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Eeek, left out tiles on side of room...how to fix!

Discussion in 'UO Homes and Castles' started by Guest, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello again. As you can see, I am working on redesigning my house on Catskills. Just put the finishing touches on the decorations, when, to my dismay, I noticed that a few weeks ago when I enlarged a section by one tile space, I had neglected to add one row of floor tiles to the south edge of the room on the second floor. Now, this does not really show very much, but alas, is right next to the teleporter from floor one to floor two, and each time I move between floors I see it. It bothers me!

    My issue is - if I go into customization mode at this late stage, what will happen to all the bits and pieces I've so carefully raised using goza mats? Will all design areas done this way fall into a heap on the floor so that I'd have to redo everything? If so, I guess I can live with the missing tiles, but otherwise I would prefer to correct the mistake.

    I tried covering up the missing areas, but sadly all the patch attempts end up on floor one.

    Thanks again for your help here.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If you enter customize mode, I believe all actual raised gozas will go into the moving crate, no matter what, but not all add-ons will (not sure how they determined which ones, it is weird). You will need to remove any elven furniture type containers prior to being allowed to enter customize mode since those are placed with a deed and considered add-ons, and apparently are included in the "must go" super secret add-on list [​IMG]. Additionally, any locked down items which touch the area in question, will be forced into the moving crate if you make changes. If the items you have raised using gozas are also multi-tile add-ons they might go in the moving crate, and they might not. Abbatoirs do not, but you may get some weird "sinking" of the center piece because your last supporting goza is forced in the moving crate. If they are just locked down items, and do not touch or are not directly adjacent to the area you need to fill in with floor tiles, I think you will be safe on those.

    We used to be able to lock down add-ons by their individual tile sections, and manipulate them with the deco tool, as well as forcing them to stay put when we entered customize mode, but that oddity was removed a good while ago.

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks! I customized the house again, placing tiles over the empty spaces at the edge of the room on the second floor. For your information, all the flowers at the roof edge went into the packing crate, along with all the add-on torches and all the secures I raised using the goza mats.