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Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by Rogal, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Rogal

    Rogal Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Is it just me or has UO really gone down the tubes? I'll draw your attention to this little graph.
    See, UO is just sinking and sinking.

    You must go here:

    Only then can you release your rage.
  2. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    With no interest program, no new content in years, no official word on new content, dreadful customer service and little-to-no damage control in regards to the latest paranoia (there's always a latest paranoia, it just so happens that this week it's URLs and dupes), I don't wonder why the population is dwindling.

    In fact, one of the above-mentioned reasons is why I chose not to renew my subscription. But I did pay for the full year and will play out what I paid for. Maybe they'll get smart and start pumping effort into their customer service... then I may stay. It is, after all, a fun game.
  3. lucksi

    lucksi Guest

    They don´t even have to give us customer service, how about some new content?

    We are playing a 10 year old game, did they think we wanted the same old with slightly better graphics in an even more bugged client?

    Why didn´t they give the 2D players the same stuff that KR can do? Like seeing where the nearest healer is on the map? Or a craft until pack is full button?

    Or SOMETHING new.

    They should have spent the hours that went into making KR on 2D and new content.
  4. I am so glad to see this graph! I replied to a post that showed the same graph, and some other information reguarding UO customer service and the person's experience. I threw in my two cents and now, that post is no longer availble to view.
    My thoughts: EA UO is just trying to kill it's game. Let's think about this with some logic, instead of some heated "But I love the game! They wouldn't do that to the game that I love" bit that people have to be thinking when they argue to someone who states what I just stated.
    The first and formost of any company is quality customer service. Any training that someone would go to would state that the care of the customer is first and formost in order to keep a customer returning. EA UO does not have quality customer service. How many people have called EA, gotten the run around- do this, no no do that. Then let's discuss the lack of a complaint department. I attempted to sign into EA support website, could not, called EA and stated as such and then am told to sign into the support website. Dude, I am not a chicken, okay? I do not enjoy getting the aimless run around.
    I also have heard, "Use the forums." Excuse me, but I would like to talk to a person about what is going on. And in all honesty, aren't there a little too many forums for all of them to get a real response about the specific issue? And I cannot even count how many times I have seen a UO Mod not really address the issue, but instead attempts to degrade the person who made the post. EA UO needs to get a clue if they wish to continue to have a customer base for UO.
    Now, let's address the in game violation that EA UO can control, dups. EA UO should be able to delete those items in a timely and effective manor before the item is even thrown on a vendor, or for that matter right as a dubbed item lands in someones pack. There has got to be a way for that to be accomplished, but EA UO is more interested in the "shiny" (and in a moment, I will discuss that). So, instead of doing what can be done, EA UO allows those items to be created and sold. And if bought, Oh you bad boy! You are terminated because you bought an item that you had no way of knowing was dupped!!!! Shame on you for not having ESP and knowing!!!
    Let's talk about the "shiny" now. So, I go to GameStop or Walmart or any place that sells MMORP's. I talk with the sells person (who is either in high school or just out of high school) and I ask, "Hey, do you know of any news on when UO will come out with something new?" My reply, "OMG you play UO? WHY? That is sooo 1995! Let me show you this other game. It has much better graffics, they don't allow dupped items and they have excellent customer service." Let alone, they actually have the item on the shelf! With space for other games to be added! But, nope, no UO (not even any form of advertising). So, I have yet to see the "shiny" in UO when compared to other games. Lack of shiny, lack of being able to stop dup's- umm....
    And isn't EA UO an American based company? And as an American based company that has a game that is used worldwide, wouldn't it be a wonderful idea of EA UO to actually follow the guildelines of this country? Hey! Novel idea! Why not ask and talk to the person before you punish them? And what about Freedom of Speech? I do not see that happening- don't say this or you are banned. I am sorry, but as an American I am appaulded by this. EA UO is a multi million dollar company that has a strong American base, and as an example of what our country should be about, wouldn't one think that EA UO has the responsiblity to show the rest of the world some of our fundamental rights that many countries do not have? Hmm...
    So, those are some of the reason why EA UO is slowly becoming a dead game. Some would say, "If they really wanted to end the game, they would just do it." Umm, sorry, no they would not. Ask any boss- it is much better for someone to quit than to fire them. So, make the working conditions unbearable so they pretty much have no choice but to quit. So, this is what EA UO is doing: not fixing problems, allowing poor customer service to continue, not being able to produce a quality product. Folks, this is a game that is dying. EA UO knows it and has done nothing to stop it. EA UO is unwilling to fix the problems in the game for a reason- they want the game dead and they want people to quit so that they will be able to keep some of it's customer base. After all, if they just up and ended that game, there would be A LOT of unhappy people that most likely would not want to consider playing any other EA game. Very poor business practice there, worse than making some customers out to be the bad guy. Here's what will happen folks if things continue along this line: people will quit for having their accounts terminated for some silly reason; those people have friends in game, and guess what? those friends will be fearful that they as well will be terminated for some silly reason. There will not be any real new accounts opened that will make much of a difference in compensating for the lose of the customers that quit. The remaining people will get frustrate with the product because EA UO is going to reply, "Well, there just is not enough of a customer base to support the staff of the game anylonger at the extent that we once were." So, bye bye to the EA UO staff. Game will run on autopilot. And EA UO will die. Folks, the plan is already begone. We the customer base, should have a say in this. We the customer base should demand a quality product. We the customer base have the right as paying customers to say to EA UO that they need to fix this game. But no, we will not stand together and say this, because EA UO has some how painted people as "bad guys" and the niave blindly follow and say, "Hail EA UO!"
    One may wodner why do I continue to play. The answer: I think the friends that I have made on this game are AWESOME! I have a way to hang out with my friends from the comfort of my living room. And trust me, I am trying very hard to get my friends to go to a different game and play with out fear of being terminated from some silly reason. Any how know me, know that I play a clean game and would not knowingly buy a dupped item. Yet, one of my accounts get's snagged for unknowly doing that. Sorry to the people that say, "You should have known!" Sorry folks, I was not born with ESP. The only people that know for sure if an item is duped is EA UO.
  5. Norrar

    Norrar Lore Master
    Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 25, 2008
    Likes Received:
    you know.. ive actually seen a copy of UO on the shelves recently...for SE.....
  6. Clog|Mordain

    Clog|Mordain Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I actually seen AoS on a shelf about 6 months ago. Can anyone say WTH?
  7. Dakkon Blackblade

    Dakkon Blackblade Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 28, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Death is the best thing that could happen to Ultima Online at this point, I don't play now and haven't in a long time, at least not on EA servers, however I would still prefer this game to die then to keep becoming more and more laughable as it has since 2000.

    The people I feel sorry for are the current player base, in some ways you have to admire the amount of raw **** they are willing to put up with in the name of this once great MMO.

    Lets see why UO subscriptions are sinking, just a few points that come to mind.

    1) The most obvious that comes to mind is the split between the original 2D client and Kingdom Reborn.

    2) The complete lack of any real customer support

    3) The lack of any kind of community, though to be fair this game hasn't had community for many many years.

    4) Obsolete classes that have been reduced to a mere shadow of what they once were.

    5) A completely busted economy that has been spiraling into a descent of madness since people started heavily duping and selling items/accounts for cash online.

    6) Implementing premature game concepts far before they are ready, factions comes to the forefront here, although factions were always a bad idea and pretty much killed Order/Chaos, though an argument can be made for the lore progression, lets be honest though what PVP'r cares about such things?

    7) Ease of skill gain, there was a time when if you played the game without cheating it took a while to develop a good character, again symbolic of the current generation of cookie cutter MMO games that pander to people who want it all handed to them.

    8) Pointless content updates, honestly how many updates concerning ridiculous things like plants and house furniture and other silly things does this game need?

    9) Diablo 2 Item based nonsense, worst thing other then neon that ever happened to this game. There was a time when GM weapons were good enough. Coincidentally crafters were also relevant during this time period, what do crafters do now? Bulk order deeds? right...because they pretty much can't compete with the l337 3pic ub3r [email protected]

    I could go on, however there isn't much of a point in doing so. I enjoyed the game a lot more personally in the 97-2000 pre-UOR era, and I wasn't a pk'er, I was primarily a crafter at first, then an Order/Chaos guy later on and I can tell you honestly that even though there were times when it got frustrating to lose everything to a pk it was plain and simple a much more alive era.

    I don't want to launch into an enormous spiel here about the whole thing, I get it that the majority here doesn't agree and could care less about another dinosaur who needs to "accept the change". And I did a long time ago, I accepted the fact that this game was heading for the toilet and here we are today.

    Just my personal opinions not stated as facts, only based on my time playing the game and what I have been reading off and on about the state of UO since I quit.
  8. RenaLynne

    RenaLynne Guest

    AOS? Omg...:D