cheats, the idiots. I had just got a pink poodle today from a dear friend who doesnt play alot anymore, so she just gave it to us. Someone came in while I was pulling pets and said, I'll trade you the Pink Poodle for 3 mystic trees. lmao Please. Some people never get a clue about this game, or just how imaginitive the MAXIS team was. That is the saddest thing to me, and they will never get a clue either. The rare pets to me will and always will be the best part about this game. There is so much to learn about the pets, rather than a dumb blue ball in front of a chair that looks like a BJ is happening. Please. I still have questions that I still ask, like what do the pet statues do to the pets? Id say fun cause they never use the slide. Im just venting sorry.

    But yes, sadly the greed, has ended a great game. And even though I have lost alot of friends that no longer play the game, I will still have alot of fantastic memories. So my advise is simple, enjoy the last week and have as much fun as possible.
  10. Is it possible for anyone to post anything without you adding you 2 cents NikkiKing? You have been nasty to me in the game and you don't need to use stratics to get your last digs in.
  11. brownie

    brownie Guest

  12. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    This is a public forum and everyone has a right to their opinion, even you. However I fail to see how what I said was rude to anyone, unless you cant understand the concept of lets not hurt each other in the final days, a concept that applies to everyone not just you.
  13. julilyn

    julilyn Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Personalities ,moods and sarcasm or simply being too busy to argue are hard things to read online, and its very easy to wrongly interpret another persons intent, and VERY easy to misinterpret or read too much into what another person says.
    It would also be impossible for a third party to make any kind of judgment on a conversation they were not privy too. that being said, don't you think you are making way too much out of the situation?

    the sun is slowly setting, ENJOY the time you have before you pancake about missing that big green flash cause you are so busy in ims and stressing over things that in another month won't even be remimbered.
  14. Milton

    Milton Guest

    Seriously, why dwell on the one or two things you weren't able to do when you should have fun with everything else you are able to do? This time next week none of it will matter.
  15. Renee TSO

    Renee TSO Guest

    One thing everyone has to remeber is that everyone might be in "moods" and it has to come out somewhere. (i hope i can explain this) For myself, all of my sim life, fruit farms have always killed me...still to this day. A few of my friends who have been with the game since day one havent been happy since the store has opened. They have worked/played hard to earn the gifts that all i have to do is go to the store and ask for. Same with crafting at the store. You no longer need the skills that 5 million locks could get you to craft. I bet that just breaks the spirt!

    I cant speak for nikki but everytime i read one of her posts it has the same feeling or "mood" that my friends have been expressing. I cant blame anyone for feeling anything right now.

    Im sorry you had a bad experince at the store! Next time maybe ask whats wrong. They might have been just having a moment or a "mood". For myself, being at the store and watching the greed is very hard...now just imagen if your the person handing the stuff out. I know it would kill me every time i had to fill an order of 50 trees. There is WAY more to this game then trees and rares.

    P.S. dont forget there is humans behind every sim...again sorry you had a bad experience.

    P.S.S. i wish EA hadnt forgot about the humans behind the sims...
  16. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    That was a rather mean-spirited remark. Niki made a general comment for everyone reading. Try taking what she said at face value, instead of personalizing it. Do you really want to spend the last 132 hours of the game's existence being upset at someone for making a general statement?

    Life is short. TSO's life is shorter still. Don't waste it stressing out over stuff that will have no relevance whatsoever in a few days.