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Easy Fast Reward points

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by irunfromreds, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. irunfromreds

    irunfromreds Guest

    the best way to get rewards is to farm the spawns in fel dungeons, this may lead to raiding but if you can get 1 or 2 arits a spawn that adds up really really fast.Reds dont reall matter too much cause a little bit of insurance is worth 10k a arti, did you know if you get 2 artis a day for 30 days, thats a full suit from rewards!!!!!!!and you can get the artis fast at spawns with so many monsters!
  2. why bother trying to finish the spawn, just do level one and leave before it hits second then return back in a hour or so when it reverts and do some more... pretty easy, i do it all day long mhm!
  3. And when you done there, run by the witch and do that quest, all that she gives you, except for reagents, gold, misc item that comes in the bag, you can turn in for points.

    Then hit the savages, the color mask and spears can be turned in as well. By color masks, NOT the red ones.

    And any fishing items you get, mib, sos, nets, junk fished up by doing sos, all can be turned in.

    For all you older folks, check you banks for moonstones, those are on the list.

    We had so much junk in our 5 homes that we got most of what we wanted, Wife got her jewerly and her suit, I got some nightsight earrings, then when they also let us turn in the helms and gauntlets from the tokens got a few more tickets turn in to get me a suit.

    So we are very happy about this turn in.