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Discussion in 'The Hooded Crow Inn [Fiction]' started by Paytience Fawn, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Age had very little to do with a number. Experience etched their lives in indescribable ways. Unwilling to speak the words that would flesh the past few months and years making them wholly real and colored, they sat in silence. Between them the words had never been needed. Matching eyes crossed the distance catching the slightest inference, the most minute gesture and understanding resonated.

    Voices screeched and bellowed as the flames of the bonfire climbed high into the night sky. Here though, at the edge of the camp where the grass never seemed to fully grow over the mound that was so much more than earth, only the illumination of his single candle was visible. Casting light in waves as the wind pushed and pulled the tiny flame to and fro.


    Time was all that was ahead. And it would never be enough. It wasn't enough for...

    Her fingers traced the scars on his arm as if somehow tracing those within her own soul. Every piece of bone and sinew that had been severed echoed by a missing piece of compassion. Resolve gave way to sal****er drops, loyalty keeping them unnoticed.

    For now, sunrise was all that mattered.
  2. Their conversation was small, and quiet. Each sentence not so much statement, but briefest admission.

    Past them, the roar of the fire and celebration for what Arahim had always seen as inevitability rose in tempo, and clamor. Blind, and formless effort competing for his attention, and failing utterly.

    He smiled ruefully to himself.

    Summer comes whether we welcome it or not. And Autumn after.

    Paytience fidgetted in the dim and shifting light. Her dark eyes flashed white as they took him in, reflecting the tiny flame from the lone gravesite candle, and making it her own.

    Eyes so like his, painted differently by time, and the memories she bore alone.

    It seemed so careless a thing. So fragile. Bent to and fro by the night's breeze. Pulling upon the strings of shadow, where once there were none. Assigning color to the places most dim. Most without.

    Enduring the whims of the world.

    Etching out life in the forms of two still figures lost beneath a star shorn sky.

    Begging for notice...

    Paytience shifted closer to Arahim, and both sat vigil for what they never truly had. Sharing in that simple knowledge, and hoping for oneday a change.

    *This is a crossover post from the ARPC boards, as Paytience now resides on Baja and was written by Arahim. As this name is new to stratics it would not allow the link.. as soon as I can I will edit to reflect where the original post is*