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Ec/ Classic client targeting system problems / Bugzz

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Baldguy, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Baldguy

    Baldguy Guest

    I have struggled with these for a while, and have pulled all my hair out. So here is a list of problems with the uberness of the new targeting system that I see.
    In summation, with a few exceptions, it is pretty broke. Out of 15 possible macro combinations, only TWO are really reliable, unless you are in a spawn, where it does not work well at all.

    1) Health bar does not update consistently with targets life. Often sticks the most with more targets on screen.

    2) Switching targets takes an extremely long time when in areas with large monster spawns (champ spawns). It often takes 20 button presses to get the cursor to come up.

    3) Targeting retains focus on targets even when well out of range. Like different facets away. Always have to cancel it to get rid of the annoying bar (small peeve).

    4) Most of the macro options for targeting are useless. See list below.

    a) Hostile: It will ONLY select monsters flagged on you. But what if I want to attack it before it flags? Shouldn't this target anything not yellow or blue or green? COMPLETELY USELESS

    b) Followers: Will only target followers AFTER a current follow command. But what if I want to heal a pet that is fighting? A follow command breaks attack, and most likely will cause it to die. COMPLETELY USELESS.

    c) Objects: Why wont this target trees as well? Aren't they objects? how about mine-able tiles?

    d) Target nearest: Since you HAVE to use Mobiles to target, target nearest is slow. Since most targets near you are friends, it takes multiple presses to get to an enemy.

    e) Select previous: useful in pvp against a enemy that ran off screen. But not good if you want to cross heal a friend with bandies (cant do THAT with party bar), and attack new monsters. Requires multiple button presses, because target nearest cant be used well.

    So you are left with these options:
    Select next Mobile
    Select next Party Member