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elemental slayers?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    do different types of elemental slayers such as poison, fire, snow, etc have any use on anything other than their monster type? thx.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Last i checked, Earth Ele Slayer also worked on Ore Eles. I have a Scepter with Earth Ele Slayer/Elemental Slayer/20% Dam Inc and has 648 Dur that can kill Val Eles in one hit. Although it also kills me because of their Damage Reflect, lol.

    Snake Slayer works on Yamandons as well as the usual Snakes/Serpents.
  3. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
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    Jul 16, 2003
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    Earth Ele slayers work on any of the elementals brought up by a gargoyle pickaxe, as well as the Shadow Iron elementals in the Yomostu Mines. However, because persons working as developers during the period that garg picks were introduced didn't bother recoding the Dull Copper Elementals (because they didn't come from the GPA), they are unaffected. The DC eles can be found in Shame, the south side of Compassion Desert, and the Sorceror's dungeon (the first two in Tram & Fel, the 3rd in Ilshenar next to the Valor-area Champ spawn)

    The Snow elemental slayer works on Ice elementals as well, as of a change that occurred about 3 years ago (can't remember the exact publish). I have a high-leeches, 25% SSI longsword that's a snow slayer that I use on the rare occasions I go the lady of the snow area, because I 1-2 hit kill the snow and ice eles with it, and it does enough damage against the (undead) lady of the snow that I get better Damage over Time PLUS great chunks of health and mana back against her, without losing the ability to quickly kill any ele that jumps into the fight.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Not many, as stated, the Earth Elem slayer will take care of most of the ore elems, and the snake slayer will also target things like Sea Serpents,

    As it is, we have too many "slayer" types of weapons.

    I'd rather see all of the narrow slayer weapons removed and the only Slayer properties being the 7 or 8 "super" slayer, then tweak the drop rate accordingly to balance them out so that they drop more than super slayers do now, but less than normal slayers.
  5. I dont think there are too many slayer types. I think there are 25 including supers.

    I would love if super slayers appeared even slightly more than they do now. I hate making hundreds or thousands of spellbooks to get a super slayer...then it isnt the one you are looking for. I finally completed my set (only 1 has an additional property) while making them today. I've made a total of about 16000 books at 100 scribe/110 magery (98% of which werent worth keeping)
  6. <blockquote><hr>


    As it is, we have too many "slayer" types of weapons.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    There are two ways to look at it ... either we have too many types or too few bosses. I keep expecting that there will be some winter event with giant snow/ice elemental berserkers so that my warrior can go into the back of the vault, dust off that runic mace and say "they laughed at me, but I knew this day would come ..."

    (hmm ... then again, I purged my best obscure slayers a while back)

    [/ QUOTE ]
    We're still waiting for that day Maple... didn't purge them yet... [​IMG] [​IMG] But all the remarks... What do you keep in your house packrats?! Heh...